Author's Notes: My epic (not really) sequel (separated into chapters) to 'He's All Yours' filled with much love for Trifecta. Its ridiculously long and drawn out, but its for Trifecta... As stipulated in pretty much everything I have written for Trifecta, everything is made up, I've no idea about the past lives of Kirishima or Yokozawa and as such do not take this seriously as its all from my warped mind. I hope someone enjoys this as much as I had fun writing it, even though its taking ages to do!

He's All Ours

By: Shin Sankai

Chapter One:

Yokozawa still couldn't believe this was actually happening. He was currently starring across at Hiyo-chan as she swung her legs, a big smile on her face, those pretty brown eyes of hers gazing out the window watching the scenery whiz by. It so happened to be a short break from week in fact...and this meant one thing: visiting his sister and her family for a few days.

Granted he really didn't have to, but the hopefulness within Hiyo-chan's voice as she suggested it, also adding she'd gotten fantastic grades and stating she'd never been to Aomori before, there was no way the salesman could refuse.

"If you are uncomfortable with us meeting your sister's family..." Steely blue eyes turned to look at his lover, Kirishima Zen who had stopped mid sentence. The man was sitting next to him, newspaper open as his eyes trailed over the stories.

"Its a little too late to turn back now." The salesman replied, almost rolling his eyes. "And besides, I cannot break my promise to Hiyo-chan." Yokozawa winked at the 12 year old.

"I wish Sora-chan could have come with us." Hiyori pouted as she thought of the ageing feline that was being looked after by her Oniichan's friend Takano-san.

"Katsuhiko-san is allergic to cats. I promise that next time we go on vacation, we'll pick a place that Sorata is welcome at alright?"

"Mm!" Her smile returned instantly.

"You should get some rest Hiyo-chan, its over a 4 hour trip." He watched the youngster shake her head, plaited pigtails swishing from side to side.

"I'm too excited to sleep. I really want to see Midori-san and Takahiro again."

"And they you, but we won't get there any faster then what we are currently travelling at. If you sleep, time will go faster."

"Hai..." Hiyo pouted as she tried to get comfortable. Kirishima by this stage had placed down his newspaper, watching his precious daughter fidget for well over 15 minutes now, trying to settle down. His almond eyes observed his lover lean forward, one skilled hand resting on Hiyo's knee.

"Really excited about the trip?" Yokozawa questioned the now blushing 12 year old. "I guess I've got no choice then..." The salesman mumbled as he pulled Hiyo-chan from her chair and promptly deposited the 12 year old into his lap, her ear pressed against his chest, listening to the healthy beating of his heart.

"O-Oniichan..." Hiyo was more then surprised to be in the comforting arms of the salesman, but she was not about to complain. Even if she was growing up, far too fast her Papa always said, but she still loved to cuddle. Being in the protective arms of her Papa or her Oniichan, she just felt so safe, so warm and so loved. Even in her excitement of going to Aomori and seeing her Oniichan's family, the soon to be starting junior high, Hiyo-chan, was lulled to sleep in mere minutes.

"You really spoil her too much." Kirishima remarked plainly.

"Says the doting Papa." Yokozawa instantly replied.

"Are you sure the Sales Department can survive a week without you?"

"And what about Japun?" Yokozawa watched Kirishima shrug his shoulders, not the least bit concerned for his department at Marukawa.

"Who cares about work when I get to spend time with the two most important to me." The Editor-in-Chief grinned wholeheartedly at his lover who was quick to divert his gaze away, head turning, trying ever so hard to not show the light flush that was creeping over his cheeks as he pretended to stare out the window. "Is it just going to be Midori-san and Takahiro?" Kirishima decided not to tease his lover and instead diverted the conversation towards Yokozawa's sister.

"No, I'm assured Katsuhiko-san and Shiori-chan will be there as well."

"And what is it that Katsuhiko-san does for a living?"

"Mm, I think he mainly concentrates on working on his family's apple orchard these days, dealing with sales and marketing more then anything else."

"Ah, so the two of you can relate in that aspect." Yokozawa nodded his head.

"Though he does place in long hours when harvesting is required as well."

"And that leaves Midori-san to look after Shiori-chan and Takahiro on her own?"

"When it all gets too much for her, she runs away."

"Sounds very much like a Yokozawa trait."

"Anyway," Yokozawa decided not to argue with the man as he shifted in his seat, stretching his legs a bit, but made sure not to disturb the precious bundle within his arms. He still couldn't believe just how attached he was to Hiyo-chan, like she truly was his own child. And even more surprising was the fact that he'd never be able to part from her or her father. Life without the two of them, though hectic and exhausting as it could be, was incomprehensible now. "He was a substitute lecturer at the University, in the field of agriculture, which is how he met Midori, she being a normal office lady at the time."

"Office romance huh?"

"I'm not sure, I don't think Midori pursued him when she was working at the University. She never really went into great detail on how she actually got him to notice her, but she worked hard. She's stubborn after all."

