"Kakuzu?!. . . " Hidan whimpered again.
". . . " But no reply.
"Kakuzu? Is he dead?! Is he dead?!" Hidan asked with panic dripping from his words.
"he's not dead, but he's not looking so well. . . " he whispered.
Kakuzu tried his best to keep the bleeding boy alive till help could come. Hidan was shaking like he was in a snow storm with nothing on but boxers. He was even clutching his own body trying to get hot to stop the shaking. Kakuzu desperately wanted to reach out to the boy and hold him in a tight embrace to sooth his scattered and murky thoughts. Even the albinos' distinctive eyes seemed to be shaking as he looked over Akise cold body. Soon three men arrived and took the brown haired teen to the ambulance hooking him up with IV drips and all that. Police men asked questions from both Hidan and himself, but they didn't get much out of Hidan. He was in too much of a shock to even answer any yes or no questions. Kakuzu placed a palm on the boys' pail cheek, the cold touch of Hidan's cheek sent goose bumps up the tan boys arm and down his chest.

Hidan insisted that Kakuzu take him to the hospital so he could find out if Akise was okay. Once they arrived there they had to wait in the waiting room.

After about an hour the doctor came into the waiting room and pulled his mask down taking a deep breath, placing his clip bored under his arm. "I'm sorry to say this but . . . your friend has bean declared brain dead." He said as if it was normal but tragic at the same time.

Hidan felt his body go numb and his head hurt. He turned and rested his head on kakuzu's chest, he didn't cry, or ask why? He just sat there, dwelling in his emotions and memories slightly shaking out of anger and fear. The tan teen tried his best to sooth his lovers' worries, by rubbing his back, kissing his forehead, whispering reassuring words into his ear. This helped only a little too where Hidan could finally stand and walk back out to the car.

The drive was silent and Hidan seemed to be dead to the world at the moment, like everything had no real color, black and white was all he seemed to see. Even when the two got home, Hidan just wandered around, he didn't touch the Wii, or the TV at all. Kakuzu sat in his favored cheep chair, his body felt like pudding as he sat down. All this stress and Hidan acting out of the ordinary, more than normal, was too much on the dark haired boy's shoulders.
"Hidan." Kakuzu said in a soft even tone.
The silver haired boy came around the corner from the kitchen and looked at Kakuzu waiting for a response.
Kakuzu gestured for Hidan to come over to him.
Hidan walked over and crawled into his lovers lap, resting his head upon his broad shoulder. Kakuzu ran his fingers through the boys silver locks, kissing the top of his head.
"I know your upset Hidan but . . . there is nothing you can do to change it."
Hidan tensed, but didn't say anything.
". . . Say something Hidan, you can't mope around like this forever." Kakuzu said trying to get Hidan to open up.
"But he is dead Kakuzu. . . and it's all my fault." His voice was scratchy and dry.
"Don't Hidan, it's not your fault in the slightest. Don't you ever think that in the least bit!" Kakuzu said in a brisk tone.
Hidan sat up and looked at Kakuzu his eyes dull and week, as they held so many things back. "But I was the one that-"
Hidan was cut off by Kakuzu pressing his lips to Hidan's. Kakuzu griped Hidan's hair lightly pushing him into the kiss. Slowly he pulled way and whispered, with a sorrow lacing his voice. "Don't say it. . . if you got shot. . . and I lost you. . . I couldn't live anymore. . ." he paused and his eyes slowly opened, his bright green eyes stayed still. "I never want to see you hurt . . . Hidan I love you."
Hidan felt his heart skip a beat as kakuzu's breath caressed his face. A sudden pain was felt in his chest as he realized how selfish he was being, how unfair he was acting toads kakuzu's feelings. Tears welt up in his eyes, his bottom lip quivered like he was about to say something but the words would not come. After a few moments of Hidan trying not to cry, he slipped his arms around kakuzu's neck, brushing his lips across the tan boys own. As he pulled away he whispered with heart-full feelings.
"I love you too Kuzu. . . " the tears streamed down his pail dry skin. He hid his face in the kink of the larger teens neck.
Kakuzu held the boy close and rubbed his back gently, a small smile on his lips as he kissed the top of Hidan's head.

After about a week Hidan was back to normal, the gang was a happy bunch again, a somewhat functional family you could say. Zetsu and Tobi where the same as always but still- such an odd couple. Itachi and Kisame where having small augments over the smallest things, but Hidan said that the fights make a healthy relationship. Pein was still getting picked on being called gay, but it was just for kicks and giggles. No one really messed with Hidan or Kakuzu. Deidara and Sasori never really changed, still the same old fights about what 'true' art is. Life was getting back on track for the most part. Oh, and both their fathers where caught not long after and put in jail- no parole. So Hidan and Kakuzu where free from fear.

