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"Are you ready to go, Kairi?" Aqua asked, opening the tower doors.

"Yeah…" Kairi's gaze was at the top of the tower where she presumed Riku would be standing, nothing but betrayal coursing her veins.

"Hey, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, of course!" Kairi quickly lied with a very convincing smile.

"Well, let's get going, then."


For the most part of take off, Kairi was abnormally silent. Whenever Aqua would try to converse, she was left with almost inaudible sounds, or one syllable answers. Although Aqua wanted to help, and find out what was wrong, they needed to focus on finding Ven and bringing him back.

"Hey, look!" Kairi abruptly sat up from her chair, pointing out the large front window.

Sure enough, Aqua's gaze followed Kairi's extended arm to see what caught the young princess' attention. Ventus was hastily chasing Vanitas in what looked to be a pit of fury.

"C'mon, let's catch up to them!" Aqua quickly steered the ship in their direction, keeping a fair distance.

Vanitas felt his existence going nowhere, fast. The more he sat and awaited command from his master, the more the demons in his mind came out to play. Staring through his helmet at the Keyblade within his grasp, Vanitas sighed. As of late, he noticed that he was always thinking of Kairi. There just seemed to be something about her that he couldn't quite identify with. He was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts; Ventus was hot on his tail, Keyblade rider not far behind his own. Rolling his eyes, Vanitas made a sharp turn, heading straight into the closest world, of which he wasn't even familiar with. Taking no thought, Ventus plummeted right behind into the world below.

"They've heading into that world! Let's follow!" Aqua quickly guided the gummi ship down to her friend.

"Wow, is it just me, or did the bamboo around here get taller?" Sora observed, allowing his finger tips to slide along the soft plant.

"At this rate, we'll just end up lost," Donald sighed.

"But if we follow this path, we should end up near the city, right?" Goofy thought aloud.

"Well, I guess there's only one way to find out," Sora shrugged, taking the lead.

The longer Sora, Donald and Goofy traveled down the narrow path, the thicker the bamboo got. The ground also became to go upwards into an incline. After a while, the walkway became so thin that they had to walk behind one another, or they'd probably slide down the fairly steep hill.

"Okay. This is stupid," Sora groaned in annoyance as he tripped for the umpteenth time, "We're never going to get there at this rate."

"And if any Heartless show up we'll be in big trouble," Donald added with an audible sigh, "There's nowhere to fight without falling."

"Climb up on my shoulders and take a look if you can see the city from here," Sora suggested, hoisting the duck up to his shoulders.

"I need more height," Donald frowned, looking down to Goofy.

"Up you go, Sora!" Goofy carefully hoisted Sora up on his shoulders.

"Okay, now stand still, Goofy!" Sora said.

"A'hyuck, maybe you shoulda been on the bottom. You're growin' way too fast, Sora!"

"Stay still, Goofy!" Donald demanded.

"Ugh, what do you see?!" Sora hollered, wobbling from the added weight.

"Just give me a second and I'll-"

"Uh, oh," Sora stated alarmingly flat.

"What?" Donald sighed.


"Sora!" Donald realized what was happening.


"Sora, don't you dare-"

Sora regretfully sneezed. Not loudly or obnoxiously, but enough to send him tumbling one way into the thick bamboo, and Donald and Goofy the other way.

The fall down the hill lasted a bit longer than Sora initially thought. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't been scraping his arms and legs on rocks and bamboo on the way down. When his body came to an abrupt halt, he was now covered in cuts, scrapes, and what he knew were going to be bruises.

"Ow…" He muttered to himself, his face pressed down in the grass.

Sighing, Sora hoisted his body to his knees before standing and casting cure on himself. Almost immediately after, the cuts closed off and it was as if they weren't even there. It didn't take him long to notice that Donald and Goofy were no longer at his side anymore.

"Donald? Goofy…? Where are you?" Sora yelled as loud as he could, "Are you okay…? I'm sorry for sneezing, okay?!"

The distant sound of birds chirping was all Sora could hear, along with his echo fading past the mountains and into inexistence. Groaning in annoyance, Sora began to trudge up the slope he just tumbled down.