"A definite Yokozawa trait."

"Shut up..." Yokozawa complained. He couldn't help the way he was. And even if Kirishima teased him about it, the handsome older man was still with him so he couldn't be that bad right?

The salesman felt a sudden weight against his shoulder and turned slightly, nose going straight into light brown silky tresses as Kirishima had decided to rest against him, those hypnotising almond orbs closed off to the world. Yokozawa could very well complain to his hearts content, but in all seriousness there was no one to listen to him and no passengers were paying any attention to the three of them. In fact, where they were sitting, it was quite empty which made Yokozawa slouch a little in his chair, shoulders easing as he titled his head to rest against Kirishima's and closed his own eyes. It was only for a few minutes he reasoned with himself.

Moving jolted Yokozawa from his light slumber as he found the smiling Hiyo-chan standing in front of him.

"Oniichan, we're here!" She beamed a thousand watt smile at him as her hands went out to help him to his feet. Yokozawa felt his bones creak as he stretched. Time certainly flew by quickly for sure. Kirishima was grabbing their bags and soon the three of them were standing on the platform and heading for the exit. They'd all fallen asleep and hadn't even gotten bento on the journey to Aomori.

"Where do we go from here?" Kirishima questioned as he'd been many places over the years, but he'd never travelled past Sendai. This was not only new to Hiyo-chan but also to him.

"I pre-hired a car for us, so we'll just head for the office so I can get the keys and we'll be on our way to Midori's." There was an almighty grumble as two pairs of eyes turned to glance down at the brightly blushing Hiyori who placed her hands against her stomach. "After we get some lunch that is." Yokozawa commented with a slight smile on his usually frowning face. Kirishima had let off a light chuckle as he ruffled his girls hair, she walking between the two of them.

Lunch was convenience store bento as the three of them piled into the small car Yokozawa had hired and he drove them to Aomori Bay to eat and relax before the hour or so drive to his sister's place. She and her family lived on a large property in the countryside, on the outskirts of Aomori.

Hiyori had practically inhaled her food as she jumped out of the car and started taking pictures of her little adventure, she having promised her friends and her grandparents that she'd take plenty. The two handsome men both stepped out of the car, Kirishima advising Hiyori not to run off too far as he made his way around to the driver's side and offered a cigarette to his lover.

"I'm trying to cut back remember?" Yokozawa frowned as Kirishima lit up and the smell of the cigarette sent his taste buds into overdrive and he fished inside Kirishima's jacket pocket and pried one out, the older man flicking his lighter as Yokozawa lent in so the cancer stick could be lit. He took a long drag, eyes closing as he'd been trying with all his might to not smoke so much, a few here and there didn't hurt right?

"Ah, Papa, Oniichan, you said you were quitting!" They were busted by Hiyori who had her hands on hips, scrutinising brown eyes looking up at the both of them. Both men placed up their hands in defeat, heading towards the public rubbish bins as there was a specific one for cigarette butts. "Papa, Oniichan, smile!" The men had both been gazing at the ocean when Hiyori's voice called out to them, their eyes meeting her camera and before Yokozawa could turn away, a firm arm was flung over his shoulders as Kirishima dragged him towards him. The shot was taken as Yokozawa stumbled like a drunk on his own feet, body crashing into Kirishima's, his hand clasping at Kirishima's button down shirt while the older man gave his daughter the peace sign. That was definitely a Kirishima trait.

"Oi," Yokozawa growled in displease, but the moment was over in a flash as Kirishima dropped his arm from around his shoulders and went to inspect the photo for himself since Hiyori was using the pink digital camera that her Oniichan had bought for her for her 12th birthday.

"Hm, not bad Hiyo-chan, be sure to get some more of Takafumi alright?" Yokozawa narrowed his dark blue eyes at his lover who was currently ignoring him.

"Hai!" The salesman let off a light sigh as he was certain Hiyori was now on a mission to capture him in as many photos as she could, whether he was aware of them or not.

"Come on you two, we've an hour drive ahead of us."

"To Midori-san's place now?" Hiyori questioned as her father opened the door for her. Yokozawa nodded his head affirmatively. "Can we stop and pick something up to take with us?"

"There is an old family bakery on the way, we'll stop there."

"Arigatou Oniichan!" It really wasn't a big deal, but Hiyori was ever the sweet and polite girl who took offerings to anyone and everyone they met with, even if it was her own grandparents.

Yokozawa turned the car down a dirt road as a large house came into view with quite a few flowering cherry blossoms framing the old property. It was the end of school for Hiyori for the week and then she was back for her graduation. Yokozawa knew Kirishima would have the day off to see his daughter graduate and secretly Yokozawa had asked for half the day off as well. He had promised his boss he'd make up for it by working overtime, but his boss wasn't too phased since he knew how much Yokozawa was valued within the Sales Department and just how much overtime he usually worked so the simple request was not denied. There was just no way the salesman would miss out on Hiyori's graduation, nor would he miss out on her opening day at her Junior High. Kirishima had contemplated sending her to an all girls school, but considering Yuki-chan and a couple of their other close friends were going to attend the co-ed junior high not far from their current school, he figured he might as well get his child used to mixing with the opposite sex, just not too fast he reasoned with the salesman who couldn't help but laugh aloud.

