by Gunman

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Summary: Shinji and Eva 01 get teleported to an alternate world under attack by giant monsters called Kaiju, and their own giant robots, the Jeagers, are not ready to fight. They need his help.


Chapter 2
Explanations and Reunions

While Yui Ikari was getting better acquainted with the 'life and times of Shinji Ikari', General Stacker Pentecost was in the middle of a very important meeting.

"Sir, you cannot be serious!" Stacker said to the four large television monitors before him.

("The Council is confident in its decision.") The President said.

"Like their decision to drop a nuclear weapon on a civilian population?" he retorted.

("We had no other recourse.") The Councilman said. ("Conventional military forces were useless.")

("And the bomb did work to destroy the monster.") The Senator said.

"Along with over six-hundred-thousand innocent civilians!" Pentecost retorted.

("It was an executive decision!" ) the Councilwoman stated.

"Then the Council's decision is flawed!" Pentecost declared.

("General!") The President snapped.

"Sir! With all due respect... you do not understand the situation." Pentecost said.

("Then explain.")


"As you know, the Kaiju appeared seven months ago, emerging from the Pacific Ocean and attacking coastal cities both on the America's side and the Asian side. The first landing was at San Francisco, California. Military forces were unable to contain or kill the creature, so the order was given to detonate a nuclear weapon three days after the creature made landfall. While this succeeded in killing the monster, over 600,000 people were either killed or poisoned by the radioactive fallout. A month later, Manilla was attacked by a second Kaiju. The third Kaiju hit Cabo almost six weeks after that. And then a fourth one hit Sydney five weeks after that. These three Kaiju continued their attacks, unhindered by anything we threw at them. All conventional weapons: tanks, jet fighters, Destroyers, everything failed! The best we could do was lure them out away from the human populations, into the open space countries where there were no humans for them to attack. Even though at times a majority of people had fled into the country."

("And nukes weren't an option for these other monsters?") The Senator asked.

"San Francisco is now a cemetery, senator." Stacker grimaced as he continued. "It was after the fourth Kaiju landed, that the Jaeger Program was given the green light at the emergency conference at Seoul, South Korea. But even with all of the planet's resources at our disposal, even with hundreds of thousands of technicians and scientists working around the clock to create them, it would have taken us years to create an effective robot to counter the Kaiju. That is, until the Tokyo Incident, when a fifth Kaiju arrived."

("Yes, General, we all read the report.") The Senator said.

"Did you? Because that's when everything changed for us. That's when we received the best help possible. Shinji Ikari and his Evangelion Unit 01. A trained robot pilot and a fully mission-capable robot. Tossed out of their own universe and dropped into ours. Despite his youth and his robot being designed for fighting monsters of a different nature than our own, he proved to be more effective than our own military. When we explained the situation to him, he agreed to help us as best he could. Since then he has been deployed in dispatching the Kaiju that remained. But even Shinji and his Eva have their limits. Which is why the Jaeger program must continue."

("But these... Jaegers... who came up with that name anyway?") The Councilman asked.

"Jaeger is German for 'Hunter'. The program was developed by Dr. Jasper Schoenfeld, a brilliant scientist and mechanic who came up with the designs and blueprints for the Jaegers nearly 12 years ago. Of course, there wasn't a need to actually build one of these giant robots, so we never created even a prototype." Stacker explained.

("That's putting it mildly. The program to build these Jaegers, which includes the facilities to house and repair them, materials to make them, not to mention the number of technicians required, is already costing us billions. We don't even have a working unit yet, and you want to build more?") The Senator said.

"An effective battle strategy depends upon multiple units being stationed at different points to protect our coastlines from possible Kaiju attacks. Not having these units could cost us thousands, possibly millions, of human lives." Pentecost stated.

("This program could potentially bankrupt us. And not just the American government, but every other world government as well.")

("We might as well just build a giant wall to keep them out of our cities.") The Councilman said.

("That actually sounds like a more feasible plan.") The Councilwoman stated.