Meanwhile, Donald was now rubbing his sore head, while Goofy searched his pockets for potions.

"Why did he have to do that?!" Donald huffed, standing abruptly.

"Gawersh, I don't think Sora did that on purpose, Donald."

"Well still, he should have been more careful!"

"Speaking of which, where is he?" Goofy observed the vibrant teen to be nowhere in sight.

"Sora?" Donald hollered.

"Sora!" Goofy mirrored.

"Great, and now we have to go look for him!" Donald pouted.

"I sure hope he's alright."

"He'd better be, just so I can beat him for this!"

The atmosphere of the unfamiliar world was odd to Ventus, even though he wasn't particularly paying attention. He soon noticed that his armour was quickly freezing up, causing some minor discomfort. His mind soon flashed back to when Xehanort had frozen his body, so in a quick panic he pressed the bright button on his shoulder.

"Stop!" Ventus demanded just as he disengaged his armour.

"Or what?!" Vanitas yelled, still running, "What could you possibly say or do to force me?"

Ventus stopped in his tracks, which, as he hoped, gained a reaction out of Vanitas as he too came to a sudden halt.

"See what I mean?" Vanitas taunted, "You're pathetic. Weak."

"Really?" Ven began to laugh, "If I'm weak, then what does that make you?"

"Huh?" Vanitas asked curtly.

"You're a part of me. You're my darkness. And I've already defeated you once…so if I'm weak and pathetic, what does that make you?!" Ven suddenly swung up at the unprepared Vanitas, who had no choice but to take the blow.

"Now…" Ven approached his dark side who was now on the ground, "You're going to tell me everything you know about Terra. Then, I'm never going to see you again!"

"You…think it's all so simple…I may be a part of you, but remember that we are worlds apart!" Vanitas stood before summoning a corridor of darkness, "Oh, and about Terra, he told me to say 'hey' for you," he taunted one final time before running to the darkness.

"Wait!" Ven made no hesitation in running into the corridor without thought.

"Jeez, it's freezing!" Kairi clutched her arms, noting her current outfit was completely inappropriate for the climate.

"I don't think I've even seen this much snow before," Aqua gasped, looking around.

"I've never seen snow period," Kairi admitted.


"Yeah, the islands are far too warm year- round. It does snow over in the northern islands, but I've never been."

"Wow," Aqua smiled, "So what do you think of it?"

"It's a tad too cold for my liking, but it sure is pretty!"

"Yeah, it sure is."

"So I take it you've never been to this world before?" Kairi inquired.

"Not that I know of."

"See any signs of Ventus?"

"Umm," Aqua looked all around, nothing but snow for miles.

"Hey, look! Tracks!" Kairi pointed to the crisp, freshly created prints.

As the two ladies followed the footprints, the wind began to howl more fiercely than before. Aqua became completely discouraged when they stopped abruptly after only a short period of time.

"It's not like they could have just burst into thin air," Kairi sighed.

"But I don't understand why the tracks stopped. Unless Vanitas took off. Then Ventus would have followed right behind him," Aqua thought aloud.

"Well, in any event, they aren't here anymore. And even if they were, the footprint stop here, so I suggest we find some place warmer and-"

"Warm? Did you say warm?" A voice hollered, startling the two.

"What- who said that?" Aqua demanded.

"Olaf, come back here!" Another voice yelled.

"Get your Keyblade ready!" Aqua yelled to Kairi, both ladies summoning their blades.

"But they said they know some place that's warm!"

Kairi turned to the direction of the now close voice, to see a little carrot peaking out over the snow.

"Uhh…hello?" Kairi asked, hesitantly approaching.

"Well, hi!" The snowman jumped up with a huge grin.

"AH!" Kairi fell backwards, her Keyblade almost slipping from her now freezing hand.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you! The name's Olaf!"

"You're a snowman," Kairi stated in shock.

"Yeah, why?"

"And you're talking."

"Yeah, why?"

"Does anyone else know this?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Olaf! I told you not to run ahead!" A girl with reddish gold hair appeared over the hill, "Oh, who are you two?"

