by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion, Pacific Rim, or their characters.

Summary: Shinji and Eva 01 get teleported to an alternate world under attack by giant monsters called Kaiju, and their own giant robots, the Jeagers, are not ready to fight. They need his help.

Authors Note: I just wanted to write up something for Pacific Rim and after seeing the numerous trailers on YouTube for an Eva/Pacific Rim movie, I just had to write up something for it. Hope you enjoy it thus far.


Chapter 1
Arrival Fight

The 12th Angel had teleported Shinji Ikari and his Unit 01 to an alternate dimension. A place he didn't know, yet, as he was still unconscious.

To anyone on the outside of the giant purple robot, it was like watching a magician perform a massive illusion. One second the city was under attack by a giant monster, the next there was a 80-meter tall purple-colored robot with a horn on its head standing in the middle of the city.

The monster that had been stomping around the city, looking like some weird amalgamation of a triceratops and a T-Rex, suddenly turned its attention to the Eva.

Roaring loudly, the monster attacked.


"What was that? Am I being attacked?" Shinji wondered as he shook the unconsciousness out of his head.

The monster knocked the Eva into a cluster of nearby power lines, which caused the electrical feedback to empower the Eva once again.

"What the..." Shinji gasped as the monster attacked again. This time, Shinji saw it on the monitors before him. "What is that thing?"


"Argh! Wha... Two Minutes Of Power?!" he gasped when he saw the Timer. "Guess that'll have to do!"

Reacting, Shinji pulled his knife from his shoulder pylon, only to feel a slight difference in the weight of it, even through the arms of the Eva.

Extending the blade, Shinji lashed out at the beast, slashing at its stomach with his short sword.

When did Dr. Akagi install this thing? he wondered.

The creature howled in pain as it recoiled and attacked again.

Shinji raised his foot up and kicked the beast in the face.

The monster shrieked as it jumped up onto a nearby building and then jumped at Shinji from behind him.

Hearing the beast behind him, Shinji rolled onto his back and brought his feet over his body, and laid them into the monster's gut.

The creature shrieked again as it was tossed backwards.

"30 seconds left!" Shinji gasped as he read the meter. "Have to make this count!"

Shinji scrambled to his feet, sword in hand as he and the beast charged each other.


The two behemoths collided with each other, shattering windows and up-heaving the pavement as Unit 01 landed hard on top of the dinosaur-like beast. Its short sword imbedded deep within the chest of the monster.

The Eva's timer had run out, and Shinji hoped that it was enough to silence the creature and spare him whatever further pains the beast had in store for him.

Seconds ticked by slowly, and when no movement was heard or felt, Shinji finally breathed a sigh of relief.

It was an hour later when someone or something started tapping on the hatch.


(Four Hours Later)

General Stacker Pentecost, a serious-looking dark-skinned man in military dress, sighed as he looked over the reports the translator had given him. A second time.

"And you're absolutely certain of this?" he asked the female American translator. She had long brown hair and greenish-blue eyes, dressed in a military uniform that bore a Corporal's rank.

"Yes, sir. His name is Shinji Ikari, he's from a place called Tokyo-3 in Japan, the giant robot he pilots is called an Evangelion, he fights giant monsters called 'Angels' with it, he's 14 years old and he plays the cello." the woman said.

"Anything useful?" a military male captain asked.

"Such as?" the Corporal asked.

"The tech specs and abilities of that robot of his? It would be useful to know, seeing as how he stopped one of those giant monsters with it." he asked.

"He doesn't know that." the translator said.

"How could he not know?" the captain asked.

"He's the pilot of that thing. He didn't design it, build it, or knows how to repair it. All he knows is how to pilot it and that it runs on electricity." the translator said.

"Great." the captain said.

"There's something else, sir." a young blond-haired woman wearing a military uniform, including skirt, said as she approached him.

"Yes, lieutenant?" Stacker asked as the blond woman handed him a file.

"We pulled his file, and,... he's dead." she said.

"What?" the captain asked as Pentecost flipped the file open.

"Apparently, Shinji Ikari died in a car crash when he was four years old."

"This was eight years ago." Stacker said.

"I know. The math doesn't add up, but... the fingerprint and name came back with this." the woman said.

"It says here his mother survived." Pentecost said.

"Yes, we... haven't contacted her." she said.

"Good. I have no idea how she'd take this."

"This is either incredibly good fortune, or..." the captain began to say.

"The oddest luck we've ever seen." another older man in military dress, baring a general's rank, said as he approached Stacker and the others.

"General Fenn!" Pentecost gasped.

"General Pentecost." the older man acknowledged.

"I didn't expect to see you here." he said.

"A giant robot appears out of nowhere and kills one of those giant monsters, and you don't expect to see me here?" the second general asked.

"On the other side of the world?"

"Granted. So, what do we have?"

"A conundrum."

(Five minutes later)

"You have got to be kidding me!" General Fenn gasped.

"I wish I was, sir." Stacker said.

"Well, we've got a situation, regardless."

"What, sir?" the captain asked.

"Whether or not we can use him." Fenn said.

"Use him? Sir, he's just a kid!" Pentecost protested.