It was finally the day of the play, Alice in wonder land, that they all have been working so hard on. Kakuzu was in his cat outfit sitting on a prop box with his arms crossed over his chest in annoyance. Hidan walked off the stage and sat in kakuzu's lap smiling at how annoyed the teen was getting over this play.
"Why are you so annoyed?" Hidan asked not taking his eyes off the performance.
Kakuzu wrapped his arms around the smaller teens waist and rested his chin on his shoulder. "I just am . . . to many people . . . and I saw some guys looking you over." He almost growled.
Hidan giggled and turned his head slightly- and leaned in like he was about to kiss Kakuzu but he stopped. His eyes half open and his lips lightly parted he whispered.
"You're on. . ."
Kakuzu blinked and looked out to the stage; he scrambled to his feet and place Hidan gently down grumbling in anger as he dashed out into place.
The silver haired boy smiled as he sat there, he loved to tease Kakuzu.
"You have quite the evil side." A voice said playfully from behind.
Hidan turned and smiled. "Well you know me Sasori. But you can't say much because you do it to."
The red haired teen smiled standing next to Hidan. "Well this year is near its end . . . one last year of high school and then we are all off to a new start."
Hidan thought about it for a long moment. He would be off in college and so would Kakuzu. They both would have jobs. Well right now Kakuzu was looking for a job and refused to let Hidan look for one. Hidan got an angered scoul on his face.
"I still don't understand why Kakuzu won't let me help out." He mumbled.
Sasori smiled. "Are you talking about the fight you two had this morning over work?"
Hidan sighed. "Yes, why can't I have a job too? I want to help out." He crossed his arms.
Sasori stood there then looked over at the angered teen. "It's because in a way, Kakuzu wants to be with you forever and when the time comes . . . well. . . I'll let him tell you when he wants."
Hidan looked over and blinked. "What? No tell me please." Hidan said standing o his feet.
Sasori shook his head and walked out onto the stage. Hidan crossed his arms and let out a breath. He let his mind wander back to what would happen after next year. Kakuzu was going for a stock broker. And he himself was working on being a writer. Two different hobbies, two different schools, two different life styles.

The play came to a close and the gang changed out. Deidara was happy to be out of his dress, and so was Hidan. Pein said he was going to treat them all to diner and Kakuzu had no complaints on that. They all headed down the street to a Subway, Hidan grabbed kakuzu's hand looking up at him.
Kakuzu looked down and smiled. "What?"
Hidan looked straight ahead. "Nothing. . . "
"tell me."
"Don't want to."
"why not?"
Kakuzu picked Hidan up and tossed him over his shoulder and smiled. "Tell me or I'm not putting you down."
Hidan lifted his head and griped kakuzu's shirt. "Come on that's not fair!"
Everyone smiled looking back at the two. "Come on you two let's not flirt like this in public. Un."
"Can it Deidara." Hidan whispered, trying to get out of kakuzu's hold.
"Go on ahead you guys we will be there soon, I'm going to talk to this moron." Kakuzu said.
They all shrugged and walked on ahead and Kakuzu placed Hidan on his feet. "Now…" he started. "What's wrong?"
Kakuzu frown and crossed his arms. "tell me now Hidan, you can't do this now."
Hidan looked down and mumbled. "It's just, I was thinking about how you and I are going to different colleges soon. And besides yours will be more successful then mine."
Kakuzu smiled and let a small laugh escape his lips.
Hidan looked up scowling. "Don't laugh! I'm not Fucking around."
Kakuzu covered his mouth and sighed. "No, I know, it's just such stupid things pop into your head."
"It's not stupid to me dumb shit!"
Kakuzu placed a hand on Hidan's head and smiled down at him. "Don't worry about it. Ill always be with you."
Hidan blushed looking down, happy that Kakuzu loved him. He smiled and looked up with his big cocky grin plastered on his face. "Promise?"
Kakuzu smiled and kissed the boy on the cheek. "I promise, forever and always. Now let's get back to the others."

Hidan smiled and walked with Kakuzu back to the others.
They all laughed and picked on one another like always. Hidan felt for the first time in a long time a bliss of his own. He had someone he loved dear, and they loved him back just as much, carrying friends who where more than friends, more like a family. He never let the fact that his past was fucked up get in the way or make it an excuse. They all had a bad past and mad memoires, but they had one another to stay happy.
"Hidan what's with the grin, un?" a blond teen asked poking Hidan's cheek.
"hum?" Hidan hummed as he looked at everyone.
"You have been sitting there with that same care free grin." Kona said the corner of her mouth rising.
"nothing, just happy." He said as he looked over at Kakuzu.
Kakuzu blinked and shook his head smiling. He understood why Hidan was smiling, he rustled the boys hair. "Yah, me too."