Creepypasta Guardian


Normal POV

In a white two-story house, a girl sat by the window in her room. She watched the sky got darker and darker until it was finally nighttime. The girl sighed, watching the shadows move when the wind ruffled the trees or when a car drove by. Little did she know, she was being watched by a creature hidden in a bush across the street from her house. The creature looked like a normal dark furred husky from behind but when it shows its face, it is truly terrifying. It had glowing eyes that could pierce your soul and a long creepy smile that almost appeared humanoid except it was the length of a normal dog's mouth and had sharp teeth. The dog's smile widened, if that was possible, as it watched the girl. She is the one. It thought to itself, slinking back into the darkness from whence it came.

Alexia's POV

I continued to watch the darkness grow and shrink from the combination of the streetlights and trees waving in the wind. My name is Alexia Grace. I live on a suburban street somewhere in Washington. My favorite hobbies consist of playing my guitar, drawing, watching anime, and reading scary stuff like Creepypasta. I do admit I like horror, gory, death, etc. but I am not an emo. Emos like to hurt themselves to either gain attention or kill themselves. Yes, they also like the same things that I like including the color black and blood red but we are not the same. I actually value life and I would value it more if it weren't for the kids at my high school. I am a junior at my school but that doesn't make any difference. The kids at my school are the type of kids that make you hate the "new generation". I am known as a social outcast because of my interest in Creepypasta. I literally don't know anyone else that likes that kind of stuff besides me. Instead, the kids all call me "freak", "weirdo", and, in some cases, "crazy bitch". It's not my fault I'm not interested in One Direction (I like to call it One Direction to Hell) or sex. The words normally don't hurt me unless said by my crush that I had since elementary school. His name is Brian Wolfe. This year, he is the lead football player and he is in the same grade as me. He can also be known as the "top jock", which I normally would not like, but it's so hard to let him go. So, all in all, my home life is good but my school life is shit.

Right now, my parents had left to go shopping. They offered to take me with them but I kindly refused. I rather sit by my window and watch the shadows since they do give me idea on what to draw. Suddenly, I saw a dog run across my yard. I quickly got up and headed down stairs. We don't have any neighbors that have big dogs; only the tiny yappy ones. I opened the front door and saw the dog already at the front door. It was a husky with dark gray colored fur and blue eyes. It appeared to be a male and he had several scars around his muzzle and neck as if he was either from a bad home or got into a fight. The dog whined and patted my pajama pants with his left front paw. I knelt down and stroked his head to calm him down. "Hey there," I said in a soft voice. "What are you doing here? Where's your owner?" The dog continued to whine and I got up. Well, he does look kinda thin. He probably ran away from a bad owner who kept him chained up. I thought to myself. I finally came up with a conclusion and stepped aside so the dog could come inside. At first, the husky just looked at the opened door before cautiously walking inside. Luckily, my parents are also animal lovers so they would be happy to hear about me finding a stray dog wandering about. I went into the kitchen to find the husky some food while it just stayed in the living room. As I scavenged the cupboards for some food, I swore I heard whispering from the living room. It was as if someone was talking to themselves but they were talking too quietly for me to hear. When I stopped moving around so I could here, the whispering stopped. It was if whatever or whoever was talking knew that I was trying to listen and stopped so I would not know what they were talking about. I started rummaging through the cupboards again as if I was busy looking and I slowly moved closer and closer to the doorway leading to living room until I was at the cupboard right next to the door way. I continued "looking" until I heard the whispering again and I spun around quickly to see who in the hell was talking. Boy, was I surprised. The dog was facing away from my and it seemed to be TALKING to itself or at least an invisible entity. The dog must've realized right then that he was being watched because he slowly turned around to face me. I just stood there like a gapping fish. He sighed, as best as a dog could sigh, and said in a low, growly voice, "Well, looks like I have to take you now that you know." He turned his whole body towards me and jumped, right over me. Before I could turn around, I felt something trip me and I fell right on his back. When the husky straightened, I noticed that I was now riding a dog. Strangely, he seemed to have grown to the size of a large wolf. I was about to find a way off when he suddenly burst into a full on run that was actually pretty fast for an animal. In fact, he might be able to rival a cheetah. "Where are we going?!" I screamed over the roaring wind. "Someplace you hopefully will recognize!", was the reply.

So how is this so far? I think I am doing better and better job writing ever since I first started.