"I'm aware of that, but he's also the pilot of that big-damn robot. And he killed one of those giant monsters, we'd be fools not to ask for his help." Fenn said.

"Maybe someone else can pilot it, if the kid's unwilling." Pentecost exclaimed.

"I've considered that." Fenn said. "And if there is no alternative?"

Pentecost couldn't answer that.


(One week later)

Shinji and Unit 01 had just returned from another sortie against the Kaiju monsters. Victorious, as were his last three battles against the monsters since his arrival in this world. And even though his Eva had been damaged, he had the satisfaction that he had saved a good many lives. For which everyone was grateful.

All efforts to find a substitute pilot had failed, and Stacker Pentecost was reluctant to use Shinji in their battles against the Kaiju monsters, but had no choice.

Shinji actually felt that Stacker's sincerity was genuine, given his determination and efforts to locate other suitable pilots to control the Evangelion robot. However, there were several other factors that made this impossible.

Time to train the pilot was one. Then there was the fact that the entry plug was specially designed for Shinji himself, which meant a normal adult pilot was inconvenient. Also, the Evangelion systems were completely new to the scientists and technicians, and getting an expert understanding on them would take time. What's more is that the Eva's on-board computer monitoring systems, which had recorded everything that Shinji had seen and felt during his piloting, which unknown to Shinji, had also recorded his memories from his past as well.

(Pentecost spent hours reviewing everything from that recorder, much to his own disgust)

The LCL presented a problem for the other pilots, who didn't like being submerged in liquid that smelt and tasted of blood, and were unwilling to breathe it into their lungs for fear of drowning.

Shinji didn't like that either, but he was more used to it than anyone else.

The other matter was the fact that all other pilots who had tried to synch with the Eva, were rejected by the Eva itself.

Six pilots thus far had tried, and failed, to achieve the level of synchronization that Shinji already had. Four of them had been treated to a painful neural-feedback that nearly fried their brains.

Plus the Kaiju were continuing to attack city after city, all over the world, almost every month. Immediate action was needed.

The UN had a plan to battle these Kaiju monsters, called the Jeager Program. The plan was to create giant robots to combat these giant monsters. But until these Jeagers were ready to combat the Kaiju, Shinji was needed.

At seeing the problems the people of this world were facing, Shinji ultimately agreed to pilot his Eva against the Kaiju.

It was at the end of the second week, that Shinji's world was once again turned upside down.


(Two weeks since Shinji's arrival in this world)

"Construction of the first Jaeger Unit, code-named Gipsy-Danger, is 65% complete, sir." the blond-haired female lieutenant said.

"Excellent. And the pilots?" Pentecost asked.

"Their training is proceeding faster than the Jaegers construction." she said.

"Good. Shinji's been pushing himself pretty hard these last couple weeks. He could use some good news."

Not to mention some back-up. She thought. "The repairs to Unit 01 are already complete."

"And what's Shinjis status?" he asked.

"He's resting. That last battle took quite a lot out of him." she replied.

"Good thing he doesn't need severe medical attention this round." he sighed with relief.

"GENERAL PENTECOST!" another lieutenant shouted, racing up to the man.

"Yes? What is it, Lieutenant Carter?" Pentecost asked.

"The, uh, boy's... mother, is here. She's demanding to see him." he said, nearly out of breath.

"Him? Who's mother?" Stacker asked.

"The boy, sir. The pilot of Unit 01?" the lieutenant said.

If Pentacost had been born Caucasian, he would have had no reason to look as pale as he did now.

"Oh, crap!" he groaned.

"Her name?" the female lieutenant asked the male lieutenant.

"Yui Ikari." the man said.

"How the hell did she find out?" the female lieutenant asked.

"The Internet." the male lieutenant said simply.

"Damn It!" she spat. "I thought we suppressed all information regarding Shinji."

"Apparently not well enough." Stacker said. "Ever since these giant monsters started appearing, there has been an overwhelming demand for information about them. And the giant robot that we've had fighting them."

"As well as its pilot." Lieutenant Carter said.

"This is why I hate 'YouTube'." Stacker groaned.

"What do we do? I mean... technically she's not Shinji's mother, so..." the female lieutenant started to ask.

"Take me to her, Lieutenant." Pentecost said.

"Yes, sir." Carter said.


The brown-haired, blue-eyed Japanese woman, Yui Ikari, sat patiently waiting for the commanding officer who was keeping custody of her son.

When Yui had seen the videos of a young Japanese boy named Shinji Ikari, as the pilot of the giant purple robot that was fighting against the monsters attacking the coastal cities, she quickly went to the military to demand answers.

Somehow, she had found out where they were hiding him.

Looking down at the picture in her hand, a picture of a young boy about 4 years old, Yui was close to tears.

She had been told that her little boy had died in the car accident. She had even identified his body. So who was this boy, who looked like an older version of her own son, and who was nearly the same age as he should be now?

"Mrs. Ikari?" a voice said.

"Yes?" she gasped, standing up to meet a dark-skinned man in military dress.

"I'm General Stacker Pentecost. I understand you've been inquiring about one of our pilots." the man said.

