It's All About Him:


Jace let out a gruff sigh and extended his left arm behind me to turn on the lights––and just in time, too. The most eccentric, sparkly, jaw-dropping, beautiful, quirky man (I think) stepped out into the open, his entire physique capturing every spare ounce of my attention. Holy...Um. Standing next to Alec, a laid back plain Jane, this Magnus character was a fiesta wrapped up into a well over six-foot, lithe, stunning Barbie doll. Was he glowing? Did he have glitter in his hair?

His lips, perfectly moisturized and glamorous like the rest of him, were stretched back into a smile, enlivening all of his other piercing features; dark, slightly slanted eyes, gold eyeliner, high cheekbones, a settle, sandy complexion, spiked, gelled, multi-colored hair, and, but of course, the very distinct addition of glitter. Everywhere. Magnus had me thinking that he lived in the Captial from the Hunger Games or something, bold in not only his physical appearance, but in his fashion as well. The very skinny, purple jeans told me that much.

Okay, I don't even care if I haven't officially met the guy yet, but I've already decided that I love him. Gah!

"Hello Alexander's brother and Alexander's brother's beautiful girlfriend," Magnus chimed, unflinchingly wrapping his arm around Alec's shoulders and using his free hand to wave formally. Beautiful. Yeah. I like him. I like him a lot.

"Er..." Jace breathed, seemingly confused as to whether or not this was actually happening. "Hi."

"Hi," I echoed timidly, taking a step closer to to the adorable, beyond frazzled boy beside me.

"Alec...Are you going to introduce us to Magnus?"

Alec's cheeks were a deep, dark pink, standing out impossibly next to the living, breathing rainbow. "This is my..." he trailed off, seemingly unsure, before he suddenly stood up a little taller, cleared his throat, and bravely motioned to the stranger. "Jace and Clary, I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Magnus Bane."


It was hard to keep my very evident surprise from showing. I had had no idea that Alec was gay––not that that changed anything, not that that made me think any differently of him––but, in the past, he'd always been so shy and had shown no signs of being interested in other boys. Then again, he'd never really shown any signs of being interested in girls either. We weren't as close as we used to be and it was rare when I did see him at school, but, as I've said before, he dressed less than fabulous, was extremely soft-spoken, and seemed as if he'd rather jump off a building than talk in front of a group of people.

My initial thought on Alec's sexuality: surprise. My afterthoughts: impressed, proud, happy, congratulating. Go Alec.

Jace smiled and stuck out his hand for his newfound brother's boyfriend. "It's nice to meet you."

As Alec broke out into a relieved grin, I looked up at Jace in awe, my heart suddenly swelling. He was truly amazing. You'd think that after all this time of not knowing that the very boy that lived across the hall from him was gay, he'd at least show some signs of being upset, or shocked, or even angry, but Jace knew Alec better than anyone. He knew that if Magnus made him happy––which he clearly did––then he'd have to do everything in his power to keep it that way. Regardless of what Jace was thinking on the inside, he was man enough to act as if Alec had just told him about the weather, kept his demeanor calm and collected, and was willing to welcome Magnus rather than disapprove of him.

"Likewise," Magnus beamed back, taking Jace's hand and giving him two solid shakes. "Alec has told me so much about you... Now that I see you in person, though, it's almost hard to believe that your hair color is natural."

I stifled a giggle at Jace's flushed expression. He self-consciously touched the back of his neck and let his hand fall back down to his side, his eyes reaching out to the floor. "I'm, uh, just a natural beauty," he said, managing to sound like his usual self.

"And you," Magnus exclaimed, his eyes flashing down at me, "you're just a little cutie." Magnus surprised the lot of us when he abruptly stepped forward and cupped my cheeks in his hands, tilting my head to the left and right, up and down, again and again, curious and unafraid. "I could do so much with your hair and your eyes are just wow! I'm thinking of getting contacts just like them. You wouldn't mind, right? I can take you with me to my eye doctor as my model––that man wouldn't believe me if I told him about you––he's absolutely crazy––but so am I! It runs in the family, actually. My father's in a mental institute and my mother...She just kinda stares at a wall all day, you know?"

I giggled loudly as he examined my face, embarrassed, but at the same time amused, and in a weird way a little flattered. "Who does your eyebrows?" he asked.

"Uhm," I laughed, unsure. "Alec's sister usually."

"Your nose is like a little button!"