As he placed the car in park, lifted up the handbrake and turned off the ignition, it was then his eyes took notice of Midori who just stood up from her lounging position in a plush chair on the front porch of her home. Midori was dressed plainly, but strikingly in a bright blue and white knee length summer dress, her long black hair placed in a loose plait, the mass hanging over her left shoulder. Takahiro was crawling about the porch, pushing a truck along the wooden planks, lips pursed as he was surely making his own sound effects.

The three of them piled out of the car, Yokozawa heading towards the porch to greet his sister, when in actual fact the first one to do the greeting was none other then,

"FUMI!" The three year old made great efforts to get down the five porch steps in lightning speed as his chubby little legs rushed to greet his Uncle, arms wide as he wrapped them around Yokozawa's neck as the salesman had scooped down to pick up his overly genki nephew. "FUMI!" The ecstatic boy chimed happily once again, cheeks turning rosy as Yokozawa ruffled his black hair affectionately.

"Hello Takahiro." He was greeted once more with a beaming smile as he headed towards Midori who was now at the bottom of the steps.

"I'm glad you came Taka-chan." Yokozawa bit his tongue at the pet name his older sister had given him so many years ago. It would do him no good to start an argument when they'd only just got here and instead did something totally unexpected, his arm went around his sister for a brief moment as he pressed his cool lips against her forehead.

"Thanks for having us." She was utterly speechless and all she could muster was the nod of her head, her cheeks slightly rosy at the unexpected affection.

"Midori-san, its wonderful to see you again!" Yokozawa turned to look down at the smiling Hiyori.

"And you Hiyo-chan, but really Midori-san makes me sound so...old." Yokozawa bit his tongue once more. "Call me Mi-chan, just like Shiori-chan does, ne?" Hiyo nodded her head and then lifted her eyes when she felt a hand atop her own.

"Thank you for having us." Kirishima politely bowed, Hiyori following suit.

"Ma, ma, there is no need for such politeness in this household. Now, how about the three of you come inside for some iced tea and snacks."

"Where is Katsuhiko-san and Shiori-chan?" Yokozawa questioned as the house was relatively quiet.

"Shiori-chan was staying with her grandparents, Katsu left awhile ago to pick her up. I'm certain he's been sidetracked from coming home, he was meant to be back over an hour ago." Midori rolled her dark blue eyes at the slight daftness of her husband. Though that part of him was quite adorable.

"These are a small offering of thanks for having us." Both men watched as Hiyori presented the large box of pastries to Yokozawa's sister.

"You've raised her well Kirishima-san."

"There is no need for formalities, please, call me Zen."

"Zen-san then, and please, call me Midori." Both adults did not notice the frown on Yokozawa's lips.

"We'll save these delicious pastries for dessert tonight."

"Ah, um, if its alright with Midori-san...err...Mi-chan, I'd love to help with making dinner."

"You like cooking Hiyo-chan?" The 12 year old nodded her head.

"I wish Shiori-chan would take an interest in something, even if its just a little bit of cooking. I cringe to think about what the two of them ate while I was visiting Taka-chan a few months ago since Katsu has issues with just boiling water!" Kirishima couldn't help but chuckle as he'd been like that himself, but he'd gotten better over the years and could make simple dishes, not that he needed to now that he was taken care of by his dear daughter and his cute lover.

"Hiyo-chan and I cook all the time don't we?" Yokozawa quietly spoke as Hiyori nodded her head affirmatively once more. "We did buy some groceries from a convenience store, Hiyo-chan wanting to cook her famous chicken katsu curry." The salesman winked at Kirishima's daughter.

"A family recipe is it Hiyo-chan?"

"Yes! Oniichan taught me how to make it." Midori eyed her brother, she catching that small little smile on his lips as Hiyori really did think of him as her family. "Ah, I left the grocery bags in the car!" Hiyori jumped up from her seated position.

"And our luggage as well." Kirishima commented as everyone rose from the low table and made their way back down the hallway and onto the front porch once more. It was then they noticed a van coming down the dirt road.

"Mou, about time." Midori complained as she left Takahiro in the capable hands of her baby brother and made her way over to the rest of her family, ready to give her husband a piece of her mind for being late. Katsuhiko had parked the van in the shed that was to the side of the house.

"Opposites certainly do attract." Yokozawa glanced up at his lover who was starring at the torn jeans and stained shirt clad Katsuhiko and the impeccably dressed Midori.

"I think he'd forget where he placed his own head if it weren't for Midori and Shiori-chan. But his heart is in the right place."

