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LET'S GOOOOO! Shall we?

The venture back to Olympus was rather quiet. Sora's mind kept wandering to the lady. She worried that her free will was being held hostage just like Cloud and Auron before her. If that was the case, Sora knew there was no way he'd be able to leave this world without freeing her first.

"Sora, you're awfully quiet," Goofy noted, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just can't help but feel like we crossed paths with that woman for a reason."

"What do you mean?" Donald cocked his head.

"It's like…Somewhere out there, someone we know is missing her. And their calling out for us to save her…It's the weirdest feeling."

"Well, maybe once we get back to Olympus we can think of a plan to save her," Goofy suggested, still walking forward.


Once again, the trio was silent, though it was comfortable. Light was tugging at Sora's heart to keep pushing forward. He then thought of Kairi, and how she was doing with her training. In all honesty, Sora wished he had been to one who got to train her, just so he could spend time with her. All he needed was for her to be in the room, and he felt better. Sora then began to think of the drawings in the secret place- the ones of the paopu, and how he still planned on sharing one with her someday. His thoughts were yet again interrupted, although this time, it was with a swift smack in the face.

"Ow!" Sora backed up and clenched his face, looking to see that he walked straight into one of the pillars at Olympus' entrance; apparently he hadn't been paying attention to where he was walking.

"Sora! Are you okay?" Goofy exclaimed.

"Why didn't you listen to us? We warned you of where you were heading almost ten times!" Donald scoffed.

"Uhh, I guess I was just thinking…I didn't even hear you…" Sora grinned sheepishly, letting go of his tingling nose.

"Sora…your face is all red," Goofy grinned.

"Cause I ran into the pillar!" Sora lied as he looked to his shoes and shielded his face with his hands.

"Yeah…sure," Donald grinned mischievously.

"You just saw me!"

"Oh I know…but I think we all know that's not why your face is red."

"A'hyuck, Donald's right, Sora."

"So, what were you thinking about-"

"Let's just go inside, okay?!" Sora exclaimed, comically throwing his hands in the air, essentially admitting defeat.

From behind him, Sora could hear Donald and Goofy laughing as he opened the doors to the Coliseum. Luckily, Herc, Meg and Phil were all standing idle in the Lobby, so they didn't have to go looking for them.

"Hey, champs!" Phil greeted.

"So how'd it go?" Herc asked, winded assumingly from a recent match.

"Well…" Sora crossed his arms as he began to explain what had happened in the Underworld; everyone listened intently on the trio's story.

"So it's as we predicated, Hades has another poor soul," Phil sighed, "That freak just doesn't know when to give up."

"And he didn't say why he left you guys abruptly?" Herc inquired.

"Nope. All he said was that he had business in the Underdrome, so he left and I'm assuming he took that lady with him," Sora explained.

"Great, that's all we need…More tournaments in the Underdrome."

"Well, didn't Zeus lock it up before?" Goofy asked.

"Yeah. A long time ago," Herc said.

"So, then why doesn't he just re-lock it?"

"It's Hades Underworld, and now that it's unlocked, it's under his full control."

"What did this girl look like?" Meg asked, abruptly changing the topic, "I saw a lady walk to the entrance of the Coliseum a little while ago."

"She had black hair, with some lighter streaks," Donald started.

"And her eyes were dark brown," Sora added with a thoughtful look, "Her outfit was mostly blue and black."

"That's the lady that I saw! Just a couple of minutes before you guys got back from seeing Hades!" Meg exclaimed, "She looked a little lost, but when I asked her if she needed help, she ran away into the Underworld."

"Huh…" Sora crossed his arms, thinking.

Suddenly, the ground shook beneath their feet, knocking them off balance.

"Whoa!" Sora fell to his knees.

"What's going on?!" Donald exclaimed while holding his hat to his head.

"Let's go check!" Herc exclaimed as he headed through to the Coliseum, Sora, Donald and Goofy right behind him.

"Hey! It looks like it might have come from the Town!" Phil yelled after them.

"Got it, Phil! Thanks!" Herc exclaimed as he lead them all to the Town near Thebes.

"Where are we going?" Sora huffed as he continued to sprint; occasionally, the ground continued to shift beneath them.

"To the Town near Thebes! Hades sometimes sends monsters there to stir up the citizens!" Herc explained, still running.

"Of course he does," Donald shook his head.

"Gawersh, I sure hope nobody gets hurt!" Goofy thought, nearly tripping as he gained speedy.

