Prompt: 10 truths

Fandom: Firefly

Characters: Zoe Washburne

Pairing: Zoe Washburne/ Hoban Washburne

Summary: 10 truths about Zoe

10. She will be a Browncoat until the day she dies.

9. She lost her father in the early years of the war.

8. Kaylee is the little sister she never had.

7. She wants children.

6. Her and Wash would make beautiful babies.

5. She can never sleep planet side. Serenity is her home.

4. Sometimes she wishes she was beautiful like Inara, then her husband looks at her and she remembers how beautiful he makes her feel.

3. She would follow the Captain to the end of space.

2. Sometimes she wants to smack Wash upside the head

1. But she loves him more than anything in the world.