The Idea.

I was stumbling around , this lovely, lovely site & I ran across something I found a tad bit brilliant.

It is a little lone secret that I love Crossover fics, despite them overall being hard to pull off without being totally ridiculous, not to mention never finished.

(Though with my own barely updated fics & such, I really should not criticize.)

(Yes. I know. I really, really, really shouldn't. I apologize in advance! Please don't throw stones! Yipe!)

Moving on, as I was popping in & out of various crossovers I found one that just latched onto my psyche igniting a thrill of possibilities!

It is essentially the crossover genre of: Avengers/Thor meets Rise of the Guardians.

I love the idea of Jack Frost being Loki's son. I just think the idea has huge potential.

{I also love thanks to the brilliant writing of author:Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare & her amazing story Whole New Ballpark!

The idea of a reincarnated Phil Coulson as one of Santa's Yeti's! Seriously that author had a small stroke of genius!}

However, the problems with working this potential crossover are wide.

Number 1 The physics (it's fanfiction so they don't hold too much sway but still.)

Number 2. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc. and their existence in a Marvel Universe?

(How would and or could they reside & interact with an Avenger/Marvel universe well…it makes things a tad confusing to say the least, though hilarious, it's just personally I find the two to lead more to friction then smooth sailing in terms of writing so to speak. This is just a personal note, but then again I still loved the whole thing! I understand this may be confusing. Sorry.)

Number 3. ((SPOILER SPOILER)) Jack's "BIG D", as important, moving & wonderful as his whole origin is; it does cause one or two problems for a complete crossover & yet open doors at the same time. The true question is how would this fit in with him still being Loki's son? Better yet what then would he be? One fanfic writer bless their soul & forgive my laziness, solved the problem by using the old ghost idea! Another just made him super special. Honestly I was so moved by the whole thing I feel ashamed to tamper with it but at the same time my brain argues the relationship physics need to be addressed so yet again we meet problem Number 1.

So, then it hit me! Why must a crossover be a complete crossover? Why not just take inspiration from one or two things and then glue it to another idea so to speak, mix a bit of what many of us love & strive to create something original as far as fanfiction goes, but with inspiration & influence from other sources!

Hence the Idea!

The Idea of an Avengers/Thor fanfic with heavy inspiration from the movie Rise of the Guardian for references, therefore not a complete crossover. Yet not without a healthy amount of blending as well…..

Now that I've cleared the path so to speak, I should I suppose start with the real prologue.

-A note from Stella Limegood