"Hm," Kirishima pondered as the Inoue family drew closer and the Editor-in-Chief couldn't help but move down a couple of the steps. Yokozawa had noticed the sudden change in his older lover, but instead just observed as he moved down the steps. "It can't be..." He'd heard his lover of over two years now mumble in astonishment.

"Oi, Kirishima, is everything..."

"Miwa-senpai?" Yokozawa couldn't even finish questioning his lover as his brother-in-law stopped talking to his sister and all eyes were now on Kirishima. "It is you, isn't it Miwa-senpai?" It was several moments as the confused Hiyori and Yokozawa made there way down the steps to stand not far behind Kirishima. "Its me, Kirishima Zen." It only took a moment until recognition flashed within dark eyes.

"Ah, Kiri-chan!" Yokozawa gawked slightly as his brother-in-law dragged his lover into an enthusiastic hug, slapping the man heartily on the back. "You've gotten so tall Kiri-chan." The older man ruffled Kirishima's head of hair as though he were a youngster.

"And you've grown out your hair." Kirishima tugged on the black mass which was secured by a simple white elastic band.

"Ah, in remembrance of my adorable Kiri-chan of course." Katsuhiko winked at the laughing Editor-in-Chief.

"You've not changed at all."

"Well this is certainly a surprise." Almond and black orbs glanced at Midori who was standing next to a very quiet Shiori-chan.

"Kiri-chan and I attended the same boarding school. I was starting my final year and Kiri-chan had just entered his first year. He was so cute with his long hair and pale skin, he looked almost like a girl back then." Yokozawa watched Kirishima scratch at the back of his head.

"That was so long ago."

"True, but you were very popular with everyone, our very own princess." A snort broke the moment as all eyes turned to look over at Yokozawa, who'd now placed Takahiro on the ground so he could waddle over to his big sister as she was sure to give him a big hug, she having stayed at their grandparents for the past couple of days. "Ah, Takafumi-kun, hisashiburi!" Katsuhiko greeted the salesman happily.

"Ah, Miwa-senpai, this is my daughter, Hiyori."

"Please, no need to call me Miwa-senpai, after all, my parents divorced and my name changed when my mother remarried." Kirishima nodded his head in understanding. "Its nice to meet you Hiyori. Welcome to my home." Katsuhiko received a slight whack on the back as Midori took charge and placed her hands on Shiori-chan's shoulders.

"You'll have to forgive his daftness, this is our daughter, Shiori-chan, she's 12 years old just like you Hiyo-chan." The adults watched on as the girls exchanged reserved greetings, both a little hesitant about the other.

"Shiori-chan," Dark eyes glanced up into the deep blue orbs of her Uncle. "Ogenki desu ka?"

"Mm," When a slight smile broke over Yokozawa's lips, one hand out to the young girl, it was all she needed as she placed her little brother into the arms of her father and dashed into the strong arms of her Uncle. "You haven't written to me in ages, I miss your letters." Shiori proclaimed wholeheartedly to the usually aloof man who silently stroked her short black hair. Expert almond eyes watched on and took notice that his precious daughter's gaze dropped away, turning to gaze at the dirt road. Ah, was his girl a little bit jealous?

"Shall we all move into the house?" Midori questioned everyone. "Hiyo-chan can help me prepare tonight's feast if she'd like?"

"Ah, um, hai!" Kirishima's daughter was knocked from her thoughts as she dashed to the rental car and opened the back passenger door to pull three bags of groceries out.

"Give them to me Hiyo-chan." Her big brown eyes looked up at Yokozawa before quickly glancing at the silent stare coming from his niece.

"Ah, um, its okay I can take them myself." The salesman's eyebrows furrowed as Hiyori dashed passed him to walk up the stairs with Midori. Yokozawa felt a slap on his shoulder as Kirishima had gotten their bags.

"She's just feeling a little awkward at the moment, give her time to relax and she'll be back to your normal lovable Hiyo-chan."

"What the hell does that even mean?" Yokozawa quipped in sheer confusion.

"She's got competition for your affection now."

"Huh?" That comment had made the handsome salesman stop in his tracks, but there was no chance to think on it as his adorable nephew was promptly deposited into his arms.

"How've you been Takafumi-kun?" Katsuhiko questioned his brother-in-law.

"Sorry I haven't written lately, work has been pretty hectic."

"Well you do have your own life to lead. Shiori-chan needs to start accepting that you've your own family to worry about now." Yokozawa tried ever so hard to fight the blush that was sure to be rushing across his cheeks. "And it is I who should apologise to you."

"Apologise to me? What for?"

"We were a couple of workers short during the harvest, so it was an extremely busy time. I was a terrible husband and father and neglected my own family and you had to deal with Mi-chan and Taka unexpectedly showing up at your place."

"Well, its not like its never happened before."

"Mm, but still... I think Shiori-chan was a little jealous that Mi-chan didn't take her as well, but I'm sure she would have if she didn't have school."

"I agree, Mi-chan really does think of Shiori-chan as her own daughter."

