Creepypasta Guardian

Chapter 1

Alexia's POV

I had literally no idea what to think of this. I am riding a large dog in the middle night through, what appeared to be, the woods across from my house. The dog(?) slowed down until we were at a cave I never knew existed here. That's saying a lot since I have been in this part of town for most of my life. The dog then walked inside the cave and continued walking through it as if he was looking for something specific. I tried to see what he was looking for but it was too dark. Finally, he let out a small bark and ran up to one of the walls and pressed his nose against a part of it. The torch, that I had not seen due to the darkness, lit up right above us and the wall gave way to reveal a secret passage that was lit up. The dog walked right into the passage and, some how, the wall behind put itself back together. As we went down the passage, I noticed some strange patterns on the wall. "What are those?" I asked the husky. "Those are pictures depicting our kind. The are suppose to warn any travelers, who have found a way in, about what to expect after reaching the end of this tunnel." The dog answered. That only raise more questions. What did he mean by "our kind"? When he meant by "to warn travelers about what to expect", does he mean death? Now that I think about it, there does seem to be a lot of gore and death in these pictures. Before I knew it, we were out of the tunnel and now in another part of the woods. We went into a full on run that caught me by surprise and we traveled fast through the forest. We reached a town that I was certain did not exist but the dog did not slow down. We weaved through various people who would either cuss at us or just shrug it off. Strangely, it seemed like deju vu to me. The people that we pass, their clothing looks familiar but we were moving too fast to see their faces. I gasped. I recognized this town from my dreams that I have been having recently. My dream consist of me running through a town full of people, kind of like right now except I was not riding a monster dog, and something was chasing me. When I look back, I see a group of people wearing dark hoods and capes chasing after me. Some were even carrying weapons like knifes and guns as if they wanted to kill me. How my dream normally ends is with me being killed. Whether I run into an unseen knife or a bullet shoots me in the back, I still wake up drenched in sweat and shivering. I have not told my parents of these dreams so not to worry them. I wonder how my parents are doing? Are they home yet? Have they found me gone and filed a police report? I snapped out of my trance once we reached a large mansion that I did not see before but then again, I was too busy trying to recognize the people and town to notice it. It was a dark red color that I had never seen on a house with a gate surrounding it and two guards at the gate entrance. When they saw us approach, they both stepped aside and opened the large gate doors so we can go inside. While we passed them, one commented how their "leader" wants to meet me. I was scared. What happens if the leader is actually a monster that wants to eat humans from where I came from (I guess that we were in another universe or something because I always keep up to date with maps incase a new area opened up and I can explore. This place was never on those maps.) We reached the front door and it opened by itself. We walked in and went up the stairs until we reached large double doors. Again, there were guards in front of the doors but they opened the doors for us. This was, by far, the most interesting mansion I had every seen. The room we walking into was just like a castle throne room with a red carpet on the ground leading to several steps and a throne with a middle aged man sitting on it. The man had raven black hair and dark brown colored eyes. He had a mustache and a goatee the same color as his hair. He stood up when he saw us approach and gave a bow to me. The dog muttered, "Get off." and I obeyed him. The "leader" walked down the steps until we were on the same floor. "Ahh, it seems you have finally chosen the new guardian," the man said to the large dog but all it did was scoff. The man's voice was soft and almost silky to my ears. It was like he could convince anybody to do anything. Maybe that is why he became leader of this town. "I didn't take that long to find her," it said to its defense. The man chuckled. "You know I'm just messing with you." The dog looked like it was about to argue some more but the man turned to face me, ignoring the giant husky that can take down a full on man. "I take it you have heard the term 'Creepypasta' before," he said. How did he know?! I must've had a shocked look on my face because he began to explain why I was brought her. "You see, we do appear human to most people but we show our true forms when provoked. We…are known as creepypasta. We take on forms to protect us and that is why some of our forms can be related to something else. The stories you read about us are true about our appearances. But most of the stories are fake. The reason they know our forms are by eyewitnesses seeing us and, due to our scary looks, thought we were out to kill something. In truth, we rarely kill. We only kill to protect ourselves from anyone who wants us dead." He then walked up to a box not far from us and pulled out a small glowing red diamond the size of a golf ball from the box. "This here," he explained, "is our life essence. The one thing that gives us our powers and keeps us alive. Unfortunately, it can't survive long without a human heart. That's where you come into play. I can insert this into your heart so we can keep on living. If you were to be murdered, something bad will happen. Not even I know what will happen if the guardian dies by murder. But nether less, we will protect you from anything out to kill you. Nothing will happen if you die naturally either by disease or old age but we have to choose a new guardian within 48 hours of our former guardian's death. Each time a guardian dies, the other creepypastas take turns deciding the new guardian. This time, it was Smile Dog's turn. And he chose you because you are reliable and trusting." I was at a loss for words. I don't know what to think about. The fact that creepypastas are real or the fact that they want me to protect their precious stone. "Let me guess, I don't really have a choice in the matter." I finally said. The man smiled. "Nope," was all he said. I sighed. "Well, OK. Will this whole 'placing a stone in my heart' hurt?" I asked. "It won't hurt much," he replied, "It will feel like a quick punch to the heart and a bit of a sting afterwards." I nodded, absorbing this information. He does seem desperate and besides, I don't have a choice. "OK, I will do it." The man's face lit up like a child who got a new toy. "Great!" He said happily. Even the dog (Smile?) looked happy. The man walked up to me and placed the stone right above where my heart is. "Are you ready?" He asked. I reluctantly nodded. "Here we go then," was the last thing he said before pushing the stone into my heart.

