Letters from a Mutual Friend

Author's Disclaimer: No, I do not own Labyrinth. All rights and characters belong to their respective owners. This is just a silly idea I had after being inspired by a novel by Jane Austen called Lady Susan. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it, as it is very short and ridiculous. This will be equally so, assuming that it continues (I want it to, as I know where I want it to go from here, but with scope I haven't a clue as of yet. Any ideas on stuff to happen are highly appreciated!) As a note, anything [in brackets] was dictated by one of the three friends and then discarded by the writer, but is included here for your benefit. I hope you will enjoy it!

August 23

[My Fair Lady] [Dear Sarah]

Dear Sarah friend,

We are so excited that you are going off to college this fall. It is a very important step for a lady in your situation and must be treated with the utmost caution. However, we hope that you also remember your friends and to enjoy yourself while in college.

Your idea was very timely when you suggested that we exchange letters with you so that we do not disturb your roommate this fall (as we might if we did talk through the mirror). Naturally, we want to talk with you at any time you need us, but we realize that you will be very busy in college, and that you are sharing a room with someone. It will be a weekly correspondence between us; just write a letter and leave it by the mirror. We will make sure to send a reply in another week's time, and it will just continue on like that. This way we can keep in contact with one another and keep up to date in one another's lives, or if you are particularly busy, you can let us know. Remember, should you ever need us, just call. If it is a dire situation, please let us know, and we will come immediately. Of course, His Majesty has not noticed yet that we are no longer communicating in the normal way (through mirror), but we have no doubt that he will, given his propensity to [stalk you] [watch our every move] care about the whole kingdom. When he does, have no fear that our correspondence will stop; if anything it will be more regular. We believe that he will be pleased that we are still talking to you. We can still talk through the mirror once a month if that works for you.

And now, here is some news from our lives of late. Sir Didymus has recently been promoted to be a personal guard of His Majesty for security purposes, so he is very excited about this. Ambrosius is also happy to have much better living quarters at the palace, while Sir Didymus is simply honored to be able to serve His Majesty. Hoggle is still working in his garden, and he had a new record of spraying the most fairies of anyone in the Labyrinth. Eighty! Between that and the radishes that he just planted, he is keeping very busy and is looking forward to eating them when they are grown. Meanwhile, Ludo is anxious because Sir Didymus had a private audience with His Majesty recently, and as a result, His Majesty is in the process of looking for more rock-callers in the area so that Ludo can reconnect with his family. Hopefully there will be results as the search continues.

Well, that is all the time we have for now, but we hope that all is well with you. We hope you are enjoying your new "dorm", that your roommate is pleasant, and that your first classes start well. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your three friends,

Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus

Sent at 10:00 pm

August 24

[Dear Rat] [Your Graciousness]

Your Majesty,

We would be [willing] [very] happy to write letters to you after we send a letter to Sarah, or receive one from her so that you can keep up to date with her life [since you cannot scry and spy on her through your crystals] as we do.

As Sir Didymus has already informed you while on guard, we are corresponding weekly with Sarah through letters since she has now moved to college and has a roommate. When we hear of progress from her, through college and beyond, you shall hear of it. Consider us your faithful correspondents. We have not yet received Sarah's first letter, but when we do hear from her, we will write another letter. Until then, all the best wishes for a peaceful kingdom [if that is even possible] and your continued good health.

Your [gracious] [loyal] servants,

Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus

Sent at 1:00 pm

Author's Notes: And so another one! This is just a fun little thing I wanted to do. I thought about college and how it could be awkward for Sarah talking to her friends through a mirror, so then the question was, how else could she talk? And then I thought, how about letters? I think that they would love to exchange letters. I really wanted to include the time element (day and time) for comic effect, and the best way to do that in my mind would be to have them send emails, but I cannot imagine those three, or Jareth, trying to send an email, so that was out. Letters can easily be done in my mind. This way, we hear more about Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus as well, whom I think there should be more of in stories. Also, given how many weeks there are in a year, I am not planning to showcase every letter sent by these three, but rather, the main highlights (but a few weeks in a row certainly could happen). But, enough of my rambling. If you have any ideas, please let me know, as I would love to hear them. :D Thank you for reading!

EDIT: I am forgetful and negligent. My HUGE THANKS to Kyndsie ( u/4143692/Kyndsie ) for her beta services in being so generous with her time and talent for making this story happen. She is awesome, and if you haven't read anything of hers, you SHOULD! Great stories and many plot-bunnies available to good homes upon request. :-)