"Shizuku would be proud." Yokozawa did nothing but silently stare at his brother-in-law. It was rare for him to mention his deceased wife, but he wasn't silly enough to not realise that at times Katsuhiko-san would think of her, much like Kirishima would think of Sakura-san. "I was able to find myself a wonderful woman who takes care of the both of us so well and Takahiro too." Yokozawa smiled lightly as he was sure this was his brother-in-law's way of saying he just wouldn't be able to survive without Midori.

"I'm sure she'd love to hear that."

"I tell her all the time though." Yokozawa chuckled and shook his head. Of course his brother-in-law would do that, probably to the point that it annoyed his older sister, though secretly she'd be moved to tears over it.

"Oniichan, are you coming to help with dinner?" Hiyori called from the porch as the two men realised they were still in the large driveway chatting away in the warm sun. Takahiro had snuggled contently against Yokozawa's broad chest and was snoozing away, possibly drooling on his black button down shirt. Carefully he handed his three year old nephew back to the dotting father.

"I'm coming."

"You are cooking a feast tonight Takafumi-kun?"

"Its sort of a tradition for Hiyo-chan and I to cook together these days, plus its also in thanks for having us here."

"Its great that you came, you must visit Otousan and Okaasan, they'll be pleased to see you."


"I'd also like your opinion on some documents I'm currently working through."

"I see, trying to get free labour out of me." Yokozawa watched the older man flush at his teasing words. He clapped the man on the shoulder, nodding his head silently, advising Katsuhiko that he'd be more then happy to provide his expertise when they visited his parents orchard.

"This looks fantastic!" Katsuhiko and Kirishima voiced at the same time as they'd just walked back into the living room. Shiori had been tasked with babysitting her young brother while Midori, Yokozawa and Hiyo-chan prepared dinner. Midori had tried to coerce Shiori into the kitchen with them, but she remained quiet and just played with Takahiro instead. She was sitting on one of the lounge chairs while Takahiro was at her feet flicking through a pop-up book when she was told to call the two father's for dinner. They'd been within one of the many outbuildings in the backyard, talking up a storm, catching up on the several years they'd been separated.

Everyone sat around the low table, the adults noticing just how far apart the two 12 year olds were sitting from each other, one at either end of the table, both not even looking at each other. Midori had wanted to say something but her baby brother had placed his hand on her shoulder, silently telling her not to worry about it, after all, they'd only just met.

"I don't know where I should start first, everything looks so delicious." Katsuhiko commented as his eyes feasted upon chicken katsu curry, fluffy rice, baked sweet potato, salad and a various assortment of sushi and steamed greens.

"Please try Oniichan's chicken katsu curry Inoue-san, its super delicious." Hiyori beamed proudly.

"You made it Hiyo-chan." Yokozawa reasoned with the young girl.

"But its Oniichan's recipe." Hiyori instantly replied. Truthfully he'd just come across it in a random magazine years ago and granted his first batch wasn't even taste worthy, he'd gotten better over the years and now he felt he could do it with his eyes closed.

"Well I'm certainly trying everything, how about you Shiori-chan?" Kirishima smiled sweetly at the other 12 year old at the table. Everyone watched her glance over at him, since she had him and her father on either side of her while Hiyori had Yokozawa and Midori, with Takahiro in her lap.

"Mm," Was the soft reply he received. A round of 'itadakimasu' was heard and then plates and bowls were clinking with cutlery as everyone began to dish out their specific portions of mouthwatering food. As everyone ate and chatted away, the Editor-in-Chief couldn't help but keep an eye on the overly quiet Shiori. She was barely picking at her food as though the mere thought of having people within her home had made her loose her appetite. The handsome businessman had to try and pick up her spirits, after all, his daughter would be sharing her room for the next few days.

"Shiori-chan, how was your school exams?"


"Have you got your results, you'd be graduating soon right?"

"Yes, I've passed."

"Omedetto, Shiori-chan."

"Thank you."

"So what's your favourite subject?"

"I don't think I really have one." At least that was a longer answer, perhaps he was finally getting somewhere.

"If Hiyo-chan had a cooking class, I'm certain that would have been her favourite. Her worst subject was Maths for awhile there, but your Uncle has helped her a lot over the last couple of years. She's also getting pretty good at English now thanks to him too."

"Mm, those were Uncle's best subjects." Kirishima placed another strip of crumbed chicken into his mouth allowing the girl to eat, sorry, peck quietly at her food. As he listened to his Senpai reel off a loud laugh, one very familiar from the time when he was a youngster at boarding school, it seriously made the Editor-in-Chief wonder if Shiori-chan wasn't in fact Yokozawa's daughter. She was one tough cookie to crack open!

"Shiori-chan, I hope you are going to eat more then that." Midori quietly commented as she spoon fed Takahiro some mashed up sweet potato.

