Ok, so this is a story me and an online friend came up with 4 years ago. FOUR! So please don't think I'm not any good or anything. Plus this is a chain fic. CHAIN FIC as in one person does a chapter and another does the next. ALL of the even (2,4,6,8,10,12, etc) ARE MINE. The ODD chapters are my friend's on DeviantART, sasunaru42

ALSO NOTE: I am not making any changes to this. There might be grammar errors and such, but let me remind you, it's 4 years of age. All I'm doing is posting it here.

I claim only the even chapters, I posted all here, since it wouldn't make sense without the full story


As the two boys walked into their class together Kakuzu took his normal seat in the back of the room. Meanwhile Hidan was talking to the teacher, well more like the teacher talking to Hidan. Kakuzu looked up to see Hidan and the teacher make their way over to him. "Here Hidan, sit next to Kakuzu." Kakuzu glared at Hidan. As the albino sat in his seat he looked over to see Kidd sat right in front of him. The Jashinist sighed and set his head on his desk , 'fabulous' he thought 'now I have this damn ass sitting right in front of me and a prick to my right.'

"Now if H2O is one, how heavy dose something have to sink?" Hidan sighed once more and yawned.
" since I seem to be boring you back there would you like to answer my question?" the class chuckled and turned to look at Hidan.

He looked up and said "Well any fool would know it has to be heavier than one to sink and to float it would have to be less than one, with the exception of a boat because that's a totally different subject."

"Um…yes…that's correct, v-very good Hidan." The teacher cleared his throat. "Yes well, as you all know you all will start a project, you will have two weeks to do it, with the person sitting next to you." Kakuzu and Hidan both grunted, so did some other students. "Now be good, and your dismissed."

Hidan gathered his things and walked to art, his first elective. He set the things he needed for class on his desk as he shoved the other stuff under his chair. He felt some one embrace him into a hug, he tried to move his head to see who it was but could not. Then Hidan smelt something very familiar, he gasped in shock.

"What-what are you doing here?"

He heard the filmier boy chuckle. "Well I thought you might be happy to see me Hime-chan!?"

"UGH. My name is Hidan not 'Hime-chan'." He pulled himself away from the boy looking up at him. The boy just looked down at Hidan, brushing a piece of dark black hair out of his face. "Hidan, is this boy bothering you? I can take care of him for you if you would like un."

"No, no, it's okay Deidara he was just about to leave, WERN'T you?!"

The dark haired boy smiled and walked to his seat. "Do you know him? Un."

"Yah, But don't worry I'll tell you later."

Deidara looked at Hidan then to the boy, and shrugged. "Oh. Danna over here."

The read head rolled his eyes and sat down next to Deidara, who then jumped in his lap. "Danna, I missed you un."
"Missed me? I saw you 45 minutes ago at lunch and get off my lap."
Sasori moved Deidara out of his lap and sighed. "Don't get so jumpy boys."
"Yes Mrs. Slim." Sasori and Deidara said.
"Well." Mrs. Slim started. "Aren't you cute!? What's your name boy?"

"Hidan, mama"

"Well very nice to meat you, well we are going to have fun. Now class this is today's lesson, draw some one in this room, if you need me I will be at my desk. START!?"

Hidan looked up at Sasori and Deidara. They were already drawing so Hidan when to work on his. About 30 minutes into the class Mrs. Slim stopped the class. "Now I would like to see all of your pretty pitchers. I will call you up by random, you." She said pointing at some brown haired boy. He handed her his drawing she studied it for a few moments then walked over to the board and placing it on the board. WAHHHHHHH?! It was a drawing of Hidan with a cat next to him.

"Next." The teacher said. Every one handed her there drawing all 37 of them and 27 of them where of Hidan. The albino blushed handing the teacher his drawing. "Well Hidan seems you're very popular on your first d- Wow! " She said looking at his art. "This is very good!"
"Thanks' mama." He said in reply.
She stuck it on the bored and dismissed class. "Wow. That was a really good drawing Hidan un." Deidara said before shutting his locker. "Thanks, yours was good too."
"Ha-ha thank you, I love drawing Danna un. Well want to go chill with everyone for free period?"
"Yah, why not."

They soon made it to a really big tree right in front of the school. "Hey, Hidan. anything happen lately?" Hidan blush thinking of art class.
"Yes un." Deidara said laughing. "In art today almost the whole class drew a pitcher of Hidan un."

Kisame started laughing and so did Zetsu. Hidan looked around and smiled holding in a laugh. "What are you so happy about Hidan?" pain asked.
"Well you guys are. . .well my first group of friends and I guess I'm kind of happy to have great friends like you, oh… and Kakuzu." Everyone started laughing. "Ha, ha very funny." The masked boy said.
"What? I'm being nice."

"Now boys let's not flirt like that." Konan said.

"W-w" Kakuzu said. "WE are NOT FLIRTING." Hidan glared at konan. "That's not even close to funny, konan." Everyone laughed and talked to one another, Hidan smiled deeply. This was the best day of his life and nothing could ruin it.
"So if Kisame and itachi are going out …"
"Tobi and Zetsu, me and konan." Pein said.
"Oh I thought you were gay pein."

"we all did. when we first met him."
"Ha-ha very funny Zetsu." Pein mumbled
Hidan leaned in to whisper in pein's ear. "What about Deidara and Sasori?"
"Oh, well we know Deidara likes Sasori because he calls him Danna. But Sasori's feelings aren't really clear."
"Oh." Is all Hidan could say.

"Awwwww, just when it was getting fun. Un."
"yah yah Deidara let's get to science."

"Well I have S.S come with me Hidan I'm in your next class."
"Cool lets go."

Hidan and Zetsu sat next to one another and started talking about Each other. "So what foods do you like Zetsu?"

"Well my tasted is creepy like peanut-butter, apples, bananas, with some pickles sandwich."

Hidan just looked at him in shock. "Well I would eat it, well without the pickles."
"ha-ha, I like you Hidan; you're very nice no wonder itachi talked to you, you're very easy to talk to."

This was the best day ever. For once he had friends who did not try to go out with him. "I like you to Zetsu you're really cool."