Takes place after Seth graduates high school (actually the night of his graduation). In my version of events, Bella never fell for Edward, Jacob was always the one. The pack still phased with the Cullen's arrival, but they have left Forks when locals started getting suspicious due to their ageless appearances. This is just an intro, I promise chapters will be a lot longer than this.

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Introduction: Unwanted Company?

Leah POV's

Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote "Tis better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." Do you know what I say about that? Ole Al is pretty fucking lucky his heartless ass died more than 120 years ago because I would've tracked him down and kicked his ass my damn self! Loving someone with all your might and then losing them is better than never having them at all? Are you fucking kidding me? Loving a person and than having them ripped away is the worst pain imaginable. Throw in some supernatural bullshit and that just makes matters worse. Not only did I lose my fiancé to my cousin, formerly known as my best friend Emily, but I too morphed into a large wolf that caused the death of my own father. That's not even the worst part; all of this could've been prevented if those animal bloodsucking leeches hadn't returned. It was entirely their fault. Imprinting did more than take away Sam, it confirmed my deepest rooted fears regarding our relationship, there was someone out there that was better for Sam than me. I believe Melanie Fiona sang it best: Whoever said look on the brighter side, has never been on mine.

But this wasn't the time to wallow in my own pity, today was a joyful occasion and I would smile and laugh if it killed me! It was about my little brother Seth, he graduated from high school today.

"To our boy Seth," Jacob raised up his beer mug. "Finally a high school graduate. Six down, two more to go!" We all clinked our mugs together before sitting back down at the large table at the diner. Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil, and Jacob graduated from high school two years ago, Seth was now the newest member of the pack to do the same. Brady and Collin were the last members of our pack who hadn't graduated yet, they would be seniors next year.

Sam and I graduated before the bullshit of phasing, imprinting, and protecting our tribe from bloodsuckers occurred. He was no longer phasing, now a proud father of a little girl, and when Jacob announced I was beta, Paul almost quit, but after I kicked his ass, he didn't object much after that. Jared relinquished the role as beta gladly, it gave him more time with Kim. He'd recently popped the question and she'd gladly accepted. Jacob and Bella's son just had his second birthday. Lucas was all kinds of adorable, he pulled at your heartstrings even mine; so much that I actually volunteered babysitting my chubby cheeked nephew...my nephew by marriage of course. Charlie married my mom about a year ago. Embry's wife and imprint was Angela Weber, a former student at Forks High School. The two met by chance at Bella's graduation, she was pretty devastated over a recent break up, Embry took one look at her and the rest was history. She was seven months pregnant now. Claire Young graduated as well and had plans to move in with Quil. Rachel and Paul just celebrated their one year anniversary, and although Brady, Collin, and Seth hadn't imprinted yet, they seemed happy just being wolves. Yeah everyone was happy...except for me.

"You're awfully quiet Leah." Embry observed.

"I was just checking my phone for the time, Paul and Brady need to be relieved in the next hour." That seemed like a pretty solid lie. I wasn't going to sit there and put a damper on Seth's evening by telling Quil, Jacob, and Embry, I was sulking again.

"Don't worry sis, Collin and Jared are filling in for Embry and me." My brother gave my shoulder a quick squeeze. He tried to reach for my beer, I smacked his hand away. "Ow Leah! It's not like it's gonna effect me!" Our high metabolism prevented us from getting drunk, the only thing that really gave us a temporary short buzz was moonshine.

"Doesn't matter Seth, you're still a minor." I chuckled.

"Jake's only twenty and he drinks." Seth complained.

"Jake's Alpha, I can't tell him what to do, but you on the other hand little bro..." I paused in mid sentence, just as the hairs on the back of my neck began to rise up slowly. Based upon my pack members facial expressions, I knew they were experiencing the same fervid emotions as myself.

Something was wrong. But, what? Just then, the bell to the front door of the diner sounded. My back was facing the door, but Jacob and Embry had a perfect view. Quil, Seth, and I whipped our heads around.

The menace in question, had to be at least one inch shorter than me, his build was athletic and slender. Everything about this male screamed he was malignant. His black thick locks were layered all over and left just enough to be swept back and down, maintaining a neat look. His dark slanted eyes focused in on us, his expression seemed slightly alarmed as he cursed underneath his breath. He appeared to be contemplating his next move, instead of going out the same way he came in, he walked past our table and mumbled one word, only loud enough for our table to hear, "Outside." He then proceeded to walk out the exit door.

"What...the...hell...is...that?" Seth asked never taking his eyes off the strange being as he left.

"I don't know, he isn't human, but he isn't a leech either, still, but there's something that just don't seem right about that guy." Even though Embry was the first to respond, we all picked up on this guy's scent, unlike the usual stench we'd inhale from bloodsuckers, this unknown being's smell was almost entrancing. I wondered if this was how humans fell under the strange spell of vampires. But it didn't change the fact that there was something very ominous about him as well.

"We don't have time to debate this right now." Jacob stood first, as we followed.

Our sense of danger only increased when we walked outside to the parking lot. He wasn't alone. Three females, two brunettes, one blonde. One of the brunettes was standing next to the guy we encountered inside, she was about two inches shorter than him. The one thing that stood out most to me about this female was her green eyes. They looked far from human, but reminded me more of the eyes of a wild tiger, pale and vivid. The other brunette was blocking our view from the blonde, which made it impossible for us to see either one of their faces.

