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9 Years Later

"Uncle Bickies! When are we going to have dinner?!" Kyoko demanded, getting bored of flicking between TV channels. Bixlow stared at the child in defeat. Cana had gone into labour a few hours ago and seeing as Laxus had to be with her, their post-uterus children were all divided up and thankfully Bixlow was handed Kyoko, though in this situation handed meant Kyoko clinging to his pant leg and stating she would go with him. Laxus, too flustered by Cana's screaming for him to hurry up and get her a damn glass of water from the other room had nodded his consent, handing their ten month old son to the previous master, while his two daughters he gave to Gildarts before hurriedly rushing back into the room.

In those few hours since the time Kyoko had lead him by the hand out of their house, Kyoko hadn't once stopped looking for something to do. She had exhausted her supply of colouring, reading, games and TV. How did the two of them keep up with this hyperactive ball of questions, let alone tend to the rest of their ever growing hoard (which Laxus always swore wouldn't gain another mouth, but then in a few months there was always the news of a new baby).

"Uncle Bickies!" she wined, getting up from her spot on his dilapidated couch to stand next to him, big grey eyes waiting for an answer.

"Food! Yes! What food do you usually have for dinner?" he asked, giving her a reassuring smile, something Cana had told him- when in doubt give a reassuring smile and show them you have control of the situation. He couldn't really do the second part because this little girl had him completely around her finger.

"Cake!" she replied cheerfully, expectantly waiting for him to produce a cake from some cupboard or shelf. Bixlow frowned, while he was willing to give her said cake despite knowing she was definitely lying, he wasn't prepared to be chewed out by Laxus and Cana for stuffing their child full of sugar as soon as they left her with him.

"How about we go have dinner at Uncle Freed and Aunty Mira's house?" he offered, but she didn't seem too impressed with his proposal. "I'll get you a piece of cake tomorrow?" he amended, waiting as her frown quickly turned into a victorious grin. She darted to the door, impatiently waiting for Bixlow, brows raised as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

"Just wait a minute, I have to ask Uncle Freed first." He said, picking up his phone as she slunk back to the lounge, throwing herself against the cushions in frustration, he could practically hear her groaning. He pushed number three and autodial took over, ringing and ringing until finally Mira picked up, slightly tense.

"Hello?" she asked, obviously hoping for someone else.

"Ah, hi Mira, I was wondering if Kyoko and I could swing by for some dinner?" he asked in as much of an upbeat tone as he could manage, Kyoko's big grey eyes watching him once again- another tip from Cana, try to keep everything up beat, if they think you're flustered they'll panic. But Kyoko didn't seem panicked at all so he must be doing a good job.

"Of course you can!" Mira responded cheerfully, the strain still present. "How is Kyoko? Is she worried about the baby?" She asked, referring to how the baby was almost two whole months premature. But Kyoko either didn't understand what was happening or didn't consider it a significant problem, and judging by the conversations he'd had with her, he doubted there was much she didn't understand.

"She seems fine, other than bored." He said, turning his face away so she couldn't read his lips. "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with her, she's already finished all the stuff she brought, and she doesn't like TV- What kind of kid doesn't like TV?" he asked in hushed tones. Mira giggled, much to his displeasure.

"Just come over and she can play for a while, I'm sure we can tire her out for you, and I'd love the practice." Mira said, Cana's premature birth raising her own fears about having her first baby. Bixlow gave a sigh of relief, giving Kyoko a nod which made her once again dart for the door.

"Ok, we'll see you in five." Bixlow said hanging up and standing beside the door, hand on the nob staring at his niece, sure there was something he was forgetting. Finally it hit him when he saw a small ragged jumper peeking out of her small green and blue back pack. "Get your jumper, it might be a bit chilly later." She grabbed it quicker than he thought was natural but didn't think too much on it as her small hand gripped his as they walked out of the flat. It wasn't until they reached the door of his apartment block that he realised he hadn't remembered to check for shoes, her bare feet bright pink on the blue carpet. He took a deep breath, about to swear but thought better of it.

"You forgot your shoes-" he said, but was cut off before he suggest they return for them.

"I didn't forget them, I don't need them." she insisted stubbornly, tilting her hip in the same way Cana did when she had decided something. When Bixlow didn't automatically agree with her her brow creased in the same glower Laxus used when someone said something he thought to be particularly stupid. Bixlow couldn't help but be slightly unnerved, just like he was every time he saw both of them stamped all over their children.

"Fine, but you have to get on my shoulders, I can't let those cute little feet of yours get cold." He said, kneeling down for her to climb up like he had done many times before. She paused, considering taking the offer or continuing to fight, but to his relief she began to climb and soon they were off, Kyoko taking great delight it racking her hands on rooves and trees as they passed. She looked sad when she was pulled down into his arms, still not letting her feet touch the ground but only until Mira opened the door, a massive grin breaking over her face. She wriggled furiously, trying to escape his grasp.

