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HJ Russo

I love this story so much! My poor bby Ross :( all he needs is Laura. And LOL at Ellington and Stormie's exchange Post more soon


Who is his Juliet?:Laura lol

What do you think is gonna happen next with Ross?: he's going to the hospital

Did you like the POV's?:yes

How do you think his family will find out about how he feels about all the pressure and fame?:Laura

Did you guys understand why Ross is all weird and all depressive?:yea the pressures of everyone expecting him to do the right thing and not mess up:) (I think lol) update soon love ya and the story!


Awesome chapter! :D loved it.. Even tho I don't ship Raura how I ship Rosslington etc

-Laura.. If anybody doesn't know.. Then they need to die. Cause their stupidity..
-hes probably gonna be put in hospital or something
- yeah
- probably after Laura or something


Yay! New story! I'm soooo exited to read this one, your last 1 was one of my favorites ever. Well Juliet is Laura isn't it and other than that i don't really know much else but i think i understand why Ross is all depressive and stuff. I love the start of this, no doubt, amazing story and I'm really eager to read your next chapter so please update soon! :)


Love, Caitlyn x


Without Farther A Due-


Where We Last Left Off, A Little While Later-No One's POV-

"Hey guys! I'm back." Stormie said, walking into the living room.

"Mom. You need to take Ross to the hospital." Riker said with a tone of urgency.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it back a few steps Riker. What are you talking about? Has he gotten worse since I left?"Stormie asked, worried.

"We went to check on him after you left and he was burning up. I could barely feel a pulse either." Riker answered, nodding.

"Oh no... I'll be back. Be ready if I need one of you to call an ambulance." Stormie ordered as she ran up the stairs.

Everyone looked at each other in terror. Ross has to be okay. He just has to be.

In Ross' Room-

Stormie pushed the door open, causing it to slam against the wall. She ran over to her son, laying in the bed. Ross' once colorless face was regaining it's California glow. His breathing was still jagged, but his chest was rising and falling none the less. The only thing that was different, the comforter. It was spreed across the ground. Stormie sighed with relief as she gathered the comforter up. She gently threw it over Ross, but the second it touched his skin, Ross jumped up off the bed and fell to his knees, gasping for breath.

"Oh Ross! I am so sorry baby. I didn't mean to wake you. Are you alright?"Stormie asked, gently wrapping her arms around him and pulling him to the edge of the bed.

Ross nodded his head slightly, opening his eyes.

"Why did you jump when I put the comforter over you?" Stormie asked.

"I... I was just so hot, my skin felt like it was gonna burst into flames, I kicked it to the ground after Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ry, and Ell left my room. I just didn't expect it that's all. No harm done." Ross explained with a brief smile.

"Good. How are you feeling? You look a little better." Stormie said, moving the hair from his eyes.

"I feel okay. Not great. But better." Ross said, rubbing his head.

"Do you think you're gonna be able to film tomorrow?" Stormie asked, referring to Austin & Ally.

"I don't care if I am dying. I will not leave them hanging." Ross stated.

"Ross, I think they would understand if you called in sick." Stormie said, trying to reason with Ross.

"No, I know that. But I want to, no matter what." Ross said, smiling at the thought of getting to see his Juliet.

Stormie sighed," Ok, I understand. But promise me if you start feeling way to sick to act then I want you to tell myself or someone. Got it?" Stormie said with a stern tone.

Ross nodded," I promise."

"Good. Now, is there anything I can get you?" Stormie asked.

"No, I am just gonna take a shower if that's okay." Ross said, standing up with slightly support from his mother.

"Yeah, yeah that's fine. Dinner should be done in about 20-30 minutes, if your feeling up to eating that is." Stormie explained helping Ross to the bathroom. She could tell how weak he was, she was scared that if she let go he was would fall or something.

"Okay, thanks mom." Ross said with a smile of gratitude.

"You're welcome sweet heart. Call down if you need anything." Stormie said, finally letting go of Ross. Ross slouched down a little when she did, but seemed to be ok. Ross nodded to his mother before shutting the bathroom door.