"We're not here to harm anyone, we're just passing through." The male explained.

"Then why the hell do we feel like you guys are bad news?" Jacob inquired.

"Because we are," We were all shocked by the young woman's admission. "But we choose not to be." She then gripped the male's arm. "Connor, we should really wait for Randall."

"He'll be here soon, Celina." He assured her.

"Who's Randall?" Jake demanded trying to control his shaking.

"He's the Regal of our unit, I believe your kind refer to him as Alpha, which I presume you are, since you are doing all of the talking." He smirked as a low growl escaped the blonde's mouth. "Daciana calm her down, now!" Connor ordered.

The other brunette whipped her head around, her steel gray eyes flashed an amber glimmer. "I'm trying damn it!" She roared sounding in no way shape or form human at all, turning back around, she began speaking in a language I'VE never heard before, "Tranquillitas damnant Principem. Imperasti spirandi potes." Daciana continued consoling the blonde who was now breathing heavily and quivering.

"If you're not trying to be dangerous, what's up with the blonde? And why the hell is she behaving that way?" I called them out on their bullshit.

"Because she's very young and unstable." Connor revealed as a black SUV came screeching into the parking lot. I realized now he was blocking the restaurant so no patrons could witness the blonde starting to shift. He slid out through the passenger side and moved with such velocity. This was Randall, their leader, my senses screamed this to me, his aura told me he was far more dangerous than all of them combined, he stormed past Jake and our pack. The woman trying to calm the blonde moved quickly out of his way. Randall gently grasped the young blonde's face and within seconds she went limb in his arms.

"Why did you do that to her? You had no right!" I yelled at him. He gently passed the unconscious woman over to Daciana and then faced us.

"Would you have preferred her to shift and expose us all?" He spat at me.

"So you all are some sort of shifter, like us?" Poor Quil and his wishful thinking, they couldn't be.

"No, we are something else." Randall responded now scanning over every single one of his "unit" members, I'm sure he was checking for injuries, any smart Alpha would do so after encountering another species.

"We're fine." Connor responded sounding slightly annoyed pulling away.

"Let's go." Randall started walking away.

"We haven't even ate yet." Daciana complained following behind him, with the girl in her arms.

"We'll go somewhere else." He advised her and then focused in on our Alpha. "I apologize for the intrusion we did not know this place was occupied, my unit and I will only be here for three days time, we shall then depart your territory and never return." Based upon the way their leader spoke, I knew he had been on this earth far longer than any of us, his accent and verbal cadence gave him away. I would be lying to myself if I thought he was anything else but attractive. He was taller than me, but shorter than Jake. He had dark brown hair and deep-set dark brown eyes. His jawline was strong, his chin very distinct, I absentmindedly licked my lips when I focused in on his. I didn't miss the intense stares he was returning my way, and I couldn't stop myself from exhaling deeply. Get your shit together Leah, this is not the time to be lusting after someone who could potentially kill you! I thought to myself.

"Wait!" Jacob stopped him. "I can't just let you roam my territory, freely. I don't know what any of you are capable of. If you're a threat to us, you're definitely a threat to humans."

"We are no threat to humans!" Randall glared at Jake sounding extremely insulted by our Alpha's accusation.

"I don't know that!" They were now mere inches a part.

"What if I could prove it?" Before Jake could even reply to Randall's wager, I watched my Alpha's hardened angry expression change. It went from shock, to rage again, and then...understanding? The next eight words that came out of Jake's mouth shocked us all.

"Do you have a place to stay tonight?" He spoke softer but still firmly.

"We've just been sleeping in our SUV, draws less attention than staying in hotels." Their Regal replied.

"My father-in-law has a house here in Forks, it's up for sale. My wife and I maintain it, the electricity and water are stll on. You and your unit will stay there while you're here. The blonde needs a sofa at least, but there will be someone from my pack there at all times."

"What about food? We haven't ate yet." Connor spoke up.

"I'll call my wife and have her meet us there, I'm sure she can whip up something." Who the hell is this guy, and what the fuck did he do with our Alpha?

"I will be more than happy to assist her." Celina actually grinned.

"Thank you." Randall extended his hand to Jake's and our Alpha took it without hesitation.

"You're welcome." I waited until we all got into Jake's truck before losing it.

"What the fuck is the matter with you? We don't even know what they are!" I was livid for many reasons, but more so at myself for finding their leader downright sexy.

"They don't harm humans." Jake said this with such conviction, I really wanted to be believe him, but how?

"How could you possibly know that Jake? Did you not see what he did to that girl back there?" Seth snarled. "It only took one touch and she was out cold!"

"It only works on the members of his unit. He did what he had to, to protect both our secrets, and I know they don't harm humans, because I looked inside his head, I saw his memories." Jacob trembled slightly; I could hear the anger and disdain in his voice.

"What did you see Jake?" Quil asked.

"Terrible things." He murmured shutting his eyes briefly. "We share a common immortal enemy." Bloodsuckers. "And I know exactly what they are."

"So what are they?" Seth was sitting in the passenger's seat as we pulled into Charlie's driveway.

"They are the true children of the moon."

Our new neighbors were werewolves.

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