"Me too!" Sora agreed.

"Okay, it's just down these steps!" Herc instructed, not losing any speed.

As the group quickly made their way down the stairs, none of them were prepared for what was waiting at the bottom. From in a short distance of the city, were large mountains. No one would be able to miss that there was now a large Rock Titan with piercing red eyes working it's way to the Town.

"Holy…" Sora heard a young boy gasped from behind him.

"Everyone, stay calm!" Herc instructed, "Go to the Coliseum for protection! Go, now!"

There were screaming, panicking and running people crashing around and through the heroes, slowing them down.

"Uhh…This isn't good!" Sora stated, "We gotta stop it from coming any closer!"

"But how?!" Donald yelled.

"Here, try this!" Herc handed a small wooden train to Sora.

"Oh good," Sora smiled, "A little toy train…Yeah, yeah…And how is this supposed to help us?!" His sarcastic expression suddenly changing.

"Focus on it- with your heart, and it'll help you!" Herc explained, "I'll lead everyone to safety, you take care of the Rock Titan."

"Of course, always leaving the easy stuff to us," Donald scoffed sarcastically.

"Hurry, let's get over there!" Goofy yelled, leading the way.

"But we gotta figure out how this stupid train's gonna help us!" Sora said as he ran after Donald and Goofy.

In a moments time, the trio found themselves on the edge of one of the mountains. They were glad that the Rock Titan was still a fair distance away from the Town, but they couldn't reach it as it approached.

"Well this is useless!" Sora groaned.

"Maybe we'd better find a way down the mountain," Donald suggested, looking around.

"Even if we did, we'd be too low to the ground to cause any damage, and by the time we got down there, it would be cutting half way through the Town!" Sora panicked, "C'mon…think, Sora…" He looked around, then down at his hand, where the little train sat.

Using Hercules' advice, Sora focused on the train as he would a summon gem. He closed his eyes and focused with all his heart, calling for any help.

An odd sensation suddenly whipped through his body, as the wind picked up. His hair was blowing in every direction, and he felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, Sora noticed that the train was now acting in full force, completely life size. It had lights, and a track that followed and disappeared where the carts went. Looking behind him, he saw Donald and Goofy just as stunned as he was.

"Sora, what did you do?!" Donald gasped.

"I…I don't know!"

"Hey! We're getting closer to that monster!" Goofy pointed; Donald and Sora turned their heads forwards to see the train approaching the Rock Titan.

"You guys ready?" Sora asked, re-summoning his Keyblade.

"Always," They both answered, summoning their weapons.

As they approached the large rock behemoth, the trio noticed that it circled the enemy. This would make it much easier to attack. Just as is was about to punch the front of the train, Sora deflected with the Keyblade and slashed at it a couple times with the train went behind. Coming back to the front of the Titan, Sora once again blocked a vicious punch. To avoid the Titan's arm that was in the path of the train, Sora jumped out of his cart and over, luckily landing himself back safely in the train. After blocking a few more punches, and slashing many more times, the train began to go up on a ninety degree angle; the height increasing. Sora quickly looked to Donald and Goofy, who nodded in understanding. The train flipped back around and headed straight for the beast. They all jumped out of their carts as Sora used his Keyblade to whip it down at the Rock Titan full force, ending the battle.

As the three friends began to plummet down to the mountains below, Donald used a Magnet spell, followed by a Reflect spell to keep them together, and allow them to stay together.

"Phew…"Sora huffed, "That…was…"

"Intense," Donald finished.

"Yeah…" Goofy agreed, turning around, "Hades!"

Sora and Donald whipped their heads around and pointed their weapons at the Dead Lord.

"Hey, whoa, wait right there. See, you're the one who went are destroyed my minion. Why should I take the beating?"

"Because you brought it here in the first place! Someone could have gotten hurt!" Sora yelled in annoyance- sometimes he felt like he was talking to a child.

"Calm down, key boy. Accidents happen."

"I should have known you were the one behind this," Hades turned to see a face he'd thought was long gone, "I ran to see what the fuss was all about, and what do I find? You. You and another one of your stupid monsters. I thought you would have given that up by now."

"Y-you again?! But how?! I just-"

"Yeah…See you can't get rid of me that easily. It's part of my charm. By the way," The man turned his attention to Sora, Donald and Goofy, "You guys did an amazing job, taking down that monster. Definitely heroes," He walked right passed Hades, ignoring the comical anger that emerged from him.