"Uhh, this is Aqua, and I'm Kairi."

"My name's Anna, and I'm assuming you've already met Olaf. Back behind me is my friend Kristoff and his reindeer Sven."

"Hey!" Kristoff waved, slowly approaching.

"Nice to meet you," Aqua smiled.

"So what are you two doing all the way out here in the cold?" Anna asked.

"Well, it's kind of a long story, but we're looking for someone who we think just ran by here," Kairi explained.

"But you aren't even properly dressed! How could you have made it this far in these conditions? Here, let me give you two something!" Anna reached into her bag and grabbed two large white shawls; one for Aqua and one for Kairi.

"That's much better, thank you!" Kairi grinned, sighing as her body began to slowly warm up.

"It's no problem at all!" Anna beamed.

"So what are you guys doing all the way out here?" Aqua wondered.

"Well, it's kind of a long story, but my sister…you see, she's the one that creates the snow. She's had these powers for a long time. I guess she just doesn't have the strength to control it, so I'm going to see her. I want to help, but she always tried pushing me away when we were little. It's been far too long since I've seen her."

"The only problem is that there are these weird creatures that keep attacking us. It's slowing us down, big time," Kristoff added, joining the group.

"Sounds like Heartless to me," Kairi stated.

"Heartless?" Olaf cocked his head.

"They're evil creatures that don't have hearts. They come from the darkness. But Aqua and I know how to fight them.

"Well, I suppose we could help you get there, if you'd like," Aqua suggested before turning to Kairi, "And along the way we can keep an eye out for Ven!"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Anna smiled, "Thank you very much! The castle is a fair distance this way!"

"Mickey…Riku…On the journey that formed the destiny of Terra, Ventus and Aqua, many truths were revealed. During the night that the Destiny Islands fell into darkness, many more truths were revealed. And during the Mark of Mastery of Sora, not only truths, but lies were revealed. I have come to the conclusion that Xehanort is now plotting to take Sora from one of our seven lights, and intends to convert him to one of his thirteen darknesses," Yen Sid explained, his eyes remaining shut the entire time, "That was his reasoning for plotting the fall of the Islands. The Keyblade had been known to belong to you, Riku. However, when you fell into darkness, it moved to Sora's heart. However, that is simply not that case. Keyblades remain with their wielders that are denizens of both the light and the dark. Master Xehanort is a perfect example."

"So, that means…?" Riku wondered.

"The Keyblade has been destined to Sora from the moment he was an active force in this life. He was been created by destiny, and chosen by all worlds to be the guardian of light in this final clash of light and dark."

"Wow, way to put all your eggs in one basket," Riku scoffed, trying to lighten the mood, "Should we go and help Sora?"

"I can tell you that as of now, it isn't your protection or aid that Sora is in need of."

"Well, then Master, what can we do now?" Mickey inquired.

"At the moment, the time has come to go and rescue Terra. His heart is calling out. You must go and answer it."

"Uhh, don't you remember what just happened to us? I haven't even healed from the last battle," Riku sighed, cringing at the memory."

"You must be more careful, of course, and you must always remember to never let your guard down. However, you now have gained the experience of battling against Xehanort, so it would only make sense to believe that you now stand a better chance than before," Yen Sid explained to Riku as best he could.

"Well…if you're sure," Riku thought, "I'm in if you're in, Mickey."

"Let's go get Terra back!" Mickey nodded with a determined smile.

After nearly ten minutes of trying to climb back up the steep slope of bamboo, Sora gave up. Every time he made it close to the top, he's slid right back down. Shrugging, he began walking in the open field, and as he anticipated, came across a path with a sign.

"Well, I guess this'll get me to the Imperial City," Sora said to himself.

As he took merely one step forward, a swarm of Heartless surrounded him. Without much difficulty, Sora slashed his way through each one, watching as each of the hearts rose into the air upon defeat. Fatigue soon set in when Sora noticed just how many Heartless there actually had been. Continuing with his walk, Sora took in the quietness of the world. Something he would never admit out loud he loved. The silence was sometimes enough to keep him content, with all of the seemingly never-ending commotion in his life. Lowering his gaze to his pocket, Sora pulled out a potion to keep his fatigue under control. As he lifted his head again, his body collided with the fence to the Imperial City.