"Put me down Uncle Bickies!" She demanded, wringgling increasing.

"Not until we're inside!" he snapped, leaning forward to place her feet firmly on the wooden floor. He feared she would throw a tantrum but instead she launched forward, hugging Mira's round belly with all her might.

"Where is Uncle Freeze?" she asked, Mira giggling at the adorable nickname but as always never correcting her nodded down the hall. Kyoko darted off into the house where there was the sound of grappling and some high pitched giggling.

"You look warn out Bixlow." Mira said, reaching out a hand to squeeze his shoulder. Bixlow leaned in to give her a quick hug and a smile.

"I love that girl but I don't know how they keep up with her." He said, walking into the house and closing the door behind him.


With dinner over and Mira and Kyoko playing a very heated game of snap Bixlow found himself sitting next to Freed, enjoying the peace before he had to take her back to his apartment.

"It's amazing how kids can have so little grasp on the severity of things." Freed said, thinking aloud as Kyoko let out a giggle after finally winning the game, waiting impatiently to start another.

"I think she knows exactly what's going on, but she doesn't think there is anything to worry about." He said, remembering her word's to Cana when she began to panic about the baby before Porlyusica arrived.

"How is that different?" Freed asked, slightly confused. Bixlow paused before explaining.

"You think she doesn't understand what is really going on, but I think she does, she just…. Is confident that it will be fine." He said, sure that she knew something they didn't. Freed took a closer look at Kyoko but only saw the care free little girl who had platted his hair the week before.


It was starting to get late and Mira knew that it was nearly time for Kyoko to leave with Bixlow, so she thought she'd give her a small parting gift, handing the deck of cards they had been playing with and said "You can keep them, maybe Uncle Bixlow will teach you a new game tomorrow morning if you straight to bed tonight." Giving her a quick wink. Kyoko grinned, launching forward to give her a hug, careful not to jostle her swollen belly too much.

"Thank you so much Aunty Mira!" she said, eyes beaming. But the words she said next would cause Mira's breath to catch. "You don't have to worry about Mummy and my little sister, I told her that she'd be fine so they'll be ok. Your baby boy will be here soon too, and then he can play with all his cousins!" she said, her beam unfaltering. Mira clutched her swollen stomach unconsciously.

"What do you mean my baby boy will be here soon? I'm having a girl, and she isn't due for another month." Mira asked, the panic in her voice tangible, Freed quickly coming over to them. Kyoko looked confused, brows knotting.

"But I told you that he was coming soon." She asked, not understanding the question. Freed, who had spent a lot of time speaking with the young girl understood her confusion.

"She means why do you think that? The doctors told us that it was a girl, and she was due in a month." Freed explained, understanding flushing over her.

"Oh, well I can feel the baby, like I could feel my sister in my Mummy, that's how I know they'll both be ok. Your baby is a boy, but he is really small, that's why the silly doctors told you the wrong thing. But don't worry Aunty Mira, he's small but strong, like Gramps!" she said with a smile, but Mira didn't return it, hand still clutching her stomach.

"I think we should head home now, squirt." Bixlow said, picking her up from the couch to toss her over his shoulder, Kyoko squealing and giggling. Bixlow offered Freed a nod in goodbye but he was too preoccupied holding Mira's hand.

"Bye Aunty Mira and Uncle Freeze! See you tomorrow!" she called between squeals as Bixlow swung her.


Bixlow woke to an irritating ringing just next to his face, the chink in his neck from sleeping on the couch giving a dull stabbing pain in the back of his mind as he answered.

"Mmmm?" Bixlow groaned.

"Bixlow? How's Kyoko?" he asked in a hushed voice, obviously trying not to wake someone.

"She's asleep in my bed, everything's fine here. How is it over there?" He asked, sitting up in the darkness, glancing at the glowing numbers on his clock, they read 4:45.

"Good, it's good. Cana's asleep and the baby is fine, small and fragile but healthy." He replied, a slight hint of glee in his voice. "You have another beautiful neice!" he said, grinning. Bixlow smiled, glad his friends were getting their dream.

"That's good to hear." Bixlow replied. "Give Cana a hug for me when she comes round." He said, the same words he used at the births of Laxus and Cana's other four children.

"I will, I will…" Laxus said, obviously distracted by something in the room, probably the baby.

"When do you want me to bring Kyoko around tomorrow?" he asked, considering whether to wake Kyoko and tell her the news.

"Would you be able to hold out until noon tomorrow? Cana's had a rough time and I don't know how well she's gonna be when she wakes up." Laxus said.