"Umm, thanks," Sora smiled sheepishly, "And, you are?"

"Oh, sorry," The man lifted his helmet off of his face, "The name's-"

"That's it! You guys have really ticked me off! More than usual. You three just keep coming back no matter how many times I try and destroy you!" Hades exclaimed.

"Well, maybe we keep coming back because you have such a tough time destroying us," Sora suggested, smirking.

"Okay, you wanna play?! Let the games begin!" Hades chanted before turning a bright red and engulfing himself him flames.

"Hey, why don't I back you up?" The man asked.

"Sure, the more help, the better!" Donald yelled.

Hades struck the group with flames, using as much force as possible. Although he was considerably easy, seeing as they weren't in the Underworld, Sora, Donald and Goody were all very tired from the last battle.

"I gotta remember to stop taunting the enemy!" Sora sheepishly remarked.

"No kidding!" Donald scoffed.

"Incoming!" The man yelled, shielding Donald from a fire attack.


As tired as the trio was, they weren't about to let someone like Hades, a guy they'd defeated twice before, get the best of them. Without missing a beat, the group slashed at the Lord, throwing force and magic at him with everything they had. When Sora went in to slash at Hades' side, he noticed a small item fall from the Lord's pocket. Without letting him see, Sora swiftly picked up the object, knowing exactly what it was. It wasn't long before Hades became winded.

"Okay, okay, fine. For now, you win. But I've got plans so big, I won't be gone for long!" Hades chanted.

Sora stood, staring at the object that Hades' dropped during the battle. He clenched it in his hand, and held it to his heart, focusing like he did with the train, before a dark cloud appeared.

"What?!" Hades gasped as the lady appeared beside him.

"Looks like you might need a new scheme," Sora smirked, holding the statue.

"But-How did you-"

Before Hades could continue, Sora threw the statue at the lady, the item exploding into light around her as she became self aware again.

"You- you are INFURIAING!" Hades exclaimed, "One day, I will defeat you! You will PAY!" Hades abruptly disappeared to the Underworld.

"Sora, how did you get that?" Goofy asked.

"He dropped it when I hit him."

Donald and Goofy noticed something very off when they looked at Sora.

"Are you okay, Sora?" Donald asked with a frown.

"Did you get hurt?" The man asked.

"Huh? Oh, no. I'm fine," Sora assured, turning to the lady.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"I'm fine…" She whispered, "I can't-"

"Don't worry, I was there once. Hades had a hold of me a long time ago," The man explained.

"Really?" Sora asked.


"Wow, so how did you get free, umm…What's your name?" Goofy inquired.

"Oh, right. I'm sorry," The man smiled sheepishly, "The name's Zack. Zack Fair. I was possessed by Hades- he used the dark powers in my heart to control me. But a good friend, he saved me, and guide me back to the light. It's kind of funny, you remind me a lot of him."

"Me?" Sora asked.

"Yeah. What are your names?"

"Oh, sorry. I'm Sora. This is Donald, and that's Goofy."

"Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Goofy smiled.

"Hey, what's your name?" Sora turned to the lady.

"Sora!" The group turned to see Herc running to them, "I saw what you three did! The train worked, did it?"

"Yeah, thanks Herc!" Sora grinned.

"Hercules?!" Zack gasped.


"I barely recognized you!"

"You guys know each other?" Donald wondered.

"Yeah! Zack used to fight in tournaments when I was in training- before I was a hero," Herc explained, "Where have you been?! We all thought you died or something!"

"What, me? Nah, I've been doing some extensive training, and I'm now a SOLIDER."

"That's awesome! Why don't you come back to the Coliseum and we can catch up."

"Sounds good to me."

"Come with us," Sora turned to the lady who was still silent; she nodded in agreement.

The walk back was filled with stories of when Zack and Herc were training with Ventus. Sora, Donald and Goofy decided to leave that part out- they'd fill Zack in on that another time. Time went by fast, and soon they were back at the Coliseum. Most of the citizen's of the Town were cheering and clapping for Sora, Donald and Goofy.

"Well, if it ain't Zack Fair! What's with all the old faces poppin' up?" Phil cheered.

"Phil! How've you been?"

"Ahh, I've been keepin'. How about you? Are you a true hero yet?"

"You tell me."

Upon arrival, Meg pulled the hushed lady over into the Lobby of the Coliseum. They began to converse about her time with Hades.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Meg asked, deeply concerned.