"She'll probably wake in the middle of the night and have a late night snack of instant ramen." Black eyes met slightly crinkled blue ones as Yokozawa winked at the now lightly flushing Shiori-chan. He was well aware of her snacking habits in the dead of night when everyone else was asleep. The few times he'd stayed with Midori and her family he'd been on the porch having a cigarette when he'd notice a young Shiori sneaking down the hallway and into the kitchen to make herself instant ramen.

"I'd eat it with Okaasan." Yokozawa felt his eyes widen slightly, he'd no idea that was the reason!

"Shiori!" The table went quiet as Katsuhiko firmly told off his daughter just by sternly voicing her name.

"Gomen ne Shiori-chan, will you come shopping with me next time and tell me what your favourite ones are, we can keep them in the pantry and you can have them whenever you like."

"Mi-chan..." Katsuhiko quietly murmured as he stared at his lightly smiling wife, her blue eyes closed off to them. He knew he wasn't the most observant man, but he definitely knew when something upset his dear wife even if she tried ever so hard to hide it behind her smile.

"If I remember correctly, Hiyo-chan and her Mama would get up in the middle of the night and eat ice cream, though Hiyo was just a baby back then." Kirishima tried to break the awkwardness with his own memory.

"Did we?" Hiyori questioned, eyes beaming at hearing a story from her childhood which she had no recollection of.

"Your Mama thought she was being sneaky, but I knew the two of you were just having mother and daughter time together."

"So that is why Hiyo-chan likes ice cream so much." Yokozawa quipped, eyes focusing on the blushing 12 year old.

"Where is Hiyori-chan's Okaasan now?"

"Shiori-chan!" Midori began but halted when Kirishima placed up his hand.

"She passed away, just before Hiyo-chan turned three."


"Shiori-chan!" Midori called for the 12 year old who'd just up and left the table. "Gomen nasai Zen-san, Hiyo-chan." Midori apologised profusely as Katsuhiko excused himself from the table to follow his daughter and question her about her unsightly behaviour.

"Don't worry about it so much." Kirishima waved it off as nothing. "Hiyo-chan, why don't you get ready for bed, you've had a long day."

"Let me show you where the bathroom is." Midori left her brother and Kirishima with Takahiro who was more then happy to play with his food rather then eat it.

"Oi, Taka-chan," Blue eyes widened as they watched his lover scoop up his nephew and sit him in his lap. "now that is no way to eat your food." Yokozawa was privileged to witness what Kirishima would have been like with a baby Hiyori through watching him tenderly feed Takahiro, the youngster more then happy to have rice and mashed sweet potato being scooped into his mouth. "Ne, ne, want to show your Uncle just what a big boy you are by feeding yourself?" The salesman watched on as Kirishima patiently taught Takahiro to hold the spoon, scoop a small mass of food and then direct it to his wide open mouth. "Sugoi, Taka-chan!" His nephew giggled proudly, cheeks puffing and going rosy as his jet black hair was ruffled affectionately.

Yokozawa couldn't help the small smile that graced his lips as he rested his head on his hand, his elbow resting on the table as he gazed at the scene in front of him. "You really are a good father."

"Eh?" It was then almond eyes noticed he had Yokozawa's full attention. Kirishima was itching to touch the man but the moment was broken by Midori entering the living room once more, almond eyes observing as Yokozawa began to eat the last of his steamed greens on his plate.

"Hiyo-chan is such a sweet girl Zen-san." Midori commented and was ready to take back Takahiro but the boy complained as he was more then happy to stay where he was and spoon-feed himself. "I said she didn't have to sleep in Shiori-chan's bedroom with the way she was behaving but Hiyo-chan wanted to because her Oniichan's family is important to him and thus important to her and she hopes she can get along with Shiori-chan over time." Both men were literally touched at the words.

"I don't think its all my doing with how she's being raised." Midori watched almond eyes glance over at her brother. "I guess I'm glad that I've got someone to help me through her teenage years and for when boyfriends come onto the scene." Midori couldn't help but laugh.

"With your murderous glare, I'm not sure boys will come within a hundred yards of Hiyo-chan."

"My murderous glare? What about your own Mama?" Kirishima teased lightly.

"Don't call me that!" The salesman snapped as he stood up and stretched. "I'll start clearing everything away."

"You know I'd help, but..." Kirishima pointed to Takahiro.

"Yeah, sure you would." The dark haired businessman mumbled sarcastically as he and Midori started clearing everything away just as Katsuhiko returned.

"Shiori has been sent to her room for the rest of the evening, she'll apologise for her behaviour to you tomorrow."

"Its not really necessary Mi...err...Senpai." He found it slightly funny that his daft and slightly forgetful senior could turn so serious and fatherly when his child was misbehaving even if her attitude didn't concern Kirishima that much. "We Kirishima's have pretty thick skins so..."

"Would you care to partake in a few drinks before retiring this evening?"

"I'd be honoured." Katsuhiko went to the kitchen where he watched brother and sister, bickering lightly of course, washing up. He watched Midori flick water on her baby brother and he frowned instantly, pushing her away by using his shoulder. He truly was blessed to have a wonderful wife and a stern yet likeable and dependable brother-in-law.

