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Where I Belong

Chapter 5

'Ok Alpha, did you just say my heart in Trans-form-ing into a Cyerbtronian Spark,' Sophia asked Alpha.

'Yes child,'

"Ah this is bull-" But Sophia was cut off as my doctors came into the room, followed by Optimus.

"Hello Sophia, how are you?" Dr. Mark asked. She shrugged I pulled my breathing mask off.

"I would be comfortable in this bed, if I had this stupid breathing mask off my face!" Sophia exclaimed. Her head wasn't pounding like last night and her body seemed only sore, not in pain.

"I need to give you a pain reliever, hold still please," He grabbed her arm and held it out. Dr. Mark pulled a disinfecting wipe from his pocket and wiped her arm. Throwing that away, he grabbed a needle from the table and held it towards her skin,

"What the FRAG!" Sophia cursed and attempted to pull her arm away, but The doctor firmly kept it straight out.

"Oh, no you don't," He swayed the needle back and forth, before poking it into her skin.

"God Dangit," She mumbled under her breath, as it was still burning, even after he took the needle out. Sophia gave him a warning glare as he walked away.

"You may take that mask off, but you must stay in bed," Dr. Mark winked at the angry girl and then turned to Optimus. "Make sure you fill out the Caretaker form tonight?"

"Yes, Doctor Ra-mark," Optimus said, Sophia tilted her head to the side as she noticed something.

'I never really noticed till now that his voice sounded extremely deep, but not like a robot. He is a Mech, totally different thing. Robots don't have feeling, as Mech's and femme's do' She thought.

'You are right Sparkling'

"Well, I just need to run some scan over her organs and I believe she may leave after this week, she is healing quite fast, as its only been 24 hours," The doctor left the room and immidiatly, Sophia whipped her head towards Optimus.

"Is something wrong, Sophia?" He asked. She did what she felt like was right and pushed the white covers off of herself. Optimus, taken back placed his hands on her leg to stop her.

"Optimus, I need to get up," Sophia tilted her head up to look at him directly in the eye.

"Sophia, 48 hours is not enough time to heal a hu-"

"I don't think I'm entirely human, Optimus," Sophia interrupted him. Optimus lifted his hands off and kneeled down. He's like 6'6'' as she is only 5'4''.

'Child, I do not believe you have to expla-'

"Shut UP, Alpha!" Sophia retorted outloud, "He has the right to know," Knowing that Alpha Trion was upset, Sophia relaxed and sent his a reassuring wave of happiness.

"I already know child, Alpha Trion sent me a message through the matrix," Boss bot explained.

"Wait, hold up, did you just say Alpha Trion," Sophia asked, giving him her best confusion glare.

"Yes, youngling, ever since you arrived at base, I figured you had part of the Allspark, becaue when I held my part in my hand, it seemd to glow when I held it near you," He tapped his shirt and then pointed at me, "Your chest is glowing blue right now,"

"My-" She placed her hand on her chest and looked at it. Through the old hospital gown, you could see the center of her chest glow as it pumped blood through her body.

"Yes, Sophia," Optimus ventilated.

"Cra-ee-ppy, but weird. Thats never happened before," Sophia glanced down at her stump leg and then towards her Bariatric arm crutches.

"Alpha and Primus both have their ways, I do not know what for, but its always for a good reason," Optimus finished. Sophia glared at her crutches harder and nodded.

"I'm getting up," Sophia said and let her legs fall off the other side of the hospital bed, "I'm just sore,"

"That is impossible, your wound it is-" once again Sophia cut him off.

"It seems to be healed," pulling up her gown, she had shorts on. On her right side, a long scar was white. It was healed.

"I I- donot understand this?" The Prime stampered.

Sophia placed her foot on the cold, tile floor and used the bed to hop over to the wall, "Its not like I've been in worse shape, look at me, I'm a cripple and useless,"

"You are not useless, Something that my sire told me when I was a Youngling is, 'You are not defined by the disability, you are defined by who you are as a person,'..." Optimus sighed and walked over to the other side of the bed next to Sophia. "You understand?"