"Yes. I just need to figure out how I'm going to get back to my world. It's been so long…"

"What happened?"

"My world fell into darkness…What, has it been maybe ten or eleven years now," She shook her head at the thought of time passing so quickly, "Anyways, I was separated, and found myself in the darkness. Hades' was my final redemption before returning here, to the light."

"I see," Meg said, "Hey, Sora?"

Sora, Donald and Goofy approached Meg in the other room at the sound of her call.

"Did you call, Meg?"

"Yeah. I hate to ask anything of you, but I have a favour to ask."

"Anything," Sora smiled.

"You just never say no, do you?" Meg laughed, "Could you please take her home?" Meg smiled in return.

"Of course," Donald grinned.

"Where to?"

"Radiant Garden, ever heard of it?"

"Yeah, we have friends there. We'd love to take you."

"Thank you," The lady nodded.

"Where are you taking her?" Zack asked, entering the lobby.

"Back to her home," Donald said.

"Where's that?"

"Radiant Garden," Sora answered, "We have friends we need to see anyways, so we're going to take her with us.

"I have a friend there, too. Would you mind if I came along?" Zack asked eagerly.

Sora turned to Donald for approval, who smiled and winked.

"Alright," Sora said, "Let's get going."

"Are you ready to go, Mickey?" Riku asked as he finished his descent down the stairs.

"Yep! I just want to talk to Aqua quickly, first."

"Okay. I'll say my goodbyes to Kairi while you do so."

The two exited the Lobby of the Tower, greeted by a nice breeze and the three wielders.

"Hey, guys!" Ven beamed, dismissing his Keyblade.

From the looks of it, Aqua had just been teaching the two trainees a fire spell, seeing as there were various burns in the grass.

"Hey," Riku waved.

"Aqua, do you think you could take a break for a moment? I'd like to talk to ya!" Mickey smiled, leading the Master to the Tower entrance.

"Of course," Aqua nodded before turning to Ven and Kairi, "Take a breather, you two. I'll be back in a second."

"Cool," Ven sighed, lying down in the grass with a smile.

"Okay," Kairi grinned, dismissing her blade.

Riku's eyes fell onto Kairi- with Master Yen Sid's words, he found it hard to look at her properly. All he saw was a damaged, broken girl that was strong enough to put on a fake smile. If she could do it, so could he, so he put on a fake smile as best as he could to match hers.

"Hey, Kairi…"

"Hi, Riku, are you guys heading out?" She asked.

"Yeah. But we'll be back here soon."

"Okay…well, just be safe, alright?" Riku smiled at his friends worry.

"Don't you worry about me. Just focus on getting yourself stronger."

"I will," Kairi nodded confidently before walking over to Ventus.

Meanwhile, Mickey was now discussing the plan to get Terra back. Aqua listened intently, trying her best to understand and comprehend.

"Will you guys be back soon?" Aqua wondered.

"Yes. If all goes as planned, Terra will return with us soon."

"And if it doesn't go as planned?"

"We'll just have to hope that doesn't happen."

"But you're certain Terra's alive?"

"No, not certain. And we're also not sure if his heart will ever be the same again if he is alive. We just have to hope," Mickey encouraged.

Aqua nodded in response, her eyes falling.

"Would you like to tell Ven now?"

"No. Not yet," Aqua sighed, her gazed moving from the tiny King over to her young friend, "I didn't protect him last time. I wasn't there when he needed me. I've learned from my mistakes, and I wont let what happened before happen again."

"Alright," Mickey nodded, "We'll see you soon."

Mickey and Aqua approached the three teens, Riku knowing that they were ready to depart. Mickey briefly explained how the star shard worked, before grasping his hand with Riku's. Aqua silently prayed that this plan would work, and that they would return with her dear friend. Kairi locked her eyes onto Riku's just as Mickey held up the star shard, the two disappearing in a bright, burning light.

Riku felt as though his body was moving, but at the same time standing still. Sort of like when you're falling in a dream. The odd sensation sent shivers down his spine as he and Mickey bolted through the warm light. The feelings ended abruptly before his mind could catch up; the light fading and his body now standing still. When he opened his eyes, his feet were planted firmly on the ground, much to Mickey's surprise. When Riku turned around, Mickey was on his knees, just about to stand.

"Are you alright, Mickey?"

"Yep! I've just never been able to land when using this thing…" the tiny King sighed.