"I thought you said she was fine?" he asked, concerned. Over the years he and Cana had more than become friends and the idea that she wasn't recovering was deeply troubling.

"She is- she isn't in any danger, but she's exhausted and this time took way longer than the last times. I just don't want to push her…" Laxus said quickly, trying to placate him.

"Ok, well I guess we'll see you and the new bundle of joy tomorrow." Bixlow said, still unconvinced but not wanting to push him, telling himself he'd call again tomorrow.

"Alright man, take care of my little girl." Laxus said, a smile in his voice.

"Of course."


Bixlow gave a small sigh of relief as he entered the room, Cana smiling into the face of what he guessed was the baby but from his vantage point looked more like a bundle of blankets. Kyoko ran straight to her mother's side, beaming from one to the other.

"Meet your little sister Lani," Cana said, tilting the bundle to give Kyoko a better look. He started slightly as Laxus' large hand clamped down on his shoulder.

"She wasn't too much trouble was she?" Laxus asked, which in Dad speak meant 'give me a rundown of everything that happened'. Bixlow shrugged, glancing from Laxus to his wife and children.

"She got bored of the stuff in her back pack so I took her over to Mira and Freed's for dinner and Mira played with her for a bit but Kyoko said something about her baby that freaked her out, so I took her home, I don't think she noticed." Bixlow rambled, Laxus giving him a concerned look.

"Kids see everything mate, I'll probably have to have a chat with her." He said. If it was someone else saying that Bixlow might of thought they were blaming him, but Laxus wasn't like that, he just meant what he said which was a perk of being close friends.

"She didn't seem upset but Mira was pretty shaken up." Bixlow continued. "Anyway, she went straight to bed, then this morning we played cards and I took her out for an early lunch at the guild." He finished, conveniently leaving out the part where he bought her a large portion of double chocolate mud cake.

"Thanks mate, we really appreciate it. " Laxus said, leaning in for a quick hug, something he only did on rare occasions.

"That's what friends are for Boss." He replied, before continuing. "But I'd be lying if I said it was easy. I don't know how you two keep up with her, let alone the rest of them at the same time." He said, watching as Kyoko darted over as Makarov arrived with little Mac in his arms, jovially squirming to get into his sister's grasp. She expertly picked up her brother before allowing her great grandfather to hug her.

"Come on Macky, let's meet Lani!" she said brightly, the little boy squealing excitedly though he had little idea what he was so excited about.

"Look Macky, she's a bubby like you!" Kyoko said, gently bopping him up and down as he started babbling

"Bub, Bubbub, bubby!" with Kyoko nodding at him, a pleased look on her face. Cana's smile reached out to Bixlow as she waved him over. Laxus let him go, pushing him towards his wife while he spoke to his grandfather.

"Hey Kyoko, did you take good care of Unlce Bixlow?" Cana asked, ignoring Bixlow's slight pout.

"Yup," she replied proudly. "This morning I woke him up and I showed him how Daddy taught me to cook eggs!" She said, ignoring her brother tugging on her hair.

"You must have had a real treat, Kyoko's eggs are great!" Cana said, chuckling as Bixlow nodded solemnly, unable to do anything else with Kyoko's big grey orbs analysing him. But soon they were off him as her two younger sisters arrived, held aloft in the arms of her grandfather.

"Where is my new granddaughter?" Guildarts boomed, making a b-line straight for Cana.

Bixlow took a step back, feeling a pang of jealousy as he watched Laxus' children swarm around their mother, all curious about the new addition, Cana giving attention to each of them as she held the baby out for them to look. Laxus finished conducting his fatherly inquisition and came to stand next to his wife, taking his son from Kyoko's grasp to hug him to his chest.

"Did you girls all have a good time?" he asked, to which they all responded with some version of yes, but he could see Kyoko itching to take her brother back like usual, so he gave little Mac one last squeeze before returning him to her arms.

"Well that's great," he said, tussling each of their hair which was met with mild irritation.

A part of Bixlow wanted what Laxus had, a beautiful wife who loved him, a hoard of adorable children, master of Fairy Tail and a group of people who loved him unconditionally. But he couldn't lie and say he wasn't relieved when he handed Kyoko back.

Being their friend, their kid's uncle, that was enough for him for now, and with that thought in mind he began to make his way towards the exit, perhaps make his way to the job board. Just as his hand was on the door knob of the front door, seconds away from escape a small hand clasped his. He turned to see Kyoko, looking up at him with her usual excited gaze. She tugged his hand so he had to lean down listen to what she had to say.

"Don't tell Uncle Freeze, but you're my favourite." She said before jumping forward to give in a tight hug. Bixlow blushed slightly when she refused to let go after the appropriate amount of time. Only when Laxus' voice echoed down the hall calling for her did she dart back to her family.

"Well hot damn."