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Where I Belong

Chapter 1

Sophia slowly climbed down the ladder from her shared bunk bed, the other seven girls still waking up. She crouched next to her bed and reached underneath for her backpack that held all her belongings. She pulled out a faded purple t-shirt and worn out black jeggings. She slipped out of her pajamas and pulled on her clothes. Quickly throwing the backpack back underneath her bed she leaned against the corner of the bed and began running her fingers through her light brown hair in a hurry. Her bright blue eyes glanced around the room to see that half of the girls were now dressed like she was. , she quickly grabbed her old grey Uggs and slipped them on her feet and sprinted out the door.

She could not be late again or she will get the scolding of her life. She scrambled down the rickety old stairs and ran into the cafeteria where the other children had lined up. She silently stepped into her spot in line and waited for Miss Stock to confirm that all the children were up. She glanced down the line just in time to see the last boy appear. A moment later and the click clack of heels could be heard on the hard floor. No child moved however to watch the person come into the cafeteria. There was no need. They all knew who it was.

It was Miss Stock, the headmistress of the Atlantic Orphanage for Orphaned Children. She ruled the orphanage with her evil Pitbull, Mule. The woman always looked proper with her suit and long skirt. Her white hair twisted into a fake looking bun. She was quick to anger and even quicker to punish, especially if you were on her bad side. Which Sophia was placed on 4 years ago. Miss Stock walked down the line, assuring that everyone wasn't speaking. When she reached the end of the line she stomped her heels and spun around. She stood in front of Sophia. The headmistress glared down with her dark Evil eyes at the small girl who pretended not to know she was there.

"Well, I hope the runt of the litter didn't hurt herself getting out of bed this morning," She leaned her eyes even closer, but stood up tall quickly, this time Sophia turned to face her. "But why would I even care"

"Why would anyone even care," Sophia mumbled under her breath.

"Excuse me pole leg, you know the rules about talking! Start your chores now!" Miss Stock ordered, and with that Sophia bolted up the rickety staircase and into the bathrooms. She sighed at how fast she can run on her metal leg.

She was the lone survivor of an airplane crash heading towards Washington DC. She thought back to when they were set for landing, her mom holding her hand all excited, her brother placing her mouth on the window to get a better view of the outside, but then it all catapulted, the plane dove straight down…

She shook her head to get out of the past and looked up at the white sinks in the bathroom. She grabbed the cleaning toothbrush and began her brushing of the sinks, then the floors, the toilets. After three hours it was time to go and fix up her metal leg. Miss Stock always had her be the first to clean the bathrooms. You had to get on your hands and knees, and it was quiet hard for Sophia for she only has one knee as the other slides everywhere when touching the wet floor.

Next was the room cleaning, she was in charge of the toddler rooms. As she walked down the gloomy hallways and up to the third floor, little kids were sleeping or playing on the stairs. As she made it to her assigned room, she pushed the door open to find the place a wreck. She frowned the sighed as she began her cleaning. After two hours, she was finished it was 4:00. Breakfast was served later at 10 o'clock today, which was quite strange.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid," Sophia mumbled, to herself as she walked down the hallway. A white door came in view with a sign on it, A13, her bedroom. She took hold of the handle and slowly opened and closed the door behind her. Sophia sat on her bed and pulled off her leg. It was a temporary leg, one the doctor next door kindly gave her. But today was the day she had to take it off forever, it was rusted and cracking on the sides. Duct tape swirled up it to keep it from cracking even more, but I didn't help. Frowning, she crouched down and placed it under her bed and exchanged for two Loftstrand crutches. She inserted her arms into the rings and gripped the handle. With all her strength she lifted herself up and looked down at her loose pant leg.

"Sophizzi!" Two voices squealed. She looked at the door to see it open, and her favorite people at the Orphanage smiling at her. Claire had her blond hair pulled into a pony-tail , sparkling green eyes stared at her. Harry, an adorable little Asian kid, he was born in China, but I guess his parents left him here as a baby, maybe thought he would have a home by now.

"Hey guys, finish your chores?" Sophia asked. They both nodded. Claire was the oldest of all three of them at 16, one more year till she can move out and live somewhere by herself. Harry is about to be 7 and is a genius at Monopoly, as Sophia is in the middle at 14.

"Yes, but that's not why we came here, the reason why we came here is…Harry is getting adopted!" Claire exclaimed, wrapping her arms around the little kid. Sometimes Harry would the two girls his older sisters, but now he might actually have a sister.