Their surroundings were hauntingly familiar. Riku recognized the dust that swayed at his feet. He remembered the cold, baron rocks that could be seen for miles, and the dead wind, pushing against his face.

"The Keyblade Graveyard…" Mickey whispered, as if afraid to say it out loud.

"So this is where he is?"

"I guess so…this is where his heart was lost the first time…"

"Right," Riku nodded, "I should have asked earlier, but what does Terra look like?"

"Well, he has brown hair, blue eyes, and he's very tall. I'd say about as tall as you. His Keyblade is large, and if I remember correctly, mostly golden in color. He wore a mostly brown and gold outfit, too," Mickey struggled with details, "But it's been so long…"

"Hey, don't worry about it," Riku encouraged, "It's not like there's many people here we could confuse him with."

"I guess not," Mickey chucked lightly.

The wispy wind and silence kept Riku on edge. The place bled of death and decay. Coming up to a large, open area, Riku stopped in his tracks, looking dead a head. Mickey was looking to the side, but quickly noticed that Riku had halted. In silence, he turned to what the teen was staring at, completely shocked.

"T-Terra?!" Mickey exclaimed in utter disbelief; until his own two eyes had seen it, Mickey chose to not get his hopes up about ever seeing the young man again.

"Huh? This isn't what you said he looked like, Mickey. Not at all," Riku said, not taking his eyes of the figure in front of him.

The man standing before the two friends was covered head to toe in armour. He did not move, he did not speak, he just stood there, creating a very loud silence. Riku remained confused, as the King did not answer him. After what felt like an eternity of silence, the figure raised his right hand, and summoned a Keyblade. Riku and Mickey immediately summoned theirs as well; as soon as his eyes fell on the mysterious man's Keyblade, Riku noticed that it matched Mickey's brief description.

"Do we fight him, Mickey?" Riku asked, half alarmed.


Out of nowhere, a dark corridor appeared directly behind the armoured man, revealing Xehanort and Vanitas.

"Ahh, there you are, Terra. I was beginning to worry about you," Xehanort grinned evilly.

"Xehanort!" Mickey exclaimed, "You leave him alone!"

"What will you do?" Xehanort smirked.

"We'll stop you, that's what!" Riku stated.

"My, such confidence…I believe you need to be taken down a notch."

With the mere snap of his fingers, Xehanort released a wave of dead Keyblade from the sky, all of them crashing down on Riku before he had a chance to react.

"Argh-" He gasped painfully.

"Riku!" Mickey yelled, running to his friend.

"Get Terra!" Riku demanded, struggling to fight the pain and stand up.

Mickey turned his attention back on Xehanort, and was stunned when Vanitas was directly in front of him.

"Sorry, but playtime's over," Vanitas hit Mickey in the back of the head with the hilt of his Keyblade, knocking the mouse unconscious.

"Mickey!" Riku forced himself up.

"What? Do you really wanna fight me?" Vanitas smirked, "Alright, I'm always up for a little game. Let's see what you're made of."

Riku, still feeling incredibly weak, did not have time to cast cure on himself or Mickey before Vanitas charged at him full force. Quickly dodging and ignoring the pain, Riku slashed upwards to successfully knock Vanitas off of his feet. Before Vanitas could get up, Riku hit him in the lower back.

"Ugh!" Vanitas gasped.

"Had…enough?" Riku huffed.

"Not quiet," Vanitas grinned from underneath his helmet.

In one swift motion, Vanitas flipped upward and clapped his Keyblade to Riku's feet, now knocking him to the ground. However, Riku quickly stood, still ready to fight.

"Mickey, get up!" Riku yelled, his eyes still locked on Vanitas.

The two slashed at each other a couple more times, both of them becoming noticeably fatigued.

"I have had quite enough," Xehanort sighed, "You may have strength, but you lack in stamina."

Xehanort snapped his fingers again, but this time, a black cloud engulfed Riku, laying him against the dusty ground. The cloud began to release lightening spells every time Riku tried to struggle free.

"See ya later…" Vanitas scoffed; Riku had no choice but to watch as Vanitas and Xehanort left with Terra.

"Dammit," Riku gasped, trying to ignore the pain as he struggled.

While fighting the urge to pass out, Riku summoned his Keyblade. He didn't know how to get rid of this spell, but hoped Mickey did. Using the last of his strength, Riku cast Curaga on the motionless mouse, who immediately after began to stir. Just as Mickey lifted himself to his knees, Riku's eyes closed.