Smile's POV

I watched as our leader pressed the stone into the girl's heart. She gasped either from the pain or shock. I've seen this happen many times with different people but this seemed different. The only sound she made was that gasp and nothing else. She did keep her eyes closed but that was no big deal. Everyone else who have done this often start screaming or yelling profanities at the pain. This girl acted like she had been through worse pain than this. I admired her for that. I have to say, she is pretty attractive and I don't say that often about these guardians. She had slightly pale skin with hair as black as night. There were streaks of red mixing with her dark hair giving it an interesting combination that reminded me of blood. I like blood. She was still wearing her black pajama pants and a sleep shirt too big for her slim frame that said "0 Fucks Given" on the front. Finally, she opened her brown colored eyes and looked at the leader. "What! That's it! I was expecting more pain then that," she said, shocked.

Alexia's POV

I was shocked. I thought there would be more pain then that. "Now, you can see our true forms by your own free will." The man said, ignoring my previous exclamation. I looked at him, confused. "Close your eyes," he said calmly. I obeyed. "Now, I now this is the cheesiest way of seeing us, but say 'creepypasta' softly three times." Again, I obeyed even though I do agree that it is really cheesy. "Okay, now open your eyes." I slowly did that and nearly fell backwards from shock. Fucking Zalgo was standing right where the man was a couple seconds ago. His red, cat eye slits widened in amusement and opened the mouth where a mouth normally is. (He has 7 mouths altogether. 6 used for actually speaking and one that can destroy the world with its song.) "What do you think?" He asked. I looked around but the only people in the room was me, Zalgo, and Smile Dog. Wait! Smile Dog?! I stared at where the dog was. There was now a demon dog with a chilling smile a glowing white eyes. The dog (?!) laughed at my expression. Slowly, I turned to look at Zalgo. "How can I, err, see your human forms again?" I asked. Zalgo shrugged, his red and black cape moving up and down with his broad shoulders. "Just do the same thing." I did and sure enough, the man and dog were back. I really need to get home so I can rest. OH MY GOD! I NEED TO GET HOME! My eyes widened as I blurted out, "I need to get home! My parents must be worried sick!" The man, I'll just call him Zalgo, smiled. "Don't worry. Our time does not match with yours so you've only been gone for 5 minutes." I stared at him. Only 5 minutes! I took a deep breath to calm myself. "But, won't it take a while to get back?" I asked. He shook his head. "No, it won't. Now that you have the stone, I can easily teleport you back to your house. Well, goodnight Miss Alexia Grace. I will send you back here tomorrow so I can introduce you to everyone." Before I could ask about how he knew my name, I was back in my house with Smile, in his dog form, right next to me. "Zalgo wanted me to stay with you so you are protected at all times. Since tomorrow is Sunday, he is going to teleport you back to his place at around one o'clock so you better come up with a good excuse to get pass your parents." I nodded, absorbing this information. "I almost never do anything on Sundays so I am free and I can tell my parents that found you and took you in," I explained. "Then tomorrow, I can tell my parents that I am taking you for a walk and I can go into the woods and he can teleport me from there." As if on cue, I heard my mom calling me from downstairs and the front door slamming shut. "C'mon, lets introduce you to the rest of the family." I said walking out my bedroom door with Smile right behind me.