"Would the both of you like to partake in a couple of beers with Kiri-chan and I?" The two siblings didn't realise they had an audience as they turned to look back at Katsuhiko.

"You enjoy yourself, I'm going to give Takahiro a bath and put him down for the night."

"I'll check on Shiori-chan and Hiyo-chan."

"Hai?" Katsuhiko moved out of the entrance way of the kitchen as Hiyo was standing there in a pair of blue pyjamas with white fluffy clouds on them, fresh from her bath as the ends of her hair curled slightly from the steam and her cheeks were rosy. "Thank you for cleaning up, I'm sorry I didn't help." Yokozawa observed as Katsuhiko even melted at Hiyori's sugary sweet character.

"Did you want some dessert before bed?" The older father asked.

"I'd like to say yes, but I'm just too full from all the wonderful food we ate. Thank you so much for helping Oniichan and I cook tonight Mi-chan." Hiyori let off a small squeak when she was instantly engulfed in an unexpected hug from Katsuhiko.

"Hiyo-chan is so cute!" A loud laughter from the living room could be heard as Kirishima could see everything from where he was still sitting with Takahiro who was slowly loosing the power to stay awake now that his belly was full.

"O-Oyasumi nasai!" The embarrassed 12 year old voiced as she was lead out of the kitchen by the softly chuckling Yokozawa who would show her to Shiori-chan's bedroom.

"Mou Katsu, now you've scared her."

"Eh, should I apologise?" The bewildered older father questioned but Kirishima was behind him with his half asleep son in his arms.

"Don't worry, I can guarantee you that by the end of this small trip it'll be Hiyo-chan who will initiate the hug, we are after all, a pretty affectionate family. Takafumi is slowly getting used to it." Midori smiled as she took Takahiro from Kirishima's strong arms and then headed off to the bathroom, leaving the two men to their own demise.

"Are you sure you'll be alright Hiyo-chan?"

"I'm fine, besides Shiori-chan is Oniichan's important niece and I want to get along with her because of Oniichan." Now he knew how Kirishima felt as a father as he instantly melted at her sweetness. "When you said we'd be coming to visit Mi-chan and her family, I was down the street with Yuki-chan and we were in a shop we go to all the time and...well...I bought Shiori-chan a present with my pocket money."


"Do you think she'll accept it?" Yokozawa observed a now shy Hiyori shuffling her bare feet against the floorboards, her overnight bag over one shoulder and a wrapped gift was held tightly between her hands, he not having taken notice of it until now.

"Hiyo-chan is very thoughtful and I'm certain that Shiori-chan will not only be very surprised by your gesture but happy about it too."

"Yosh," Yokozawa heard Hiyori mumble as she took a deep breath and knocked once on the closed door before turning the handle and taking the first step in their new and yet slightly awkward acquaintance. Her big brown hopeful eyes glanced up at Yokozawa once, a slightly shaky smile on her lips as she quietly bid him goodnight and closed the door.

The salesman let out his own breath, not realising he'd been holding it in as he turned to the spare room, blushing slightly as it was set up with two futons for he and Kirishima and rummaged through his bag to pull out his usual black sweat pants, long sleeved white shirt and a clean pair of boxer briefs. He grabbed his toiletry bag and headed for the bathroom knowing Midori would have a set of towels in there for them to use. Yokozawa was just at the door when it was pulled open and Midori came out with a clean Takahiro, he slumped heavily against her chest, thumb between his lips. The siblings shared a moment of silence before Yokozawa understood Midori's worried gaze.

"The girls will be fine." Midori nodded in agreement. "Oneesan," He watched her stop in her tracks, she very much not used to him calling her that just as much as he was not truly used to saying it. "How often does Shiori-chan mention Shizuku-san?" He frowned when Midori shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm not counting Taka-chan, she is her mother after all." Yokozawa bit back his own response of "so are you" and left it at that as he took a warm shower and washed away the days stresses from his body. It had, after all, turned out quite well for the beginning of this short break.

When Yokozawa exited the bathroom the house was in darkness, save for the light that was on in the toilet with the door ajar so Kirishima and Hiyori knew where it was if they woke in the middle of the night.

The salesman opened the door to the spare room and found Kirishima was already tucked under the blankets of the futon furtherest from the door. He did take notice it had been placed closer to the one he'd be sleeping in, almost like the sneaky man would creep into his during the night if he felt up to it. After several months of being together, somewhere along the lines they'd taken "sides" in the bed, Yokozawa always being closest to the door as though it was his chance to flee quicker. At first the salesman thought "that side" was given to him because Kirishima was so used to sleeping on one side due to sharing his bed with his wife for so many years, but in actual fact his lover had so plainly voiced to him that he'd never really had a side of the bed before. He went on to tell the story of the weird and wonderful sleeping postures Sakura-san would end up in. On several occasions the Editor-in-Chief would receive a foot in the face if he weren't careful as sometime during the night his petite wife had ended up down the other end of the bed.

