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Love Over Time



Bulma approached Vegeta hesitantly. After being married to the man for five years she still did not know the man she slept beside every night. She loved him. She was sure of it, there was no denying the burning she felt inside her heart whenever she saw him but the way he treated her…made her doubt that he even loved her. What possessed him to marry me then? Bulma wondered sadly. Was it because of Mirai Trunks? Was that why he married me? To fulfil a destiny? I hope not, Bulma thought shaking her head bringing her back to reality and the cold brown eyes of her husband.

"Vegeta, its time for tea," Bulma told him smiling hopefully and Vegeta narrowed his eyes at her. His wife. He had not asked for any dinner.

"Eat it yourself Onna! I am not hungry," Vegeta snapped at her impatiently turning from her to turn his gaze up to the sky. He couldn't remember why he had married Bulma anymore. He knew for certain it wasn't love, there was not love in his heart, it had been destroyed by cell. Did I feel compelled to because of destiny? He wondered, or was I just so lonely and desperate for company? He really couldn't answer the question.

"Are you sure you're not hungry?" Bulma asked again timidly not taking the hint that she wasn't needed outside and Vegeta turned on her his eyes blazing with fury.

"Did I stutter? Baka onna!" Vegeta cursed and Bulma bit her lower lip.

"Fine," she said shrugging her shoulders pretending that she didn't care and she walked back into the home that they shared and shut the door behind her. As she shut the door she finally broke and tears streamed down her face. She lent against the door and sunk to the floor pulling her knees to her chest. Her whole body was shaking with the force of the pain she felt inside her. Her turquoise hair fell over her teary face and stuck to her cheeks but Bulma ignored it.

"I try so hard to please you, what am I doing wrong?" Bulma sobbed to herself as her shoulders heaved up and down as she tried to control her loud sobbing. Wracked with grief she felt her heart hurting so badly she couldn't stop shaking.

"By the God's, please help him to love me," Bulma begged to no one in particular burying her eyes into her knees.

On the other side of the door Vegeta heard his wife crying behind him but he didn't move to comfort her. Instead he began walking away. He couldn't stand to see onna's cry, it annoyed him. Vegeta found himself wandering up a tall cliff and then staring down onto the jagged rocks beneath him. The waves began crashing upon the rocks almost daring Vegeta, challenging him to do what he felt he must. The jagged rocks looked so inviting.

"I'm sorry Bulma," Vegeta said as he leaned over the edge of the cliff. And then he was falling, falling down towards the rocks he knew would be his death and he closed his eyes to welcome them.

Vegeta opened his eyes. Around him were clouds and vaguely Vegeta wondered if he was in some sort of heaven. He sat up and looked more intently around him but all he could see was a vast landscape of cloud.

"Where am I?" Vegeta wondered out loud but turned in surprise when he heard the jingle of metal against metal.

"Welcome to the Gates of Time, Prince Vegeta," a mysterious voice greeted Vegeta who was at once in the defensive stance gazing around and a beautiful young woman with long ebony hair that had highlights of dark green through it and red eyes that seemed to bore right into his soul stepped forward into his view. In her hands she held a huge key and around her waist was a chain of keys. She wore a strange outfit; a white sailors top with a miniskirt bottom that was dark green with a maroon bow on her chest. She seemed unperturbed that Vegeta looked as though he was about to attack her; instead she looked rather amused by it.

"Who are you onna?" Vegeta demanded rudely and the woman raised an eyebrow at his atrocious mannerisms.

"I am the Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto," Pluto introduced herself and Vegeta relaxed sensing he had little to fear from a woman.

"Why have you brought me here?" he demanded again and Pluto stepped closer to him to inspect Vegeta.

"I could not let you waste your life, there is much you have to learn," Pluto told him confidentially with a wink and Vegeta turned from her haughtily.

"I don't want to learn anything," Vegeta said snidely and Pluto chuckled.

"Your selfish pride will be your downfall, you have no choice, I am sending you to the future, I am stripping you of your saiyan abilities, once you have learned what you must I will return you to your rightful time," Pluto announced and Vegeta felt all his saiyan abilities flow out of his body and he turned to Pluto his eyes wide with accusation.

"You cannot do this onna," he told her horrified. To he stripped of his power, how could she do such a thing, she was just a weak onna.

