v. Budding

"No more distance," he repeated with a smile, small and shy and reserved.

Lissa's eyes lit up in return. She ground her staff on the floor of his tent, nerves jittery with excitement as Lon'qu hesitantly took her right hand in his and slipped the ring on her finger. She could feel his unease as he held her hand, and while Lissa wanted to engulf him in a hug and smother him in tears and kisses of unbound joy, she knew he'd already taken a huge step in regards to her request.

Instead, she juggled her staff underneath her arm as best she could and lay a small, placating hand over his with a radiant smile.

"I said no more distance, but I'm not gonna push you to do anything you don't want to do," she assured him. She flushed a pretty pink, but managed to laugh it off when she looked him in the eye. "Even if I want nothing more than to throw myself into your arms right now!"

He nodded his head with a grunt, unable to give her an answer in fear of stuttering out something embarrassing, and tinged his own share of red as he raised his free hand to smooth his knuckles over her cheek. The gesture was small, but the meaning was not lost, and Lissa smiled in contentment.

"Thank you, Lissa."

Author's Note: And that concludes "Little Wonders." I wanted so much to make this longer, but in fear of ruining what little I wrote, I left it as is. Sorry. Maybe later on down the line, I'll make another drabble series of these two, or something. I didn't want to make Lon'qu do anything OOC. Thank you for reading. :)