"I've missed you," Gareki whispered, breath ghosting across Yogi's neck and making him shudder. "So much." His hands drifted until they found the waist of his boyfriends' pants, and he rubbed the skin showing softly.

Yogi shivered under his touch, gasping quietly as Gareki's fingers played with the hem of his shirt. "Yeah, I've- ah, missed you too." He hissed the last part as Gareki began kissing his way up his neck, pausing as he hovered over Yogi's lips with a smirk.

"It's been very lonely without you." Gareki said in agreement, before pressing his lips against Yogis', tongue tracing a path across Yogi's lips in a request for entrance. Yogi moaned as he opened, and Gareki's tongue explored his mouth and brushed his tongue before he pulled back a bit. "Bed," He groaned. "Now."

"Really?" Gareki huffed. "Because I think we could do it right here, against the wall-" Yogi pushed up and ground hard against him, eliciting a sharp moan. "Oka- ah, okay, bed."

The pair fumbled across Yogi's room, feet sliding back on the hardwood until they hit the edge of the bed. They fell onto it, Yogi hovering on top, panting slightly. Gareki flung his hands around Yogi's shoulders, head lifting up to suck dark, blossoming spots onto his boyfriends neck. He made a trail down Yogi's chest, pausing to pull both their shirts off and flip them over before continuing down his chest, reaching farther down until his mouth closed around one of Yogi's nipples, sucking and rolling the pink bud in his mouth while he tweaked the other with one hand, while the other trailed down his stomach to rub the growing bulge in his jeans.

Yogi moaned loudly, back arching and hips grinding up against Gareki's, causing him to moan as well. "S-stop, Gareki. Y-you can't, I'll- ah!"

Biting his lip, Yogi pulled Gareki's head up to his, breathing hard. "I said not yet, Gareki."

Gareki hummed and trailed his hands up to wind into Yogi's hair. "Well if you're so close, why don't you help me along, hm?"

Yogi groaned and brushed his lips against Gareki's before looking straight into his eyes. "Well then you need to get undressed," He grinned, and Gareki smirked. "Immediately."

They scrabbled pulling off each others' jeans, kissing periodically until they were both in their boxers and Yogi was leaving his own marks on Gareki's pale skin. Both hands travelled down his chest, rubbing teasingly against his reddening nipples. He stuck a finger into his mouth and coated the buds, watching them harden in response to the cool air before rubbing them both arousingly.

His hands drifted farther until they teased the waistband of Gareki's boxers, rubbing the sensitive skin. Gareki groaned. "Yogi, hurry up, please."

Yogi's hand slipped into his boxers in response, rubbing and stroking his erect cock before pulling it out for better access. His fingers teased the slit, and the other hand rubbed quickly from top to bottom in jerky movements while he whispered eagerly into Gareki's ear. Gareki's back arched and his hips bucked into Yogi's hand as he let out a string of long, breathy moans. "C-close, Yogi, ah!"

He ground his teeth in determination as he reached to stroke Yogi's cock, coming to completion with an arched back and an ear-piercing moan. Yogi finished just after, pressing his lips to his boyfriends in an attempt to muffle his own cry.

"Gareki," Yogi whispered, entwining their fingers later that night. "I love when you come to visit."

"Yeah," Gareki replied, turning to face his boyfriend. "And I love you."