"I can and I will, everything is arranged, you will be staying at the Sendai Temple, the priestess is a good friend of mine, pray do not call her onna," Pluto told him with a smile and Vegeta advanced towards Pluto menacingly.

"Or what…or what?" Vegeta challenged Pluto who waved her key and the floor beneath Vegeta disappeared and he was falling down to Earth.

"You will regret it," Pluto called after him her voice sounding like it was further and further away every second.

Vegeta was standing in the middle of a strange temple, a bag of clothes was by his side and as he opened his eyes he was greeted by the sight of two crows and a young girl dressed in a priestess outfit who was holding a broom. Her eyes were wide as she stared open mouthed at Vegeta obviously wondering where he came from. Vegeta eyed his surroundings with distaste before turning his eyes back to the miko. She had long ebony hair with purple streaks and warm violet eyes that were watching him curiously, her sensual mouth pursed in a straight line.

"I am staying here," Vegeta announced to the girl rudely and her eyes narrowed at him disliking his tone of voice.

"Excuse me?" she asked politely and Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"Sailor Pluto told me I am staying here onna," Vegeta told her insultingly and the miko looked furious and Vegeta felt that he could practically see the rage building up inside of her. Her violet eyes became a darker purple colour they narrowed remarkably.

"While you are at my temple you will treat me with respect! I will not have you calling me onna, my name is Rei," the miko told Vegeta glaring at him angrily and Vegeta was at a loss for words. No onna had ever dared speak to him like that.

"Baka Onna!" Vegeta finally snapped unable to think of anything else to say and the miko took a deep breath pushing down her temper and clasping her hands in front of her demurely.

"Very well until you find your manners you will remain right where you stand," Rei assured Vegeta who laughed harshly.

"How are you going to make me little girl?" he asked Rei scathingly and Rei took out a white ani-evil charm.

"Like this," she said closing her eyes and whispering something Vegeta couldn't hear and then quite unexpectedly she threw the paper at Vegeta and it attached itself to his forehead when Rei cried out, "Stop you in your tracks."

Vegeta merely smiled and tried to lift up his leg but he found it was stuck. He tried the other leg but it would not move. Worriedly he tried lifting his arms and moving his body and head but to no avail. He couldn't move at all. But his mouth could.

"I can't move," he said to Rei in disbelief and Rei looked at him smugly.

"And you will stay there until you respect me and every other woman," she condemned him heartlessly and Vegeta wanted to toss his head but he couldn't so her merely stared her in the eye.

"I will respect a woman when they have done something worth respecting," Vegeta hissed at Rei who gave him a sarcastic smile.

"Your obnoxious, I can't believe Pluto sent you here," Rei said shaking her head in wonder.

"Neither can I," Vegeta agreed, his voice dripping with irritation.

"Well when you are ready to apologise just let me know," Rei said turning and walking in the direction of three other girls. One had blue hair and bright blue eyes, the tallest one had brown hair and emerald green eyes while the last had long blonde hair and clear blue eyes.

"I'll apologise when hell freezes over," Vegeta called out to Rei who turned around to face him with a smile.

"That's fine with me, hope you don't get too cold at night," Rei said to him unrepentant and then she continued walking.

"Onna, you get back here and release me…onna!" Vegeta yelled at her trying to move but he was stuck where he was.

"Rei-chan the man is calling to you," the blue haired girl pointed out to Rei who turned to Vegeta then back to her friend.

"No he isn't Ami," Rei assured the blue haired girl who shrugged her shoulders.

"Who is he?" the brunette asked and Rei rolled her eyes expressively.

"A friend of Setsuna's she sent him to stay with me though I don't know why Makoto," Rei said to the brunette who also shrugged her shoulders.

"He's kinda of cute, you know in the mysterious older guy sort of way," the blonde commented rolling her shoulder and winking suggestively and Rei favoured her with a wry smile.

"Shut up Minako," Rei told her dragging Minako into the bedroom and was followed by Ami and Makoto.

Vegeta was fuming. How dare that girl put this…this…spell on him. He was Vegeta. Prince of the Saiyans. When he figured out how to get free from this spell he and that miko were going to have a serious talk. Then he saw a young girl walking up the stairs, her golden blonde pigtails waving behind her in the wind while her blue eyes were shocked at the sight of him.