The Balance

by WSJ

I actually wrote this about my best friend and I, but then I desided it sounded rather Yugioh-ish and desided to post it. ^^ Reviews please! Even though I don't mention any names, I don't own YGO.


You and I

We share a bond

Unlike any other.

Two souls,

One heart,

Soul bonded.

I wrap the shadows around myself,

Melt into the background,

Head bowed in shame,


You smile, you laugh,

You brighten the room,

As well as my life.


Alone we tip the scales,

Towards light or to the dark,

But together we maintain the balance.

We must be together,

We are meant to be together,

To keep this world in harmony with itself.

Light and dark...

Chaos and order...

Good and evil...

Yami and hikari...

We are one.


^_^ Like it? Like I said, I wrote it about my best friend and I, then I realised suddenly that it sounded like Yami-Yuugi talking to Yugi.