Stormie stood by the door until she heard the water thunder against glass shower doors. She sighed before walking back down the stairs. She couldn't help but feel like Ross was hiding something from her. He didn't really give her hints to it, but she always knew when he wasn't giving the whole story.


Everyone was waiting nervously in the kitchen. All their phones were clenched both hands. Waiting. Ross could be dying. They couldn't think straight. Emotions covered the Lynch house like a cloud.

They all were so deep in thought that they didn't notice Mark coming into the kitchen.

"Hey guys. What's going on?" Mark asked.

"Ross is really sick and mom wants us to be ready if we need to call an ambulance." Rocky explained quickly.

"I'm sure he's okay. I saw him this morning. Sure he looked like he wasn't himself but he sure didn't look like he was gonna drop dead." Mark explained, trying to calm his shaken children.

"You don't know that." Ryland snapped.

"Ry-" Mark was cut off by his wife coming into the kitchen.

All of them jumped up and turned towards their mother.

"Is he okay?" Riker asked quickly.

"He is fine. He even looks a little bit better then he did earlier. He is gonna be fine. You guys can stop worrying now." Stormie explained, hugging Rydel tightly with one arm.

"Oh god..." Ellington whispered, putting a hand on his head.

"What?" Ryland asked.

"That's what we should be telling her. Not the other way around." Ellington said, feeling like an idiot.

"Ell, thank you. But I'm a mom. I will always comfort my children before they should comfort me." Stormie said, hugging him.

"You're welcome. Anyway, is he sleeping still?" Ellington asked.

"No, actually he is taking a shower now. I asked him if he wanted to stay home from filming tomorrow but he refuses to miss it." Stormie explained.

"Hmmm." Ryland said, thinking.

"What's wrong Ry?" Rocky asked.

"Oh nothing. I am just thinking. Let's go work on the songs." Ryland answered, going back into the living room.

He knew that Ross wasn't fine. He shares a room with him for god sakes. He saw the red stained towel. But he refuses to believe that Ross would ever do anything like that. Would he?

The Next Day-Austin & Ally Set-Ross' POV-

My head pounded, heart raced, throat rasped, and worst of all my freshly cut wrist strung like no other. I just hoped no one would notice...

"Ross!" A voice behind me shouted, pulling me from my thoughts. I was pushed forward slightly, two sets of arms bracing me in a hug. I laughed knowing who it was. I turned around to see Raini, Calum, and my Juliet. Laura.

"Looks like you guy missed me." I laughed. They were the only people in this world who could make me feel better.

"Well we haven't seen you since before you left for tour. So yeah!" Raini cheered, smiling at him.

"I know, I know. I meant to catch up when we were here at the House of Blues but I didn't get the chance." I said, my throat tickled harshly into a raspy cough.

"Are you okay Ross?" Laura asked, concern filling up her face.

"Oh yeah. Just a little sick, nothing to worry about." I reassured, though it was a lie.

"Ross if you're sick you should be at home resting." Calum said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"It's nothing to worry about guys. Honestly I'm fine. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't." I lied.

"Well if you're sure, just make sure if gets really bad you will tell someone." Raini said, smiling at me for comfort.

"Ok Mom." I joked.

"You haven't changed..." Laura said, laughing.

"What did you want me to?" I said, faking being offended.

"Yes. I want #theoldrossback. "Laura laughed, making a hashtag with her fingers.

"Not you too!" I sighed, shaking my head jokingly.

"I don't know. I kinda like this Ross better." Calum said with a smile.

"And that's why people ship Coss." Raini said, laughing harder now.

"Why wouldn't they? I mean look at us." Calum laughed.

"Sorry but no thanks Calum." I joked.

"Well then..." Calum pouted.

"Oh Calum. You don't need him, you have Raini." Laura smirked.

"Maybe Trez but there's no chance in hell that Caini will happen." Raini half joked, smiling at Calum.

"God! No one wants me. Laura?" Calum asked jokingly.