By that time, she had her arms locked and her hands gripped to the handles. "I guess, but you are a Prime, you are perfect...Where to now?"

"To tell you the truth Sophia, I had to overcome many obstacles in my life, especially one of becoming a Prime, now lets go see the doctor, Ratchet is not going to be happy if you leave," Optimus gripped the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"Wait? Dr. Ratchet!" Sophia asked. Optimus nodded and held his finger to his ear, opening a comm link.

After a few moments of silence, he removed his hand and the two continues their way,

"What was that about," The girl asked, her leg swinging far out as she was having a little fun.

"I told Ratchet, what happened, we will head back to base-," But he leaned down to Sophia and smiled, "But first, a few people want to say hi,"

Two white doors slid open and they stood in a large room. Jazz, Ratchet, and Optimus's truck sat there.

'Who are these...I have never seen the three motorcycle, the Red Ferrari, or the a red and yellow Lamburgini, two green and brown Chevy cars, or last but not least a police car.' Sophia thought to herself.

"Autobots, transform, its time for Sophia to meet the rest of our team," Optimus said and placed a hand on her shoulder. The automobiles shifted, twisted and finally stood in front of her eyes.

"Arcee, our youngest femme and your guardian," Optimus said towards the femme. As like all the bots, including Sophia, she had bright blue eyes. Her armor was a navy blue and had silver wheels.

"What are you doing out of bed, you silly kid," Arcee's motherly instincts kickin' in.

"Chromia, Ironhide's Sparkmate," She was a purple femme, and seemed to have punched Jazz or something as the Mech himself was rubbing his arm.

"Elita, my Sparkmate," He held his hand out and the femme gladly took it. She was pink and looks exactly like her sisters, except she was taller by a foot.

"My Second-In-Command, Prowl," The black and white Mech kneeled down and held out a finger.

"Very nice to meet you, Youngling, something seems to upset you," Prowl questioned the girl.

"Ratchet, needles, and Me do not mix," Sophia shook her head. The two Lambo Twins seemed to find it hilarious and started laughing.

"Our Twins, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker," Optimus continued. Sunstreaker was Yellow as Sideswipe was Red.

"Hey little Owl," Sideswipe smiled and kneeled down to look at Sophia.

"I'm a what?" Sophia questioned moving closer to Arcee, as she felt a little uncomfortable in the center of attention. Arcee smiled and patted her head.

"Sophia means 'Wisdom' and the animal that you humans say has a lot of wisdom, is an Owl," Sideswipe expalained.

"Rule number one, don't touch my paint," Sunstreaker said as he stayed standing tall.

"Someone isn't having a 'Happy Sunny Day', are we," Sophia snapped back at him, causing Sideswipe to barrel over laughing, he spun on his pedes, which were wheels and laughed.

"Were...going to...get along...just fine," He said over his laughing.

"Next, The Chevy Twins, Mudflaps and Skid," Optimus stepped towards them.

"Ugh, its got muddy hair," The one known as Skids said to Sophia. Arcee took a step forward in front of her charge.

"Watch it Skiddy, I wouldn't mess with her, caus eI will take you out back and beat the living-"

"Arcee,"Optimus sternly stopped her from continuing. Defeated, Arcee slumped her shoulder, but gave a nasty glare at the twins.

"So...wha' we do now, boss bot," Jazz asked.

"Uh, actually can we stop at a gas station," Sophia asked, "I really need some food,"

"Sweetlin' we only a few yar's from the base," Jazz crossed his arms down at the girl.

"Yep" Making the "P" noise pop, "I new that,"

Arriving back at base, Sophia decided to ride Arcee for the first time. Her B-crutches hooked onto the side of the motorcycle, thanks to Ratchet. It felt strange driving in though as she has only been here once. The guards waved to the girl as though they have known her since Kindergarten.

"Its great to be back, I need a good recharge," Arcee came to a stop. Sophia smirked, getting off s she slid her arms back into her crutches.

"I need to get as far away as possible from Ratchet," Sophia said as she watched Arcee transform. Ratchet growled next to her, making her smile innocently.

