Our Life

Regina and Killian were preparing to see their grandchildren. All of six of them. They knew this house would become a madhouse soon. Regina was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the food when Killian wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck.

"My queen," he whispered.

"Hello Captain," she responded in that sultry voice he loved.

"Are you ready for the crew to come?" he asked.

Regina laughed. "Are you ready? They're going to clean your wallet."

"I know. The little rascals," he said.

Regina snorted. "Please, you love it."

He kissed the side of her head. "True."

Regina took the items into the dining room. They heard doors slamming outside of the house. Killian opened the door and he felt little arms plow into him. He crouched down and looked into his granddaughter's eyes. Those same brown eyes she inherited from Regina and Emily.

"Grandpa, did you miss me?" Sharon asked.

"I did," he said tickling her. She laughed and then stopped when she saw Regina.

"Grandma!" she squealed and hugged her.

Killian turned back around and saw Emily, Phillip, Jessica and Joshua come up. "All my kids in one house," he joked.

"Hi daddy," Emily said hugging him. He hugged the rest of them as he saw the other grandchildren barge in.

Killian closed the door. The madness was already beginning but he loved it just the same. The Jones clan settled in and ate Regina's prepared lunch. They went to backyard where the children played. Regina leaned against the doorframe and Killian pulled her into his embrace.

"We have a wonderful family, don't we?" Killian asked.

"We do. Our life has been one great ride," she said.

"Considering how it started. I never thought I would end up with the queen. You my dear have made me a better man and a better father," he said. He kissed the side of her head.

"You opened my heart and that's not easy. You are the love of my life," she told him.

"You are the love of mine."

End Note: Thanks to everybody for reading.