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Prologue: Baby.

(Tris's POV)

Was this the right time to tell him? Come on Tris, you have been waiting to tell him for 4 months! Well, you can't take back what you've said now... Like "Hey Tobias! I'm pregnant! Only kidding! Chillax bro!" I mean, seriously.

He's staring at me blankly, but a soft, kind, gentle smile is upon his face.

"Y-your pregnant?"

I nod softly. "Yes," I choke out between a few tears; tears of joy or sadness, I'm not sure.

Before I can say anything more, he pulls me in for a huge bear like hug.

"Oh Tris... I'm so happy. We'll have another baby... I love you..." He releases me and bends down to my stomach. "...and I love you, my little baby Eaton,"

Before I can say anything, I am in rounds of horrific hormone tears. People are looking at us like, "What da heck?!"... It is very embarrassing, but I can't stop. I'm just too happy! But when we catch Niyah and Jake's attention, that's when I wish I could stop.

Jakey comes running over, pushing Niyah in her wheelchair.

"Mum! Are you ok!?" He says worriedly.

"What's wrong?" Asks Niyah gently.

Tobias looks at them with a smile. "We've got some good news. We'll tell you tonight. Ok? Just not here,"

"Ok... Come on sis! Lets go and have some races with Ani and Lez!" Jake exclaims as he pushes Niyah across the hall and our the door. They're followed by a midget with long frizzy red hair, Ani, and a tall muscular guy with dark black hair, Lez. I love it how my children look out for each other and are the best of friends...

"Hey Tris, I'm really sorry, but I need to be somewhere. Eric needs my help with something, I don't know what. Hey bring the kids back around 7? Will you? Don't tell them yet, wait till tonight,"

"Yeah sure, ok, bye," I reply as I kiss him softly on the lips before he leaves the hall.

I talk to a few of the parents, and I just eat a lot of the apple, cinnamon and chocolate cake they have here-pregnant women eat a lot... Well, I do. I'm 3 months. Don't hate me for not telling Tobias until today, it's just I was scared he would not want the baby...

When the time comes to 6:50, I go outside and collect my kids. Jake is bright red and sweaty from running up and down the field, and Niyah looks even redder, and more exhausted from pushing herself in the wheelchair up and down the field.

I get them in the car, we have a large car with a big boot so that there is this part where we put Niyah in her wheelchair. It's only a 10 minute drive, so we are home by 7:05. I hope Tobias is home... He left the kids school 4 hours ago, I hope he's done helping Eric.

I open the door and at a large dinner table, I see 5 familiar faces... 1 amity... 4 abnegation...

"Mum? Dad? Caleb? Susan? Robert? What are all you guys doing here?" I ask in shock and disbelief.

They all smile, especially Tobias who is sitting at the head of the table...


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