"You know who you look like?" He didn't wait for me to reply. "Okay, so I went to Europe last summer and I went to this sandwich restaurant and there was this girl––my waitress––and she was really tall––not that you're tall or anything––and she had these big, blue eyes, small nose, and brown hair. So, if she shrunk, had red hair, freckles, and green eyes you guys would be twins! Isn't that funny?"

"Very," I laughed, my face still captured, and looked back at Jace awkwardly to meet his amused gaze.

"Oh, what is wrong with me today?" Magnus abruptly chastised himself, detaching his hold on me and retreating back to Alec's side, causing me to wobble into Jace. Expecting him to apologize for, you know, taking me captive, I laughed hysterically when he instead said, "I don't even have my scarf on. I must look dreadful without the contrast of color. So much for a good first impression."

"You look fine," I assured him in between giggles. You aren't lacking any color.

"Oh, but not compared to this guy," Magnus said unabashedly, looking at his blushing boyfriend lovingly. Daw. "Isn't he handsome?"

"Alec is just adorable," Jace emphasized, enjoying his brother's discomfort as he snaked a hand around my waist, pulling me into him. "How'd you two meet?"

"You're gonna love th––"

Alec quickly cut Magnus off with a desperate squeak, in a hurry when he said, "Another story for another day."

"I'll hold you to that," Jace said, his smile evident in his tone.

Two hours, five bowls of mack n' cheese, a never-to-be-spoken-of-again game of Truth or Dare, and a movie later, Jace and I were still accompanied by Alec and Magnus––they were literally sitting on the couch opposite of us. I absolutely adored Magnus, and Alec, who could hate Alec? was Valentine's Day and Jace and I hadn't exactly, erm, you know, gotten a chance to exchange gifts or talk in private or make out (mostly make out). Jace was literally exuding frustration; his eyes flashed down at me and then to the other now not-so-wanted company every couple of seconds, he couldn't keep his knee still, and, occasionally, he'd lean forward and open his mouth as if to say something––for my sake something to get us alone––but then would fall back against a pillow with a sigh, slowly inching me closer to him.

It was nearly nine o'clock and I had to be home at ten-thirty. Come on Jace. MAN UP!

This time, when Jace's gaze flickered down at me, I met it and widened my eyes as if to say 'Do something. Now.' He nodded and straightened up, undoubtedly formulating an excuse inside that golden head of his to get us out of here. "Clary and I have really enjoyed meeting you, Magnus, but we're jus––"

Magnus stood up abruptly and clasped his hands together, seemingly flustered. "Alec if we don't leave right now we'll miss the beginning of Captain America––I'm so sorry Jace––" he motioned to Jace and then to me "––and you, Clary. I hate to be rude, but I love me some Chris Evans and, well, we've had this date planned for about a month now."

"No no, don't be sorry," Jace responded, a little too understanding, his smile broadening. "You two wild cats go, have fun, and make sure to lock the door on the way o––"

I elbowed him in the gut.

Alec went to join his boyfriend and casted us a wave, his expression remaining calm and collected. "Sorry for interrupting your guys' Valentine's Day, but we had a lot of fun. I'll see you at school on Monday, Clary."

"Bye Alec," I smiled, "Bye Magnus. Have a good time!"

"Don't break anything while we're gone," Magnus called over his shoulder, interlocking his fingers with Alec's and tugging him towards the door. "Come on," he said exasperated, not any less quiet or eager, "we are going to be late!"

Jace and I clutched each others' hand tighter and tighter, waiting for the odd duo to disappear. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. "Bye!" Alec and Magnus said in unison, swinging open the front door and rushing out into the cold, bitter air. Before the door could close however, I heard Magnus say "Holy––what's with all the cops?"

The final click resounded throughout the vast room as Jace and I, through gritted teeth and clenched jaws, echoed a 'bye'. It was silent in the ten seconds that followed, the realization that we were finally alone taking its well deserved time to dawn on the two of us. What now? Should we draw the blinds, find some romantic songs on Pandora, dim the lights a little? "Happy Valentine's Day," Jace whispered in my ear, a pleasant shiver running up my spine as he placed a kiss in his breath's wake, and then another slightly lower, along my cheekbone, then another even lower––I could already see where this was going and I couldn't be any happier, couldn't think of anything I'd rather do, but, of course, I knew that if I didn't stop him now, we wouldn't be able to do the one thing I had been dying to do for weeks.