Not liking where this was going, Stacker decided to shift the conversation back to the problem at hand.

"The Russians are developing their own Jaeger based on Schoenfeld's plans, called Cherno Alpha. The Chinese have almost finished their own Jaeger and are putting the finishing touches on it. They call it Horizon Brave. The Japanese already have two Jaeger's in the process of being built: Coyote Tango and Tacit Ronin." Stacker explained.

("And what about our Jaegers? The American ones?") The President asked.

"Brawler Yukon and Romeo Blue." Pentecost said. "They are roughly 50% finished."

("I thought we had a third one.") The Councilman said.

"Gipsy-Danger is the advanced prototype, but it's met with some... problems." Stacker said.

("Yes, we're aware of the break-in.") The President said.

"I was only informed of the anarchist group's attempt to steal Gipsy-Danger minutes before this meeting." Pentecost said.

("Something that was put down, and not by security forces.") The Senator said.

"No, sir. By the hundreds of technicians that were already there." Stacker said. "The Gipsy-Danger was damaged in the attempted theft, it'll take time to repair it."

("Considering we already have a working robot and a trained pilot, I think we can allocate enough resources over time to...") The Senator started to say.

"Over time? We need to get these Jaegers working as soon as possible. To prepare for the next wave of Kaiju attacks." Stacker exclaimed.

("But that boy and his robot have already destroyed four of them. Do we even need to continue building these Jaegers if we already have a working weapon against these... 'Kaiju'?") the Councilwoman asked.

("Why did we call them Kaiju? Exactly?") The Senator asked.

"It's Japanese... for 'monster'." Stacker said.

("Oh. Appropriate, I guess. Wait, did any of the other countries have a better term?") The Senator said.

"None that more accurately described them." Stacker replied.

("Which is hardly the point here.") the President said. ("General, this Jaeger Program is not truly imperative. Since it's more cost effective to have an already established pilot and robot ready to fight and die for us...")

"Excuse me?!" Stacker shouted. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

("General... this boy and his robot... according to you, they're not from this universe. They weren't born here, they weren't created here. They have no identification, no citizenship...")

"Yet, he has fought and bled for us. We didn't have a weapon system capable of stopping the attacks of those monsters when they hit us. And what I'm hearing is that Shinji... and his Evangelion robot... are expendable?" Stacker growled.

("From our perspective it's completely acceptable.") The Senator said.

"Then You'd Better Get Your Ass Down Here And Fight These Monsters Your Bloody Self, If You Think It's Acceptable!" Pentecost snarled at the group of men and one woman. "In our time of need, Shinji showed up and he fought the Kaiju to defend us and our cities! We asked for his help, and he gave it! Willingly! He has shed blood, sweat and steel in the defense of OUR world, and after all that he has done... we're just going to sit back and wait for him to die before launching our own robots? Wait until millions of more innocent people die before the world governments finally decide to act? Furthermore, you're worried about the cost of saving millions of innocent lives? I have never heard such apathetic bureaucratic hypocrisy in my entire life!"

("General...") The President snapped.

"I have already lost soldiers in combat against these things! I have seen innocent people trampled to death under the feet of these monsters! And I have seen... an emotionally damaged 14-year old child, stand up to these monsters that are threatening our world... just as he did against the monsters of his own world... and win! And now you say that it's alright to let him fight and die for us, without even trying to give him some measure of help, because he isn't from our world?! It's no skin off our noses, is that right? Well, I'm telling you it's not! Shinji has done us a great service! He has created a huge window of opportunity for us! Bought us the time needed to complete our own giant robots to fight against the monsters that have threatened our world, our people! And just because he isn't from our universe, does not make him any less human than you or myself! The Jaeger Program is going ahead. The creation of our own giant robots to fight off the monsters that threaten our world, is going ahead. Money Be Damned!"

("Hold it, General! You can't go ahead with this without our approval!") The Senator shouted back.