"We can help ya with that," Sideswipe cupped his hand around the girls frame and lifted her up.

"Hey! I'm not a toy!" She exclaimed. Jazz laughed out loud, but Chromia shut him up with a slap against the helm.

"Sideswipe, I do not believe she is ready for-" Optims began, but Sophia crossed her arms at him. Sticking her tongue out she laughed.

"Come on Prime, it's the twins, its not like Unicrom!" She exclaimed earning strange looks. "What? Alpha Trion teaches me things!"

The sound of a popping and crashing came form behind everyone. sideswipe turned and we all faced a smoking Prowl.

"OH MY PRIMUS! I KILLED PROWL!" Sophia clasped the sides of her head and looked up at Sideswipe.

"That's the third crash this week," Ratchet scanned and picked him up, "Younglings..." He finished and walked off to the med bay with the Commander.

"Soooooooo," Arcee broke the silence. "I see your wearing my dog tag I got you,"

"Yeah! Its really pretty, thanks again," Sophia rubbed her fingers on the Autobot symbol.

"Alright," Sunstreaker poked Arcee's helm, making her growl in his face, "Hey! Instead of talking about the necklace thingy, can we go to the rec and play some video games?"

"Lets go!" Sophia tapped his fingers insisting he put her down, which he did. She started off down the hallway. "Come on!"

As she swung her leg and half leg as fast as she could, the few bots followed behind slowly. The Lambo twins, Arcee, Chromia, and Jazz. The other either went off with their sparkmates or in the Chevy Twins case, to work.

"Sophizzi!" A little voice called down the hall. Blond hair and a flash of pink flew at the girl. Sophia hit the ground and on top of her was little Annabelle.

"Anna!" Sophia wrapped her arms around the girl and smiled. "Where your parents, sunshine?"

"Rec room," She slid off and bolted through a door, at the end of the hallway.

They all followed and walked through the metal sliding doors. Inside Mrs. Lennox sat combing her hair and talking with her husbands friends.

"Holy Shi-" Lennox slapped Epps upside the head before he could finish.

"Sophia!" Mrs. Lennox opened her arms and ran over. In seconds, she was off her feet and in a tight hug.

"He-lp" Sophia squeaked in her tight hold.

"Sarah, she just got back, don't make her have to go back to the Hatchet," Epps said and winked to the Twins. Sarah dropped the girl and Sophia turned to Lennox. She ran over and launched herself at him. The General, was taken back a little, but he smiled and hugged her back.

"Good to see you, too," Lennox laughed and patted her head. Releasing each other they all walked over to the large Autobot TV. The Autobots turned on their holograms. The twins both had brown hair, but each had a yellow or red stripe on the side. They had on black jeans, white t-shirt, but each had his own colored jacket.

Jazz had his hair braided like the Jamaican's, and pulled back into a thick ponytail. He was wearing jeans, black tank top, and black combat boots.

Arcee had her blond hair, white ripped jeans, a tight black tank with a unzipped blue sweatshirt over it, and black boots. Chromia had green ripped jeans, tight purple tank with a white sweatshirt. And on her feet were brown boots.

"I'm going to beat the pulp out of all of ya," Sunstreaker narrowed his eyes down on Sophia.

"Sunstreaker, I would watch it cause...I'm going to turn your sunny day upside down," Sophia snapped back. Earning a fist pump from Sideswipes hologram.

'Don't forget, you don't know what Primus has intended for you'

'Ah, what could possible ruin this moment'

The entire afternoon they played different games and watched movies. Sophia stretched, making her baby dinosaur noises, before leaning against Sideswipe's side.

"Its been one heck of a day for you hasn't it, Little Owl," Sides asked as he watched the girl close her eyes.

"Yeah," She yawned and finally relaxed. Arcee smiled and scooted closer near her charge. She went to take her off, but Sides wrapped his arm around the brown haired teen.

"You know, I wouldn't mind having Sparkling's someday, Sweetheart," Arcee whispered to her 'Secret Boyfriend'.

"Neither would I," He responded before picking up the girl and the two Autobot's took her to her room.

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