I quickly grabbed my gift for Jace, resting on the coffee table with some of the Truth or Dare evidence, held it in front of me as if it were a shield, and pulled away, much to Jace's protest. "Wai-wait. Wait!" I managed, out of breath. "I need to give you this first. Before I get too carried away."

Jace chuckled in disbelief, momentarily letting his forehead rest on my shoulder before he leaned back once again in defeat. I could tell that he was disappointed, it's not like he was trying hard to cover anything up, but the small smile that tugged at his lips was indication enough that he'd be happy doing anything as long as I was still there with him. And that, of course, gave me a smile of my own, as well as some much needed encouragement.

I lowered the package to my lap and looked down at it briefly, fiddling with the ribbon. "As you know, I wasn't really able to go out and buy you something––and I wanted to get you something that would do you justice––"

"Hey," Jace said, his hand tightening on my hip, his temple against my forehead. "You didn't have to get me anything Clary, and I'm going to tell you right now that I'll love whatever's in that beautifully wrapped box––" I laughed "–– because it's from my girl."

"Okay," I breathed after a pause, sliding the 'beautifully wrapped box' into his possession. "I found a picture of us on my phone and a frame and..."

He removed his arm from around my waist and began to dispatch the questionable wrapping, removing the lid of the box once he got to it. I had an unnecessary amount of leftover confetti from last Easter scattered over the present––to hopefully build suspense––and Jace laughed as he grabbed a handful and, being his ornery self, threw it all over my lap. While I was busy brushing myself off, in the midst of gasping, Jace retrieved what had been the object of my affection for the last month.

"This is...amazing," he sucked in a breath, his eyes slowly skimming over the picture––no, not picture. Painting. In his hands he held a painting of our first movie night together; I held a piece of pizza up to my lips, the dimples and reddened cheeks giving away the smile hidden beneath it , and my eyes were wide. Jace had his arm around my shoulder and the cutest 'monster'-wanna-be expression. His golden eyes were like molten lava, impossibly bright, filled with mischief, and emphasizing his rare contentment––the exact reason why I chose the picture to replicate. He might've been trying to be a goofball and he just might've succeeded, but it was when he was happy that he was truly beautiful, that he was truly worth capturing.

When I had been flipping through my photos––all 1,740 of them––there had been so many of just Jace and me. Of me and Jace. Of him. Though most of them were taken before we became official, before either or us had admitted our feelings for one another, it was so painstakingly obvious, just by how I was looking at him in the majority of them, that I had had it bad. Not only that, but it was rare when I found a picture that Jace wasn't either looking or hugging or smiling at me. To any stranger that would come across them, he or she would think that we were deeply in love. It was funny how I had been harboring such strong innervations about the boy I would see every single day without even realizing it. Hilarious. Just hilarious.

"I thought that just blowing up that picture and framing it would be too mainstream...So, I painted it," I offered hesitantly as the silence persisted.

"It's beautiful, Clary," Jace smiled, holding it up as if to admire it further. "This is going right on my nightstand."

I laughed and relaxed against him for comfort, seeking out his hand. "Sorry I couldn't get you mo––"

"It's beautiful," he repeated, turning to face me. "I love it."

"Oh, I almost forgot," I smiled, digging my hand in the box until I felt plastic. "If you love the picture, you're going to absolutely freak when you see this." I held out the object for my boyfriend and he took it, immediately letting out a loud laugh. It was a Pet Palace gift card. "I thought that Chairman Meow might appreciate some love."

"Or maybe...You just wanted an excuse to see me." He winked, skimming his lips with mine and slowly pulled away, his signature smirk in play. "Don't be mad, but...I didn't get you anything."

Disappointment settled in my gut and it was hard to keep the hurt from showing in my expression. I offered him an apathetic smile. "Oh...That's oka––"

Jace laughed. Hard. "I'm kidding, Clary. Who do you think I am?"

I blushed and slapped his chest as he went on to say something about my priceless reaction. He gave my hand a squeeze and stood up. My eyes followed him to the kitchen––wondering if he got me something like brownies––and watched as he opened up the pantry. I heard boxes rubbing against each other, glass jars clinking, something fall to the floor and then being abruptly picked up, and then some distinct rustling before Jace reappeared with a large decorative basket in his hands. "How on Earth did you manage to hide that in there?" I asked in disbelief, truly curious as to how I didn't see it when I'd retrieved the mac n' cheese.