"Considering that your lack of initiative and penny-pinching could cost us more human lives in the foreseeable future, not to mention your incredible apathy in regards to the only person who can help us, I see no reason to continue this conversation." Pentecost declared.

With that Stacker cut off all transmissions with the (arguably) most powerful men in the world.

Exiting the Communications Rooms of the Pan Pacific Defense Force Hong Kong Shatterdome, which was still under construction, General Stacker Pentecost let out a very loud and frustrated sigh as his shoulders slumped and his body felt drained of all energy. His adrenaline had peaked during that conversation, and now it was slowly leaving him.

If he were honest with himself, he should have punched one of the screens just to satisfy himself. Of course, that would only have made things worse, in his opinion.

His career was hanging by a thread, and mostly in defense of a boy who was not from this universe. To say nothing of defending his own world from giant monsters.

Those blasted politicians were going to send Shinji out and make him fight until he died. And then they were going to go ahead with the Jaeger program after millions were already dead.

It was ridiculous and idiotic.

"Sir! You need to see this." a male lieutenant with reddish-brown hair and green/gray eyes shouted as he ran up to the deeply disturbed man.

"What is it, Lieutenant Carter?" Stacker asked the man.

"It's Yui Ikari's file, sir." Lt. Carter replied.

Stacker took the file and read it over carefully.

"You have got to be kidding me." he gasped.

"No, sir. She has six degrees in advanced mathematics, archeology, computer science, bio-chemistry, metallurgy and quantum physics. She's a freaking genius!" the man said.

"I thought she was an ordinary school teacher."

"She is. Officially."

"A résumé like this, and she teaches elementary school?"

"She apparently likes kids."


"Orders, sir?"

"Have all teams continue their construction of the Jaegers, as swiftly as possible, and keep me informed." Stacker said. "I have a mother to talk to."

"Yes, sir."


Several hours later, Yui Ikari exited the room where she had just spent watching all the material that the Eva's black box had recorded. She paused when she noticed Stacker Pentecost standing opposite of the room she had just exited.

"I think we need to talk." Stacker said, holding up Yui Ikari's file in his hand.

"Yes, I think so." Yui said, wiping her red eyes that were full of tears.


(Shinji's Room)

The brown-haired Japanese boy was slowly waking up, having rested enough from his previous battle against the deadly Kaiju that were threatening this new world.

The Pan-Pacific Defense Forces had actually supplied Shinji with his own personal recovery room in the west wing of the Shatterdome, as a small reward for his efforts. It was a private room, complete with television, computer, clothes closet, private bathroom, and even his own cello. Stacker had pulled a few strings to get the cello, seeing as it made Shinji feel more at home.

Which was nice of them, but it slightly reminded him of his life in his own world. But, at least he didn't have an alcoholic guardian, a hyper-aggressive roommate, and a mooching pet penguin to deal with.

But Shinji had actually found a suitable replacement for his Tokyo-3 family.

"Onii-sama!" Ten-year old Mako Mori shouted as she raced into the room, with three other people following right behind her.

The brown-haired, brown-eyed Japanese girl had been the only survivor of the Tokyo Incident still in the city, being saved from the rampaging Kaiju that was attacking the city by Shinji and his Eva. Stacker and his men had found her when they came to extract Unit 01. After finding out that her parents were dead, killed by the Kaiju, Stacker was prepared to take her back to her family in Tanegashima, only to find out that they blamed her for the death of her parents due to being born a girl.

Stacker was upset at the lack of empathy and concern the village had for one of their own. Seeing that she had nowhere else to go, he adopted her as the PPDF's new mascot, especially since she was now considered an iconic image of survival, as dubbed by the media.

The other three figures were adults and military officers of the PPDF.

Corporal Susan Sullivan. Long brown hair and greenish-blue eyes, 5'11", a trim and petite figure, and was a talented linguist who was fluent in seven languages: Russian, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. She wore glasses to read and loved Oriental food. American-borne with a touch of Italian. She was also teaching Shinji English as part of his training.