"Riku!" Mickey gasped, before using a Mega Potion on the teen.

Immediately following, Riku's eyes opened and he gasped.

"They…got away…" He breathed.

"It's okay," Mickey sighed, "At least we know Terra's alive. C'mon, let's get back to the Tower."

Riku nodded and slowly stood just as Mickey pulled out the star shard.

As Xehanort, Vanitas and Terra walked in the realm of darkness, a second corridor opened.

"Where do you think you are going, Vanitas?"

"I'm going to take a walk," Vanitas said.

"We need to take action sooner than later. I will not Maleficent get in the way of our goals. You mustn't be long."

If Vanitas heard Xehanort, he didn't acknowledge as he continued down a separate corridor, his destination already in mind.

As soon as Riku and Mickey left, Aqua placed all of her focus into training Kairi and Ventus. As much as Aqua loved how bubbly and energetic Ventus was, she could admit that he was difficult to keep focused. Not even ten minutes had passed and he already wanted to try his Keyblade rider.

"I just want to see if it still works is all," Ven explained.

"Well of course it still works," Aqua sighed, "Why wouldn't it?"

"I…don't know," Ven grinned sheepishly.

"Now, Kairi, I'd like to see if you can execute a lightning spell on me," Aqua instructed, "But don't worry, I'll use a reflect spell on me so it won't hurt."

"Okay," Kairi smiled eagerly.

However, just as she was about to cast the spell, a dark corridor opened right beside her, making her jump.

"Vanitas!" Aqua scowled, immediately summoning her Keyblade.

"Well, isn't this cute," Vanitas studied his surroundings, "Looks like we're having a teaching session."

Kairi's heart pounded against her chest at the sound of his voice, the horrifying memories of torture flooding her mind. Somewhere in her shock, she found herself on the ground, not remembering falling in the first place.

"What? Are you gonna start fighting now?" Vanitas turned to Kairi, "That's cute, but hey, we'll have loads of time to have fun again, seeing as you won't ever be as strong as me."

"Get out of here, now!" Aqua threatened.

"I'm actually not here for the princess, yet," Vanitas tested, "I just wanted to chat with Ven, here."

"Ventus, get behind me," Aqua immediately instructed.

"Hey, Ven? Remember what I said? If you don't hurry, the Terra you know will be gone forever."

"What?! If you don't remember, Terra's gone! And that's all thanks to you!" Ven cried, tears stinging at his eyes.

"Crying, are we? I honestly thought you'd toughened up. Just listen up, idiot. Why do you think I would come here to talk about Terra?"

"Ventus, Don't listen to him," Aqua demanded.

"What?" Ventus gasped, completely focused on his dark half.

"He told me to say hi, but Aqua didn't want you to know, so I-" Vanitas smirked.

Aqua swung her Keyblade and Vanitas, who used a strong reflect spell- Aqua went flying before crashing to the ground.

"Aqua!" Kairi gasped, still too shocked for her legs to work.

"Let me repeat myself," Vanitas turned his back and opened a corridor, "You'd better hurry Ventus, or you'll never see Terra again. By the time you catch up, he'll be a different person. By the way, I'd check and see where your loyalties lie." Vanitas did not give Ven a second to answer before stepping through the corridor.

"Ven!" Aqua quickly ran to her friend and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Are you okay?"

Ven stared off into space, a very worried look plastered on his face.

"Ventus?" Aqua repeated, this time, with more alarm present in her voice.

"How…how could you, Aqua?" He whispered.

"Huh?" Aqua retreated her hand, as if Ven's shoulder stared to burn.

"How could you?! Vanitas said that you knew!"

"Ven, I-"

"Did you know about Terra the whole time?!"


"Yes or no?"

"Listen, Ventus, I just-"

"Don't you dare lie to me!" Ventus started deep into Aqua's eyes, reading the regret within, "What happened to friends not keep secrets?! What happened to loyalty?! Didn't you learn anything from last time?! You're…you're awful, Aqua! I hate you!"

Aqua immediately felt her heart shatter all over again.


"Leave me alone!" Ventus quickly threw his Keyblade up in the air, transforming it into is Keyblade rider, before hoping on.

"Ven, where are you going?!" Kairi yelled, finally finding her voice again.

"I'm going to find Terra!"

"Ven, stop!" Aqua pleaded, to no avail- before she could reach him, Ventus was headed to the sky.

Best. Chapter. Yet. IMO. :)