"Ow," Sora muttered, regaining composure.

He lifted the latch on the door and opened the gate. The rest of the walk to city consisted of a few Heartless encounters, but nothing he couldn't handle. And no Donald or Goofy. Sora was now becoming increasingly worried. He decided right then that if they weren't already at the palace, he'd ask Mulan and Shang for a search party. When he reached the familiarly large gate, Sora pushed it as hard as he could, forcing the aged metal walls open to reveal the palace gates. He sighed at the familiar sight, remembering all of the things he's done in the world during his previous adventure.

"Well now, look who we have here!" Sora turned in the direction of the familiar voice, "Looks like you've grown a bit since the last time we saw you," Yao smirked, And it looks like the black eye's healed.

"Yeah? Are you gonna make another one?" Sora scoffed with a grin.

"Now, now, children," Ling teased.

"It's good to see you again," Chien-Po smiled.

"It's good to see you guys again, too," Sora grinned, "Hey listen, have any of you seen Donald or Goofy?"

"I was just going to ask you where they were," Yao said.

"Well, they were with me, but uhh, we kind of fell off the side of this slope and got separated."

"Let's go ask Mulan and the Captain. Maybe they've seen them!" Ling suggested.

Sora followed the three men into the palace where he assumed the Emperor, Mulan and Shang would be. Sure enough, after a moments stroll, he came across he two.

"Sora! It's wonderful to see you again!" Mulan beamed.

"Hey, there! How have you two been?" Sora grinned at the two.

"Oh we've been just fine," Shang said.

"How have you been? Donald and Goofy told us you got yourself in a bit of trouble," Mulan's smiled faltered slightly.

"Yeah, kinda…but everything's okay now. I'm just sorta looking for Donald and Goofy. We came here because we're looking for something, but we fell off a slope and got separated," Sora explained, "You haven't seen them, have you?"

"No, not since-"

"Sora!" Donald and Goofy cheered as they ran up to their friend.

"Donald! Goofy! You're okay!" Sora ran up and the trio embraced, "Uhh, sorry about sneezing…" He grinned sheepishly.

"Aw, it's okay! We know you didn't do it on purpose, A'hyuck!"

"Welcome back!" Mulan smiled.

"Thanks!" Goofy replied.

"So what did you say you three are looking for exactly?" Shang inquired, curiosity in his mind.

"Uhh, it's kind of a long story, but we're looking for a Key to Return Hearts…ring any bells?" Sora asked, hopeful.

The group of people each gave one another a confused glance, before turning back to Sora.

"Well, the only Key around here that we know of is you," Shang stated.

"Hmm," Sora crossed his arms in thought.

"Well, I guess we could always look around," Goofy suggested.

"Captain! Captain! I have urgent news for you!" A man wearing mostly blue scurried to the group of people.

"What is it, Chi-Fu?"

"The Emperor has a task for you! He needs you to escort his three daughters, Princesses' Mei, Ting- Ting and Su to the other side of China!"

"What? Did he say why?"

"Only that the three are to be betroth so that an alliance can be formed with the Kingdom of Qui Gong!"

"Is there anything else I should know?"

"Ah, yes! If the mission is not completed by tonight, the alliance will crumble, and the Mongols will be attacking China."

"Great," Shang sighed audibly.

"We can help!" Sora beamed,, "Give us an assignment, Captain!"

"Alright," Shang grinned, "First things first, where are the princesses?"

"They are already in their carriage, ready to go, sir," Chi-Fu said.

"Okay, this is how we're going to do things. Ling, you will go with Chien-Po and Yao to protect the front of the carriage. Sora, you'll protect the back with Donald and Goofy as back up."

"Right," Sora nodded.

"Mulan…you just sit tight and-"

"I'll be riding up front with you," Mulan interrupted, heading for the door, "Don't think you're having all the fun without me."

