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"Whitewing, Thornclaw, Poppyfrost! Hunting patrol!"

The three warriors padded out of the den, and meowed greetings.

"You're leading it, I suppose?" Thornclaw meowed, in a tone that indicated that he thought her unfit to lead a hunting patrol.

"Who else would be leading it, Thornclaw? Pray tell me, I'm dying to know."

"Come on," Poppyfrost meowed briskly. "No point standing around. Lead the way, Ivypool."

Ivypool led the patrol out of camp, and stopped after a few tail-lengths.

"What happened, Poison Ivy?" Thornclaw taunted. "Too chicken to lead the patrol?"

Ivypool growled. 'Poison Ivy' was a name that Thornclaw commonly used when addressing her. It came from her name, Ivypool, and was therefore fitting, or so Thornclaw said.

"No, Thorny Claws," Ivypool retaliated, using her nickname for him, "I was just thinking that we could gather more prey if we split up and go in different directions. You can assign the routes if you wish, in case you think I'm being 'disloyal'."

Thornclaw seemed shocked that Ivypool would let him assign the hunting routes, he even asked her:

"Ivypool, are you sure-?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Ivypool snapped. "You think I'm disloyal, right? Well, here's my proof that I'm not. Assign me a route. Go on, I won't complain. Just don't assign me a route on which I can't hunt."

"O-okay," Thornclaw meowed, still shocked. "Over by the Ancient Oak, there should be plenty of prey there. Poppyfrost, over by the Lake-on our side of the border!" he added sternly. "And Whitewing, over by the WindClan border. I'll hunt-"

"You're hunting over by the Lake." Ivypool meowed sternly. "I don't want you hunting by the Thunderpath. Are you up for that, Poppyfrost?"

Poppyfrost nodded. "Of course, Ivypool."

"Perfect." Ivypool meowed. "Then you can hunt by the Thunderpath and Thorny Claws here can hunt by the Lake-on our side of the border!" Ivypool added, her stern tone matching his. She expected Thornclaw to protest, but instead, he dipped his head to her respectfully.

Every cat wandered off on their route, Ivypool included. She had just gotten to the oak, however, when she heard a deep voice meow,

"Hello, Ivypool."

She whirled to face none other than...

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