I hated him.

Everything about him.

From his oh so glorious golden locks, to his letterman jacket that he wore nearly every day, right down to his Nike clad feet. Whereas most girls giggled whenever he smirked or made a witty remark, I gagged. Or at least I wanted to.

He was clever, yet he dove into trouble headfirst.

He paraded around in a sleek black Mercedes and always parked it diagonally, taking up two damn lots, so that no harm would come to his "baby".

He had the most touchdowns in all of Alicante High School history, and, because of it, people bowed down at his feet—as if his ego weren't big enough. I absolutely hated having to hear his name being chanted in the stands whenever I was dragged to a game. Jace! Jace! Jace!

Ha. Kill me.

Arrogance radiated off of him. He was hot, really hot—I'll give him that—but, I don't think he's ever assimilated the importance of modesty. Yes, he may have a sun kissed, beyond brilliant complexion that even I was jealous of, but it's not like he needed to remind people of it every five freakin' seconds.

If I knew anything was certain, it was that I hated Jace Wayland.

And that was putting it lightly.


I hated her.

Everything about her.

How she pretended to be such a perfect, innocent goody two-shoes, how, behind that mane of fiery red hair, there was a pair of devil horns—that she apparently only reserved for me. How she had the eyes of a bush baby that just added to that sweet-I'm-adorable façade. Everyone just loved little Clary Fairchild—even her name sounds like it belongs in a children's book—but, oh were they blind.

She may be five-foot, not even eighty pounds, and have freckles, but she could be pretty damn intimidating. Take it from someone who knows.

She always feigns to be unaware of the manifest looks guys give her whenever she walks by. Like, do they need a neon tattoo plastered to their foreheads? And it makes me think, long and hard, about whose neck I really want to wring more; hers or theirs.

And don't even get me started on my friends. You'd think that they would understand where I was coming from, but, if I even insult her pinky toe, I'm referred to as an 'asshole'. Really.


Oh yeah, I hated Clary Fairchild. It was a fact.

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