"Sorry Calum. I think Raura shippers would be mad at me." Laura said, throwing a smile at me. I couldn't help but smile back. It was perfect.

"Raini, would you be mad if I took your girl?"Calum asked,looking at her with hopeful eyes.

"I think you should be asking Ross that." Raini smirked.

"No, Ross wants Ratliff. I mean you wouldn't believe how many people ship them and those fanfics about them. Damn." Calum laughed. I threw a small glare at Calum, making a face.

"Oh you guys, leave him alone. Remember poor baby is sick." Laura said with a baby voice, smirking.

"Oh ha. ha. ha. You're so funny." I said sarcastically.

"Oh you know-" Calum was cut off by the director calling us over the intercom to get to hair and make-up.

"Come on lets go. Maybe they can give you your golden glow back Ross." Raini laughed with a smirk.

We all laughed and skipped off down the hallway.

While Ross Was In Hair & Make-up, No One's POV-

"Ok is it just me or does Ross seem not himself?" Laura asked, concerned.

"He looks terrible but he sounded like himself." Raini said, shrugging her shoulders.

"I don't really know. I mean like Raini said he looks really sick but I could tell when he was laughing and joking it was kinda forced." Calum admitted.

"Yeah. That's what I thought too. I wonder why?" Laura asked, shaking her head in confusion.

"I'm sure he's okay. He his sick, so maybe he just can't seem to muster up the laughs and jokes like he always does." Raini reassured.

"Yeah, Raini's right. I'm sure once he feels 100% he will go back to being the Ross we all know." Calum added, throwing Laura a comforting smile.

"Yeah... I'm sure you're right." Laura said, unconvinced. She has to talk to Ross. She knew that there was more then just sickness that was making her baby act differently. Wait, did she just call Ross, baby? Her crush is getting deeper and deeper by the second. If she wasn't lying, she might even be falling in love with him.

Ross' Dressing Room, Ross' POV-

Currently I was decided whether to slam my head into the wall or scream. I can't breathe, my eyes are filled with tears that were waiting to roll free, my head is gonna explode. All the lights were off, and I was wrapped tightly in at least 2 blankets. My hand slid down to my wrist, rubbing at the scars. Our make-up lady saw them. She wanted to tell the director but I begged her not to with all my life. She could tell how weak I was, so she covered the scars completely so no one else would see them and just hugged me. I needed that. Someone to just understand, even if it was just a stage-hand.

I gasped slightly for breath when I heard a knock at my door followed by the door creaking open.

"Ross?" I could hear Laura whisper into the room. I could tell she had turned the lights on.

"Ross are you doing okay?" Laura asked gently. I shifted under the blankets before pushing them down to where my face was just peering out of them. I winched when the light shone in my eyes.

"What do you need Laura?" I asked, my voice rasping heavily.

"I just wanted to check to make sure you were okay. I'm sorry I disturbed you." Laura said, smiling sadly as she turned around.

"No. It's fine. You are fine to stay." I rasped, swallowing.

"If you're sure. You sound terrible. Let me get you something to drink." Laura comforted, walking to the mini fridge and pulling out a water," Here. I think you should go home. You have quite a lot of scene's to do and I just don't want you to over work yourself, like you always day." She said, handing me the water.

"No, No. I am fine. I just wanted to get some rest before we went back to filming." I lied, sitting up and throwing the blankets to the end of the couch.

"You don't look like it. You barely have a voice, your sweating, and look like your shaking." Laura said, looking at me with more concern.

"I know. But I still am not leaving." I pressed on, gulping the water down.

Laura sighed heavily,"You are so stubborn Ross Lynch. If you wont go then here is the medicine your mom gave me to give you." Laura said giving me a few round pills. I nodded slightly and downed the pills, finishing the water off.

I stood up shakily, stumbling slightly. Laura jumped to my side and settled me.

"You were saying?" Laura said, looking at me with "told you" look.

"I was saying that I am fine." I answered back gently.