All Shang could do was smile at her enthusiasm as he and the rest of the group headed in Mulan's direction to the door.

"Hey, hey, HEY! What about me?!" A familiar, small red dragon yelled.

"Hey, Mushu! How've you been?" Sora asked.

"Man, you're growin' fast, aren't you?" Mushu didn't acknowledge Sora's question at all, "So what's going on, kiddies?"

"We're helping with a mission-"

"Yeah, yeah I heard that! But what about your lives? It's been a while!"

"Uhh…" Sora thought, trying to think of something to talk about.

"Sora failed a test!" Donald stated bluntly.

"What?" Mushu wondered, "What kind of test?"

"A test to see if I can be a Keyblade Master. But yeah, I kinda failed," Sora grinned sheepishly.

"I dunno…the way you handle that thing, I'm not too surprised," Mushu walked on ahead nonchalantly.

"Hey! What does that mean?!"

"Hurry up, guys!" Mulan yelled from the carriage.

As soon as Sora, Donald and Goofy reached the cart, they were introduced to the three princesses.

"So this is Princess Ting- Ting. This is Princess Su, and this is Princess Mei," Shang said. The three ladies were unusually quiet, and for that reason, along with time constraints, the group set out on their venture rather quickly.

For the most part, the walk was quiet, with some small talk here and there. Sora was faintly listening to Donald and Goofy converse about the castle and their families for the hours they walked. The conversation barely changed most of the way. But Sora didn't mind. He was too lost in his own thoughts to care or mind.

"So, how long do you think it'll take before we get where we're going?" Goofy asked out loud.

"Who knows…" Donald huffed, before the two looked at Sora, who was trailing behind them slightly.

"Sora?" Goofy asked, snapping the teen out of his thoughts.

"Huh? What?"

"Are you okay?" Donald wondered, approaching the teen, "What are you thinking about?"

"You're awful quiet," Goody added.

"Nothing…it's just," He ran up to his two friends so he could whisper, "I can't imagine having to go through with an arranged marriage. That's what this is, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is," Donald said, slightly saddened.

"Didn't you see how miserable those three looked?" Sora asked, looking up to the carriage.

"But Sora, they don't have a choice. You heard, it's either that or China gets attacked," Goofy sighed.

"So what? We've handled Heartless far more dangerous than any human that can attack! I don't think I can do this…bring these people to their misery," Sora sighed, halting in his tracks.

"Sora, come on, we don't even know the circumstances!" Donald huffed, "Just keep walking!"

"But-" Sora looked Donald and Goof in the eyes for a long moment, not moving, before falling to the ground unconscious.

"Sora!" Goofy yelled.

"Heartless!" Donald chanted, getting the other's attention.

Immediately, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po ran to the back of the now stopped carriage to help with the battle, while Sora remained out cold. Mei, Ting- Ting and Su began to mumble amongst themselves, completely impressed by the three soldier's actions and bravery.

Yao was hit a couple of times, but refused to stay down. Ling tried not to run away, as inside he was slightly terrified, meanwhile Chien-Po was doing his best not to knock anyone down that wasn't a Heartless. It was only a couple of moments before Shang and Mulan ran to Sora's aid, dragging him away from the commotion.

"Sora, are you okay?" Mulan asked, nudging his shoulder, "Can you hear me?"

The Heartless began to crowd Shang and Mulan, who were forced to get up and fight. As the Heartless crowd thickened, the group began to panic and think running may be the only option left. Just as Shang was about to call it, a large light beamed around them, leaving everyone blind for a moment before it dimmed away. When their vision restored, the found a weak Sora on his knees, Keyblade in hand.

"Sora! Are you okay? Donald asked, running to the brunette's side before casting cure on him.

"I'm fine," Sora stood slowly, shaking his head, "Stupid Heartless."

"Are you sure you're okay" Mulan wondered.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Sora attention moved passed Mulan's shoulder to the carriage.

"Now to make sure the princesses are okay," Shang said out loud.

"Oh, I don't think you'll have to worry about that," Sora smirked, pointing to the three princesses.