"Aren't you taking a shower?" Yokozawa quietly questioned his lover who was slumped on his stomach, face turned to the door. He'd changed into his black short sleeved top and no doubt his grey slacks while he was in the bathroom. "Oi, you listening to me?" Just as Yokozawa was about to shake Kirishima's shoulder the older man quickly grabbed his wrist, yanking him down as Yokozawa knocked into Kirishima, falling flat over the covered man. "Oi!" He couldn't get any further when lips had moulded over his own, breath smelling of Katsuhiko's favourite brand of beer. Though the salesman's head reeled at the fact they were doing this in his sisters home, the little groan that escaped his throat was all that Kirishima needed to flip them over so Yokozawa was suddenly beneath him.

"Takafumi..." At the sudden mumbled and hoarse whisper of his first name, sense began to form once more in his muddled brain as he pressed his hands against Kirishima's chest, trying not to get distracted by the feel of the man's pounding heart or his heated stare as he pried the man agonisingly away from his flushed flesh.

"Stop it," Yokozawa asked nicely and to his surprise Kirishima obeyed! The Editor-in-Chief instead lay next to him, covers off him as they were now over Yokozawa from when he was flipped onto his back in sheer surprise. Usually he knew when Kirishima was scheming to do something with him, however this had been a surprise for sure.

"I know you said the next holiday we go on it will be cat friendly so all four of us can go, but seriously, I will drag you off for a holiday just for the two of us."

"Are you nuts! Your idea of a holiday would be not letting me leave the damn bedroom!"

"And what is wrong with that?" Yokozawa found twinkling almond eyes and that damn smile on his lips that caused butterflies to scatter in his stomach.

"I'm not as young as I used to be!" It was all Yokozawa could think of to say.

"Are you saying you were able to go all day and night when you were younger?" Blue eyes widened at Kirishima's assumption as though the man was now thinking of him with some nameless or faceless partner or worse yet...Takano!

"J-Just give me pre-warning a-and I'll work on my stamina." Kirishima's lips parted as he gazed down at the flushed Yokozawa beneath him and he instantly burst out laughing. Of course his laughing was soon smothered by Yokozawa's hands as he was flipped onto his back, his dear sweet and totally embarrassed lover now straddling him.

"Keep it down, you'll wake the entire house up!"

"Takafumi," Yokozawa watched as Kirishima pried his fisted hands open as he pressed a kiss to the inside of each hand and then placed them against his chest. "I'll hold you to that." The salesman flushed deep red once more. He hadn't meant to say that at all! Well...maybe...but anyway, how the hell was he going to take it back now when his older lover was looking so god damn sexy beneath him? It was downright frustrating how relaxed the man could still be and how easily he could always say his given name. It soon brought him back to how casually his sister and Kirishima exchanged names like they'd known each other for years.

"Zen," Almond eyes widened. "Zen," The Editor-in-Chief was feeling a little giddy now as he listened to Yokozawa say his first name over and over again, still straddling him too as though trying to imprint it into his mind to remove the supposed gap they had. He knew his awkward lover was probably thinking something silly about how overly casual or possibly even intimate he and Midori were being and of course the sudden surprise he got that he actually knew his brother-in-law and the way the man referred to him as Kiri-chan. Didn't his cute lover realise he wanted to be close to those that were important to him as they were his family and he wanted so very much for everyone to treat he and Hiyori like they were part of the Yokozawa-Inoue family just as much as Takafumi was a part of the Kirishima household? Granted Yokozawa hadn't really been introduced to his two older siblings, due to them being overseas, but he was certain they were aware he was in a relationship. The Editor-in-Chief hadn't the heart to advise Yokozawa that he'd already broken the news to his mother and father about them being together. His parents had been surprised, but they'd never changed character in front of Yokozawa who was still oblivious to the situation. That discussion which would definitely turn into an argument between he and his cute lover would be saved for another day.

After about the twelfth 'Zen' Kirishima lifted his hands and cupped the salesman's face. It instantly made Yokozawa stop rambling his name. "I love you." And those expressive, when they wanted to be, deep blue eyes widened. It didn't matter that the salesman didn't reply and instead he rose from his lying position to tuck the rigid salesman into his own futon.

"Get some rest." Kirishima mumbled as he pressed his lips to Yokozawa's forehead and then shuffled back under his own futon, though one thing was for certain, he wasn't letting go of the man's hand that was for sure. The room fell quiet, joining the rest of the household as it didn't take long for Yokozawa to drift off to sleep. Kirishima turned to look at him, squinting his eyes in the darkness to try and make out his lover's silhouette.

There was plenty of time for sex later, for now he was on a mission to wriggle his way into the Yokozawa-Inoue family and to listen to every story Midori would tell about a young Takafumi. The Editor-in-Chief fell asleep with a smile against his lips and the fleeting image of a young Takafumi crying as he was dressed in girls clothes.

To be continued...