Finally after lots of learning about the trolls you get to school. It's 6:35 and the bus driver says you have to wait 15 minutes until you walk inside. You: hey John and Dave come here. They walk over to you. Tami: this is Nepeta an Terezi. John: oh hi I talked to both of you on pesterchum! I'm John. Dave: yea I've at least talked to you terezi. I'm Dave. Nepeta: hello John and Dave :3. Terezi: oh hey cool kid hehe and John :). You guys chat a few more minutes and you hear the first bell ring. Tami: sweet time to see whose in my classes. You hope to have most of your classes with your friends. You say your temporary goodbyes to your friends as you exit the bus. You check the schedule and see your first class is science. You walk around trying to navigate the hallways using your map. You eventually see a sign on the door saying science room. You walk inside and immediately see John. He was the only one there other then the teacher. You say hi to the teacher and sit next to John who is making crappy doodles. You: hi John what's up? John: oh hey (y/n) I was just uh doing nothing. He covers up his doodles that you notice have words too. You: so what class do you have after this? John: I have history next. You frown at him not being in your next class but hey he might be in others. You: oh I have art next. You were horrible at art but Tami's drawings have inspired you to do better. You make pretty decent people but you suck at hands and somewhat anatomy.

Some trolls come in and sit around you and John. A female troll with long black hair and fins sits in front of you. She looked like an underwater princess. A male troll with short nubby horns sits in front of John. Two trolls fight for the seat next to you. One had a scarf and a purple stripe in his hair. The other looked just like the purple stripe but he didn't have the stripe or scarf. He looked like he should belong in an 80s movie. You get a bit overwhelmed by all the trolls around you but you keep your cool and focus on John. John was staring at the troll with nubby horns. The troll stared back as if they were having a staring contest. Nubby horns: hey Egbert stop staring at me like that! John: who the hell are you? Nubby horns: don't act like you don't know me. John: but I don't. He smiles his regular goofy smile. He looked so cute doing it. Nubby horns: I'm Karkat f**king Vantas remember now idiot? Karkat: and stop that idiotic f**king smile. You: hey kitkat or whatever the hell your name is don't you dare talk to John like that. You: if you do your never going to see those nubby candy corms on you head ever again. You couldn't stand hearing that kitkat talk to your love like that. He was being a total butt. Karkat gives you a look and turns back to face the front of the room. The female in front of you turns around. Underwater princess: hi there! Great job shutting Karkat up. Princess: my name is Feferi Peixes nice to meet you glub. You: hi Feferi my name is (y/n). Feferi: whale nice to meet you. You: nice to me-teacher: alright every one in this class you are going to need blah blah blah blah. The teacher keeps blabbing on about what you need for the class. You notice the troll next to you is staring at you. It's the one with the scarf. You look towards him and he looks away. It seems he blushed purple. You look in front of you at Feferi's hair. You: I'm going to try to braid your hair ok? You whispered to Feferi. She nods and giggles a little. Her hair was almost on the ground when she sat. You take a chunk and put it on your desk. You: damn. You start braiding it. You then notice a pile of notes on your desk from the troll next to you. You look at one and it says "what's your name". "(Y/n)" you write back and pass. You look at another." What's your size ;)?" You blush bright red and pass it to Feferi. You shove them all in your desk when you see the teaching coming towards you. Teacher: did you even write any notes for what you have to bring? She looks down at your blank page and frowns. Teacher: looks like a detention already. You look up at her and say: no I can't! I have (f/s) practice! Teacher: too bad you weren't listening. She then reaches in your desk and pulls out a note. Teacher: you've been passing notes? She opens it up and it says" hi (y/n) it's John do you want to copy my notes so the teacher doesn't come over and yell at you?" Your eyes widen and you look at John. He's looking down at his desk. Teacher: mister Egbert! shame on you for sending notes. Teacher: detention for you too! She digs in a desk for another. This time the note she pulls out says " hi I'm Eridan". Teacher: and mister Ampora? You got it too! Teacher: anyone else want to mess up on the first day of school too? The room reaks of silence. The class seems like forever trailing on and on. Finally the bell rings and you stand up. Your very upset for getting a detention. But you won't die.