Sure enough, each princess was talking with Yao, Chien-Po and Ling. The look in each of their eyes expressed that this was more than just a simple thank you, or a small talk conversation.

"What are they doing?" Shang asked no one in particular.

"If you ask me, I'd say they're falling in love," Mulan giggled.

"You can say that again," Sora said.

"That's absurd, the princesses are to marry or else China will be attacked and-"

"So what? We can handle 'em!" Sora exclaimed.

"What?" Shang cocked his head.

"Look, I don't know the situation at all-"

"Sora-" Donald tried to pester.

"But I do know that the princesses looked miserable until they saw those guys. Wouldn't you rather they be happy?"

"I'm with Sora on this one," Mushu added in.

"It's not our decision to make," Shang stated rather harshly, "This is a task sent from the Emperor, so we must carry through. Move out!"

"Shang-" Mulan cried, "Don't talk to them like that-"

"Mulan, enough."

Sora slowly approached Mulan, unsure of what to say.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to start anything…"

"Don't apologize, the only reason he's acting that way is because he knows you're right."

"Soldiers!" Shang yelled, gaining their attention, "We will arrive at our destination in less than one hour! Now move out!"

"Sir!" They all saluted.

The walk from there on out was even more quiet than before, if that was even possible. Donald and Goofy had tried multiple times to get Sora to talk about anything, but he stayed unusually quiet.

"Sora, don't be upset," Donald sympathized, "It's like Mulan said, Shang only snapped because he knows you're-"

"It's not that…I just-nothing."

"Sora…?" Goofy had alarm growing in his voice.

"It's getting dark," He muttered randomly.

"Sora, what's wrong?" Donald begged for an answer.

"Halt! Who goes there?" A voice said, although being at the back of the carriage, neither Sora, Donald nor Goofy could see who it was.

"We have brought the daughters of the Emperor of China," Shang hollered, "They are to be betrothed-"


The sound of a gate squeaking open was heard, and the group proceeded into the dark, tense atmosphere. The carriage was forced to a stop around a large crowd of very dark, unfriendly Heartless. A King soon made his appearance. He was dressed in tattered, black clothing. Most of this skin was covered in scars, and his long black hair was tied back from his face.

"So, you have brought me what I have asked for!" He chanted.

"He's acting like they're items," Sora mumbled in disgust.

"Yes," Shang stated, "They are-"

"And now, before we kill you, tell the Emperor that the attack will being at dawn tomorrow morning!"

The crowd began chanting fiercely, as Sora had mentally predicted.

"I knew it," Sora groaned quietly before slipping away unnoticed.

Thinking on his feet, Sora moved his way around the crowd and commotion to the carriage. Carefully, he crawled underneath and used his Keyblade to cut a hole in the bottom.

"Quickly, follow me," He whispered to the three princesses as hesitantly and stealthily got each one to crawl through the hole and underneath, "Stopza," He whispered, halting time momentarily.

Sora held Su's hand, Su held Ting- Ting's and Ting-Ting held Mei's as he quickly ran them to a simple hiding spot.

"Don't come out until I tell you to, okay?" He said before running back to the crowd.

Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough. Soon, time had once again continued, sending Donald and Goofy into a panic at the absence of their young friend.

"Sora?!" Donald yelled while fighting off some of the minion Heartless.

"Sora! Where are you?!" Goofy hollered, also fighting and guarding.

"Sora!" Mushu joined in, "You're missing all the action!"

"Protect the carriage!" Shang demanded, drawing his sword and going straight into combat.

As Shang, Mulan, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po, Donald and Goofy were all protecting an unknowingly empty carriage, Sora had a larger target in mind- the King. As he climbed one of the buildings, he could see the Heartless thinning out, knowing that they were winning. Not paying attention to where he placed his hands as he climbed, Sora sliced his hand on a sharp roof single. He cringed and almost fell, but regain composure long enough to get onto the roof. Looking around, Sora saw the King getting ready to approach his friends, so he thought quickly, and jumped to the evil being, Keyblade in hand. Calling out to his heart, Sora transformed to his Valor form. For a moment, a familiar light engulfed him before the majority of his outfit turned red and black. Surprising the King, Sora attacked him from above. However, the evil ruler was quick in recovering, striking back at the teen, knocking him down for a moment.