"When do they come?" Sophia tried to act as excited as possible on the outside, but deep down inside she was sad. No one wanted a girl who costs thousands of dollars to walk normal. Now it was even worse, cause Mr. Lemi, the man who gave her the prosthetic leg, was now in the hospital for he is too old to do anything.

"In three weeks! And I heard they have an older daughter and younger son too!" Harry exclaimed and hugged Sophia tightly around her stomach. Sophia smiled and wrapped her arms around the little boy.

"You will have an older sister, like you did here…" Claire mumbled and wrapped her arms around herself.

"Yeah, but they won't be as great as you," He looked up at Sophia and let go. The bell for dinner rang and they all looked at the door.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm getting some sandwiches, come on Harry!" Claire grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door. Sophia smiled and sat down on her bed. She reached under her pillow, for her ring. It was unlike anything else. When the plane crashed, she went to a place like no other. Another memory came…

Sophia, only 10 years old, opened her eyes and looked around. She was in heaven, white clouds were everywhere.

"Oh no…" She just realized she had died. Looking down at her leg, it was half gone. She held her hands over her eyes to not look, she was done for.

"Child, do not be sad, for your time isn't over," A deep mechanical voice said from above her. Sophia removed her hands to look up to see 14 robots looking down at her.

"Who are you?" She
asked and stared in awe.

"My name Is Primus, I' am what you human call God, and these are the original 13 Primes," He gestured towards the 13 others who all had glowing blue eyes.

"Why am I here? And what do you mean my time isn't over?" Sophia asked.

"You are the chosen one, the one who will light the world with your power," One of the Primes stepped forward and addressed.

"What power?"

"You hold part of the Matrix, the Well of Hopes," Primus kneeled down to the small girl.

"I don't have anything like that in me now…Do I?" She asked acting a little concerned for herself.

"You will be given something very special, something that you must hold onto for till it is time…" Primus smiled a bit to her, making her smile back.

A ring, made of metal with blue incrusted stones wrapped in swirling pattern around her Index finger.

"Till its time for…?"

"To light the darkest hour, someone will come for you," And with that the world turned to black.

She shook her head as the memory. As she placed the ring on, she glanced at the mirror. She was born with brown eyes, but when she was given the ring, they turned into a magnificent blue. As the ring was in place she smiled as she saw her eyes give off a bright blue glow and finally fade. She felt stronger with the ring.

As the other orphans were coming up from dinner, Sophia got undressed and put on her Green PJ's. Walking into the bathroom, she grabbed her toothbrush from the wall shelf and rinsed it under the water. When she finished brushing her teeth, she smiled and walked back into the now full room.

"Hey, what happened?" One of her roommates, Penny asked. She hung by her feet off of the top bed.

"Ah its nothing to worry about," Sophia smirked and poked the little 9 year olds nose. The girls in her room were her friends, but not best friends like Claire or Harry.

"Alright, GET TO BED YOU LITTLE RUNTS!" Miss Stock ordered from the outside hallways. Everyone followed pursuit and got into their beds. Sophia stood and crossed her arms.

"Stupid things, stupid Orphanage…" She mumbled on and on as she stared at the closed door.

"That's IT!" The door slammed open and Miss Stock came in. "YOU. WITH. ME!"

"Oh not the basement!" Sophia exclaimed as she was pulled out of the room. A man picked her up as she came out of the room.

"I'll give you hand with that," His deep metallic voice said. Sophia kicked and attempted to whack the man across the face, but he blocked every chance of getting a black eye.

"Down the stairs and take a right," Miss Stock gestured, before leaving and going back the other way.

'Do not worry Sparkling, You are not alone'

'Who said that' Sophia asked. A little freaked out at having a voice inside her head.

"Get in there you weakling," The man opened the basement door and threw Sophia down the stairs. Landing hard on the ground she curled in a ball and cried. This wasn't the first time and she had a feeling it wouldn't be the last.

'Hey, don't cry, I'm here for you'

'Who are you? What do you want?' Sophia asked.

'My name is Alpha Trion, I'am here to guide you'

Sophia relaxed her muscles and got in a comfortable position. She looked at her ring and saw it glowed as Alpha Trion talked 'Whatever, I'm going to sleep now, bye!'

'Goodnight, Sparkling'

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