"Magic," Jace winked as he reproached me, setting the woven, pink and red and white basket on the coffee table, filled with goodies peaking out, sealed with a plastic canvas decorated in numerous hearts, and held together by a massive, pretty bow. "Isabelle might've helped me wrap it, but..."

"Jace," I gasped. "You're insane."

He chuckled as he sat down beside me, watching intently as I scooted to the edge of the couch and began working on the bow. "You could've just gotten me the bow and I would've been happy," I said, fascinated by its intricacy and fine details.

"I expect you to wear it every day," Jace deadpanned. "Every day, Clary."

"That's a tall order to fill," I scoffed, setting it down in my lap and peeling back the plastic layer. Candy. Lots and lots and lots of candy. It was like the movie day amplified by a billion; a huge bag of salt water taffy, Kit Katz, Milk Duds, Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Reese's, Oreos, Snickers––any imaginable candy out there––and a fuzzy, cream-colored teddybear holding a Be Mine heart at the center of the delicious display. I ventured further into the extravagant, seemingly endless black hole and pulled out a bag of roasted coffee beans from Starbucks, a fancy lotion that smelled like apples, and...finally, a round, velvet case.

"The lady that helped me at the store didn't believe me when I told her how small your wrist was," Jace said as I opened it with nothing short of awe.

My breathing hitched at the gleaming, sterling silver, charm bracelet with a toggle clasp. It had managed to capture every spare ounce of my attention as I picked it up delicately, fearing I would ruin it somehow, to get a better look at the heart piercing hanging off of it. There was an in crested, loopy C and three little diamonds off-centered to the right of it. "It's so pretty," I exclaimed. "You shouldn't have––Jace. Oh my gosh––thank you so much––" He could've gotten me a candy-bracelet or just a card, really, and it still would've meant the world to me. But I had tears in my eyes of guilt and bliss and everything happy and sad because I knew that what I held in my hands wasn't anything close to being cheap, wasn't anything close to lacking in any emotion or love.

Jace was a teenage boy, albeit with more money than most, but...Come on, most dudes with cash wouldn't dare spend it on jewelry, especially when it was for someone else. It was hard to explain; I just cared for and appreciated.

"Oops," Jace sharply exhaled, taking the bracelet from my grasp. "This is for my other girlfriend Courtney, sorry––"

I snorted and slapped his chest, not caring to wipe the grin off of my face as I greedily took it back. "Apologize to Courtney because there's no way she's getting this."

He sent me a loving smile and chuckled softly, reaching out to grab the heart and flipping it over. On the back, as if the bracelet couldn't get any better, as if my heart wasn't already threatening to burst, there was something else: My Girl. "Jace..." I looked up at him, hoping that he could see how thankful and appreciative and happy I was. I flung my arms around his neck and pulled him as close to me as I could. "Thank you. I love it."

He gently detached one of my hands––the one with the killer grip on the bracelet–– and held it in both of his, taking the bracelet and unclasping it. I watched as he secured it around my wrist. A perfect fit.

"Thank you," I said again.

"You're so welcome, Clary...I'm glad you like it––"

"I love it."

With one of my hands still around his neck and the other resting against his chest, feeling the steady beat of his heart, I tugged his face closer to mine. Closer. Closer. Closer. Until, finally, our lips were locked––not at all gentle or slow moving––acting on instinct. Jace slipped both of his arms around my waist and leaned into me, gently pushing me backwards until I was resting comfortably on my back, a decorative pillow supporting my head. "Now we're alone," Jace smiled into the kiss.

"You know, every time you say that we get inter––"

Suddenly the doorbell was ringing. Are you kidding me? Really? Jace groaned loudly and buried his head in my hair, laying all of his weight on top of me, not giving a single damn. "Unbelievable," he bit out.

"Maybe it's just someone selling girl scout cookies," I offered, rubbing his back.

"At nine-something at night?" Jace scoffed, supporting himself on his elbows. "Don't you dare move," he told me as he rolled off of me and onto his feet. The doorbell rang again and I laughed when Jace shouted, "My God! I'm coming."

When the door swung open, I looked back over my shoulder to see who it was. Miles Prender. Ugh. "Sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting something," he said in a hurry, not waiting for Jace to invite him in and pushing past him. "Is it all right if I use the bathroom?"

"And me?" another voice said, followed by a tall, gruff looking man, with two shadows. Holy...

"Sorry," the shadows unitized.

Remind me to tell Jace to never jinx our alone time together ever again. Ever.

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