Laura gave me a sideways look before letting go of my shoulders. But something caught her eye, she gasped quietly before snapping her head up, looking me straight in the eyes.

"What's on your wrist Ross?" Laura asked, panicked, scared, and concerned all at the same time.

My eyes widened,"N-n-nothing. Why d-do you a-ask?" I stuttered, looking away from her.

"Ross let me see your arm. Now." Laura said with a stern tone.

"There's nothing to see..." I lied, gasping slightly over the words.

Laura grabbed at my arm, but I was just fast enough to move it behind me.

"Ross. Now. Before I go and get your mom." Laura threatened.

I turned away from her, moving to other side of the room weakly. I pushed my arm behind my back. Laura came forward, hand extended.

"There is nothing to see Laura!"I shouted, well tried to shout.

Laura jumped to my side, causing me to stumble to the ground. I cried out in pain as I hit the ground. Laura gasped but didn't seem to care at that moment.

I felt her hands pull my arm up, rubbing it gently. I could hear her gasps and felt a few tears fall onto my wrist.

"Ross..." Laura whispered, voice dry with sadness. I pulled myself up and took my arm from her grip. I couldn't even look at her. No one was suppose to see them, especially not her.

"Why did you do it Ross?" Laura asked, looking at me. Her face was stained with tears.

"I-I-I... It doesn't matter." I said, looking down at the floor.

"Ross, you are cutting yourself. It does matter. Tell me why?" Laura said, looking at me pleadingly.

"I-I can't. I'm sorry. We have to get back to set now." I said, standing up quickly and running out of the room.

I ran as fast as I could down the hall and onto the set, thank god no one was there yet. Except for a few stage-hands. I sat down on the famous piano bench that was in the sonic boom set. I played a few notes, I couldn't think straight. I just wanted to film and go home. Laura came walking down the hall, wiping her face, removing the streams of black from her smeared make-up. I looked away from her to see the rest of the cast coming onto set.

"Alright. The next scene. The one where Austin is sitting here, playing a sad tune, because Ally rejected him. Though she didn't mean to. Anyway, you guys know the scene. So places everyone! Ross, Laura. And ACTION!" The director called.

I took my place at the piano and began to play, the tune depressing. I could feel a few tears roll down my face, which were completely real. I heard the doors opening behind me, I turned and saw Laura/Ally walking into the room, face red with tears.

"Ally I-" I said, getting cut off by Laura/Ally placing a finger over my mouth.

"You don't need to say anything Austin. I should be the one apologizing. I didn't mean to reject you like that. I was just so caught up in the moment and I just snapped. I would understand if you hate me now." Laura said, looking down in sorrow.

"Ally I could never hate you. You mean more to me then the world." I said smiling at her.

"I know. I just wish I would've shown you that when you asked me to." Laura said.

"You don't need to show me what I already see." I leaned down and placed a hand on her waist.

Laura/Ally looked up at me with her glowing brown eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed like a life time. I inched closer and closer to her face until our lips were less then touching. Laura/Ally blinked sweetly and our lips touched. Sparks seemed to fly around us. Just for a moment the world seemed non-existent.

"And CUT! Amazing, truly amazing you two!" the director called, breaking us into reality. Laura laughed nervously, but just for a moment. She pulled away from me, looking at my arm.

"Ross. You need to tell me why you did it." Laura whispered.

I looked at her sadly, not knowing what to do. I opened my mouth to reply but the words wouldn't form. I just smiled at her and walked over to Calum and Raini. I could feel her looking at me, but I just ignored it. I didn't want to make my Juliet cry or be worried but I just couldn't tell her.

I don't know what I to do. The world seems to be turning left and right and I don't know which way to to turn. I don't know if I will be able to make it long enough to know...

So? What did you think? It wasn't what I originally planned but I thought it turned out really good! I hope you all liked it! Even though I know most of you thought he was gonna go into the hospital. He originally was gonna but I wanted to leave that for later. Anyway, I am sorry it took so long to update this. I promise the next chapter will come sooner.

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