"Ivypool!" a voice broke into her thoughts, startling her out of her reverie. "Ivypool!"

She straightened up and saw that it was Squirrelflight, the new deputy. Well, not really new, since Firestar had died in the Dark Forest battle moons ago, but Bramblestar would always be the new leader, and Squirrelflight would always be the new deputy, as long as those rankings stayed the same.

"Yes Squirrelflight?" she meowed, keeping any trace of pity out of her meow. It was common knowledge that she and Bramblestar had spilt apart many moons ago, before she was born. It had happened because Squirrelflight had taken in Leafpool's kits (against the warrior and medicine cat codes, Leafpool, a medicine cat at the time, had mated with Crowfeather, a WindClan warrior) and lied to Bramblestar, saying that they were his. Bramblestar had held a grudge against her for the longest time, and finally made her his deputy upon becoming leader, signaling that she was forgiven. However, Bramblestar refused to mate with her again, despite her constant efforts to do so. Cats sometimes made the mistake of pitying her for this, and she would give them a painful, but small, wound every time they did so. Ivypool did not want to deal with that, ever. So, she was always careful when talking to Squirrelflight.

"Finally!" Squirrelflight meowed, exasperated. "I've been calling your name for what seems like the past moon, where was your head?"

"I was just thinking." Ivypool meowed, stunned at Squirrelflight's harsh tone.

"Well stop thinking and start doing!" Squirrelflight snapped. "You're on a hunting patrol. Choose whichever cats you want, I couldn't care less."

With that, she padded off. Ivypool sighed. She had been like this ever since Bramblestar had finally told her to leave him alone, because there was no chance that they would ever mate. Harsh, but it did the trick. Squirrelflight did leave him alone, in fact she was snappy at every cat, especially Bramblestar. Sometimes, Leafpool could catch her on a good day, and convince her to let Bramblestar go, but the most Squirrelflight would do was being nice to every cat, but not Bramblestar. Clearly today was not one of her good days.

Ivypool shook her head to clear her thoughts and padded over to the warriors den. No point angering Lady Snaps-A-Lot.

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