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A/N: Here it is, the long lost prologue to this fic. It may seem kind of irrelevant to rest of the story though, which is kinda why I scraped it to begin with. That and the fact that it's not all that well written. But now that people are actually reading this there are a few things I wanted to touch on before the story got more involved, though it'll probably all seem rather pointless. So, yeah, here it is. The short, badly written, detail lacking, originally disposed of prologue. Enjoy :)


The Edge of Forever



~Another day inside my world...~

It was early evening when Harry Potter found himself walking slowly through the small park. Wiping his forehead dry of the sweat that had collected there he found himself collapsing haphazardly on the nearest bench. It had been a very long, very hot day and though the waning sunlight made the humid air a good deal more tolerable it was still less than comfortable.

The summer hadn't been going as well as he'd hoped, but then again he couldn't remember a time when it had. Aside from the usual Dursley tormenting he received daily, the new set of chores he received nearly every morning, and constant warnings from Uncle Vernon that he keep any and all of "his kind" away from now on, he was still getting over the emotional blow of his hazardous school year. As much as he hated to admit it he still hadn't gotten over everything that had happened. Voldemort was back in power, Cedric was dead...In retrospect it all seemed so unreal.

Then again, it wasn't like it had been very long ago, it was perfectly normal for him to still be upset by it all. But after all of the horrible things he'd been through it seemed wrong for him to dwell on anything. Was this really any different? Harry sighed sadly as he thought over it again. Yes, this was definitely different. Everything was different. But did that mean that he had to be to?

Laughter from the surrounding children only made him frown more. Why couldn't he be like that too? It was all most painful for him to let his eye's wander over the happy children in the playground across from him. Running and laughing, playing with friends. Some with smiles that consumed the whole of their faces as loving parents pushed them higher and higher on the creaking old swings.

He wondered briefly if he'd ever been like that. Happy and carefree. Looking away sadly he closed his eye's against the thought. If he'd ever been happy like that he certainly couldn't remember it now. Something about that seemed very wrong. His entire life seemed so wrong. No one was supposed to live like that. He'd seen things in his fourteen short years that seasoned war veterans would never have to face in there lives. He had witnessed pure untamed hatred, the rebirth of Voldemort, the death of a friend...And he had survived.

That was all behind him now, and that's where it needed to stay. That's where he would make it stay. He had to...

A high-pitched bark from the tiny dog at his feet pulled Harry from his pensive state. Lowering his gaze to the little creature, he smiled weakly. He'd almost forgotten why he'd come out here in the first place.

An old women by the name of Beverly Phillips had just moved in about a block away and had asked Dudley of all people if he would be kind enough to walk her dog, Sugar. Naturally, Harry had "volunteered" to go instead. It wasn't so bad though, at least it got him out of the house for a bit. Besides, he liked dogs. Though he had to admit, he quite preferred big black dogs to little white ones.

"All right, I'll get up." He sighed softly as he got to his feet. He would have been perfectly content sitting there all night if he could. It was, after all, better than going home. But that would have been unfair to Sugar. Walking her so that she could get some exercise was a feat not easily achieved while sitting on a bench.

He was just stepping back onto the sidewalk when he realized he was being watched, and a tiny shiver ran down his spine despite the unnatural heat. He wasn't scared though, this sort of thing had happened before. Strange people used to stare at him all the time when he was a child. Just random wizards or witches trying to get a glimpse of the-boy-who-lived, he supposed. He had grown somewhat used to it over the years, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"C'mon, Sugar." He whispered, tugging lightly at the small dog's leash. "Let's get you home."

'Let's get me out of here...'

Harry couldn't be sure, but he could swear that whoever was watching him didn't take their eyes off of him until he was safely inside Mrs. Phillips quaint little house. It didn't really matter though, he'd just use the back door when he decided to leave.


A/N: OK, yeah, that was fun...*Ahem* Well, anyway, one reason that I stuck this in was for the simple reason that I didn't even mention everything that happened at the end of the fourth book before. So, as this fic takes place shortly after I figured I'd better shove it in there and explain why it's missing in the other chapters. Harry's sort of in denial about it all, he's thinks that he can just get over it and move on. But after going through something like that getting over it takes time. Harry didn't really allow for that. He doesn't realize that it has changed him, which is part of the reason why he's a bit err...reckless in the later chapters. Other than that I can't really reveal anything. So sorry about that. And sorry that this kinda sucks....*sighs* Yeah... o.O;;