Lieutenant Jessica Golde. Blond-hair, blue eyed, trained pilot and marksmanship expert. She stood six foot even, kept herself in top physical shape, and often kept her hair tied up in a bun. American on her father's side, French on her mother's side.

Lieutenant Flint Carter. Reddish-brown hair and green/gray eyes, 6'1" with an athletic build. Expert in hand-to-hand combat and record-holder of the Army Ranger timed obstacle course. American and Scotts-Irish.

The trio had become Shinji's unofficial family/circle-of-friends, along with Mako who saw Shinji as a big brother of sorts since he was responsible for killing the monster that almost killed her.

"I'm glad you are alright, onii-chan." Mako smiled.

"So am I." Shinji said to her as she jumped up on the bed and cuddled up to him.

Susan just laughed at how quickly Mako had taken to Shinji. She probably thought it was a coping mechanism of some kind. Her parents had been killed, her village had rejected her, so now she was forming a bond with Shinji.

Flint and Jessica had also taken to the boy. Jessica had been of the opinion that someone as young as Shinji didn't deserve to have such terrible things happen to him at such a young age, and even after seeing the 'black box' footage of Shinji and Unit 01 in their many battles, as well as the memories that had been retrieved from Shinji when he wasn't inside the Eva, had actually given the blond-haired woman a reason to visit Shinji regularly.

Pentecost didn't think it was a bad idea, having other people interact with Shinji, since he needed as many real allies as possible.

Flint had actually wanted to train Shinji in order to be a better pilot and fighter. He wanted to make Shinji stronger, so he could fight better and survive.

The group was talking and laughing with each other for about an hour, when General Pentecost and a Japanese woman entered the room.

"Atten-Tion!" Flint snapped to attention, standing ramrod straight, as did Jessica and Susan.

Mako snapped to attention as well, giving the dark-skinned man a child-like salute, even as Shinji did his best to sit up in the bed.

Pentecost smiled at the group.

"At ease, people. Everyone, I have someone here who has been looking forward to meeting Shinji." he said.

At hearing this, Shinji looked up and to the woman.

"Shinji... I'd like you to meet... Miss Yui Ikari." he said to the boy.


Authors Notes:

Sorry this took so long. I've been busy with a lot of other things lately. Not a lot of fighting here, but this was mostly to give more back story and help explain a few things that were different from the movie itself.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this, even though I'm changing a few things, like Stacker and even adding a few OC's for this whole thing. And here's an omake for fun.


OMAKE 1 (courtesy of 'F-14 Tomcat Lover')

Shinji and Unit 01 had returned to the Eva-verse, right as the 14th Angel had already penetrated NERV's defenses and dispatched Unit 00 and Unit 02.

Shinji and his Eva were putting up a tremendous fight, but they were still lagging behind.

"There has to be something we can do!" Misato shouted.

Suddenly, a giant portal appeared inside the Geofront, as four highly advanced robots appeared behind the Unit 01.

One was a large tank-like robot with huge fists. One was a reddish robot with three arms. One was a grayish robot with blades coming out of both arms. The last robot was an athletic-looking robot, towing a large empty cargo ship with it.

"What the hell are those?" Maya Ibuki gasped.

"That's a... those are..." Dr. Akagi couldn't finish her sentence as she just stood there in stunned surprise.

"Who order the extra helping of Jaeger?" one of the pilots announce as he and his partner prepared for a sortie. "You're Up Shinji!"

"Thank's Raleigh!" Shinji shouted as he jumped at the Angel, blasting it with his AT-Field to give the Jeagers a clear shot.

"Strike ONE!" the Angel was hit over the head with Cherno Alpha's heavy fists.

"Strike TWO!" it was struck across the face by Striker Eureka's blades.

"Strike THREE!" the Angel was struck by the third arm of Crimson Typhoon, knocking it back.

"AND YOU'RE OUT!" Gipsy-Danger shattered the hull of the ship it was carrying across the Angel's face, stunning it enough so that Shinji and Unit 01 could land the final blow, stabbing the Angel in its core with his Progressive Knife.