"Sora!" Donald and Goofy yelled as their eyes found their friend.

"Guys! A little help over here!" Sora yelled back.

"We have to protect the princesses!" Donald hollered, becoming winded.

"Just trust me!" Sora continued to fight, never taking his eyes off the dark leader, "Hurry up!"

Donald and Goofy didn't think for a moment longer before they joined Sora in taking out the cruel King. Sora slashed upwards just as Donald struck his legs, while Goofy hit at his chest.

"Alright, let's finish this, guys!" Sora yelled, receiving a nod from both his companions, "Trinity!" They all chanted as they held their weapons up together, sending the dark leader into a pit of light so strong that by the time it faded, all of the minions were gone, along with the King.

"Phew," Donald wiped his brow in exhaustion, "That was ridiculous."

"They're gone!" Shang exclaimed as he opened the carriage, "The princesses are gone-"

"Oh, right! I'll be right back!" Sora dashed quickly to the light patch of tress where he left the princesses hiding, "Hey, you three can come out now!"

"Are Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po alright?" They each asked.

"Yeah! They fought so well!" Sora exclaimed, leading them back to the group.

Immediately following, the princesses ran up to their new found loves.

"Sora," Shang gasped in awe, "H-How did you-"

"Magic. Literally," Sora chuckled.

"Dang, kid. You're good," Mushu grinned, completely impressed.

"I know," Sora joked.

"Well, it looks like they're all happy," Mulan observed the innocent new love.

"Yeah. I guess there isn't going to be an arranged wedding anymore, is there?" Shang sighed with a smile.

"Something tells me there never was going to be a wedding," Mulan smirked.

"Well, then alls well that ends well, right?" Mushu beamed, still as peppy as ever.

"It was nice seeing you guys again and all, but we need to find this Key, so I guess we'd better get going-" Sora suddenly found his Keyblade in his hand, and as confused as he was, he knew what he had to do. A light emitted from his Keyblade and a Keyhole appeared in the sky. Pointing it directly up, Sora was unsure if his Keyblade was locking or un-locking, but did as he was supposed to. When the lights faded, a small, silver object with a little spike was felt. Sora knelt down and picked it up, examining it.

"What was that all about?" Mulan asked.

"I have no clue…" Sora admitted, "Maybe we'd better go and ask Yen Sid about this," Sora turned to Donald and Goofy, who both nodded.

"Good luck finding the Key, Sora!" Shang waved.

"Thanks! See ya!" Sora, Donald and Goofy turned around.

"Later, kiddies!" Mushu hollered as he waved.

"Oh, wait!" Mulan yelled, running after them.

"What is it, Mulan?" Sora asked.

"These are for you," She pulled out three little white envelopes, "In all the commotion I almost forgot about them."

"What are they?" Donald wondered, opening his.

"Wedding invitations," She smiled, Sora Donald and Goofy going wide eyed as she expected, "Will you come?"

Immediately after, their wide eyed expressions turned to huge smiles.

"Of course we will!" Sora beamed, completely overjoyed.

"Congratulations!" Goofy cheered.

"Thank you," Mulan smiled, "And hey, who knows, by the time ours rolls around, there may be another three coming up," They all turned to the princesses and the soldiers.

Sora, Donald and Goofy said their goodbyes again before heading back up to the gummi ship.

"Ugh, I'm exhausted," Sora stretched his arms before sitting down.

"Why not try and get some sleep before we head to the next world?" Donald suggested.

"Okay," Sora nodded, "And hey, maybe you guys can take a look at this weird silver thing the Keyblade left us. I still can't figure out what it is..."

Sora handed the odd item to Goofy before heading to his room. As soon as he sat down on the edge of his bed, his head began pounding so hard that it sent him toppling over and onto the floor. Unable to move, Sora had no other choice but to lay there and wonder what was happening.

Well, let's see if we can actually GET BACK TO THE WAY THINGS WERE OMG.