"Shinji Ikari!" she declared instantly.

"Your son?" he asked.

"Yes. No. I mean... I want to know who he is, and why he looks like my son, and why he has his name!" she spat.

"Mrs. Ikari, for security reasons, I cannot.."

"Is. He. My. Son?" she demanded to know, causing the man to emotionally deflate.

"...we're not sure. We're not even sure he's from this world." Pentecost said.

Yui looked shaken by this.

"What... are you saying he's an alien?" she asked.

"No. I'm saying that... he might be from another universe, just like his robot."

Yui looked shocked and lost, before she sat down.

"Another... universe? You mean... an alternate dimension? Like on those science fiction shows?" she asked.

Pentacost sat down next to her.

"Something like that. We've done our best to confirm who he is and where he's come from, and everything we've discovered so far tells us... he is from another universe. Maybe a counterpart to your son in this world." Pentecost explained.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Your son... died when he was about four, right?"

"Yes. In a car accident. Outside the school where I worked." she said.

"Well, then you'll be surprised to learn that his mother died when he was four years old, in a lab accident where she worked." he said.

Yui looked at Pentecost in shock.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"As much as I can be. The only reason I'm telling you this is because of the life that boy has led."







"Then why are you making him fight those giant monsters?" she spat.

"Because our giant robots aren't ready to fight yet." he replied.

"Your giant..." she started to say only to pause and sigh deeply. "I know there's a lot I don't know or even understand, but... as a mother, I thank you for telling me this much. And... if it's at all possible... can I meet him?"

Pentecost sighed. He was going to get into big trouble for this, he knew that. But his instincts told him that this was the right thing to do.

"Come with me." he said, standing up from the chair.


"What are we doing here?" Yui asked as she entered a small room that had a TV and DVD player standing opposite a single chair with a small table next to it with a cup of coffee on it. "I thought we were going to see Shinji."

"We are. But first things first. You have to know who you're dealing with and what he's been through." Stacker said as he turned the television and DVD player on. "These recordings were taken from the digital memory recorder, the black box, that we found in his Evangelion."

"His what?" she asked.

"The purple robot that he pilots. It's called an Evangelion."

"Oh. I see. So, you're going to show me his fights against those monsters?"

"That... and a lot more. Shinji's sleeping right now. He'll be up soon, but in the mean time... you might want to get familiar with what your... son... has been through already." he said as he pressed 'Play' on the player. "I'll be outside when you're done."

Stacker closed the door as he left the room.

By the time the player was done, Yui had tears in her eyes.


Authors Notes:

This is something I've wanted to write up for a while. Hopefully everyone likes it, mostly since I probably won't update it until after I've seen the movie itself. And then not for a while either. But anyway, enjoy.


(Omake idea courtesy of 'Kaiju and Ponies United')

Stacker Pentecost stared back at the screen, the image of Gendo Ikari of NERV upon it. The transmission had been made possible via the dimensional portal that was allowing the Kaiju into their world, by means of the Dirac Sea that Dr. Akagi had spoken of beforehand.

Stacker Pentecost: So... Let me see if I've gotten this straight. You force this boy, who's barely in his mid-teens I might add, into piloting a biomechanoid with zero training skills, no one to turn to for help, and who's already mentally broken as it is, all for fighting these, what did you call them again? Angels? And now that he's found a better life here than in your dimension, you expect him to come crawling back to you? On top of all that you expect him to do so willingly because he's your son who you abandoned without a second thought when he was four years old.

Gendo: In a word yes.

Stacker Pentecost: You know, I truly wish that we were face-to-face, sir, so that I could tell you, that you can just crawl back to the pit that birthed you and rot before I have every able-bodied pilot in this facility as well as myself drag you there while you KICK AND SCREAM ALL THE WAY!

Gendo: That mechanoid and its pilot are NERV property! You will return them at once, or I'll...

Stacker Pentecost: Or you'll what? Send another of your giant robots to retrieve them? They'll just get stuck here along with Shinji. And even if I was so inclined to send him and his robot back to you, which I haven't the slightest idea how to do that, his mother would be very upset with losing him.

Gendo shocked: Mother?

Pentecost moved aside to allow Yui Ikari to be seen.

Gendo: ...Yui!

Yui: So you're the bastard who abandoned and traumatized and bullied his own son into piloting a giant robot that nearly got himself killed?

Gendo stuttered: The situation... demanded it.

Yui: No excuse! You can have the damned robot if you want, but Shinji is staying here with us! Of course... there's no way to send either back to you, so... I guess you are shit out of luck!

Misato: But we need Shinji to pilot against the Angels!

Yui: And You! What kind of guardian are you?! You make Shinji do all the chores, you drink like a fish, live like a slob, and parade around in your underwear all the time! No way am I sending that boy back to you!

Misato just blushed as Yui said that. Mostly because everyone at NERV had heard her.

Yui: Shinji stays! End Of Story!

(End Transmission)

Misato and the others looked at each other.

Misato: We're dead.

Ritsuko: Yup.

Kaji: Definitely.

Asuka: Hey! You still got me! And I'm your best pilot!

Everyone looked at Asuka and sulked. Maya started to cry.