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Chapter Two: An Unforgettable Evening.

(Tris's POV)

"OH MY GOD! What are you all doing here?"

"Four invited us. Very last minute, but he said it was important we came," Replies Susan with a soft smile.

I look at my boyfriend. "Did you do this?" I squeak in a high pitched voice which I wished sounded normal.

"Yeah. You haven't seen them in so long... I just thoug-" I interrupt him with a passionate kiss. He's so thoughtful to of done this.

I feel his cheeks flush crimson, so I decide to stop. I look around to see my Mother talking to her grandchildren. Oh right, she didn't know they existed.

"Beatrice! Who are these lovelies?"

"Oh! Mum, these are Niyah and Jake. They're mine and Four's children..." What on earth do I say to her?! Firstly, she didn't know I became pregnant at 16, secondly she's meeting my kids, and thirdly she's gonna find out that I'm carrying another one! Well this is an odd day for us all...

"Y-you have children? With him? But you're not even married!" Snaps Caleb rudely.

"Caleb! That is unnecessary. Be nice to Beatrice!"

"Oh Mum, I go by the name Tris now..."

"Oh, that's lovely," She smiles weakly. They all look different.

We chat a bit, catch up. Susan is happy in Abnegation, engaged to a man called Charlie. Robert is dating a girl is Amity named Clarissa. Caleb has been married to Chantelle for 6 years, and they have 3 year old Teara and 1 year old Carla. Mum is great, and so is dad. They are happy together. Dad is the only one who is slightly... Well more than slightly... Not wanting to be here. But he is definitely curious about Tobias...

"So, Four... Tell me about yourself," Dad asks with a mouthful of peas and chicken. Why did Four cook an abnegation meal?!

"Well Andre-"

"I am Mr Prior to you,"

"Dad..." I groan. He's not making this any easier...

"Well, Mr Prior, what would you like to know?"

"Hmm... Maybe how you met my daughter?" He swallows hard. So do I. Even Niyah and Jake do. They even know the story of how we met.

"I met her in initiation," He replies smoothly enough.

"Oh you went through initiation together?" Mum asks.

"Not exactly. I was her instructor. Tris is 27 and I'm 29. Tris fell pregnant during initiation,"

I look at Caleb. He's staring at his plate. Probably wishing he could be back with his wife and kids.

Dad turns to me. "You got knocked up by your instructor?"

"Dad, it wasn't like that," I lie. Now I think about it, it actually was exactly like that.

"Beatrice. That is absolut-" Dad starts, but Mum buts in.

"Andrew. It's fine. Look how happy they are as a family! They have 2 gorgeous children... And they love each other dearly,"

"And we have another baby on the way," Tobias grins.

Niyah's face completely lights up and Jake's face drops- but I do see a smile.

I smile, watching them smile. Susan seems happy, so does Robert and Mum. Dad just sits there like. "Ok, I don't really care..." And Caleb just groans. Family.

"He makes you happy, doesn't he? I can tell," Mum asks softly as me and her are doing the dishes.

"He really does. I adore him. He's my Tobias..."

"Tobias? I thought he was called Four...?"

"Oh damn. Sorry, yeah he is,"

"Then why did you call him Tobias?!"

"Four is his nickname here in Dauntless. He doesn't want people to know his past about his faction before..."

"Which was? Oh! Oh! Let me guess!" She's still like a child, isn't she...

"Well if he's 29... Then... Tobias... Tobias Eaton. Oh my god Tris. You're dating Tobias Eaton?"

I nod. "Yep, don't tell Dad who he is. Please? Because Four left because Marcus,"

She nods. "Ok baby. I'm proud of you. Remember that, and don't forget it,"

It's about 10:30 and it's time for the kids to go to bed, and for our guests to leave. They are about to get up from the table and grab their coats when... Tobias stands on the table and takes my hands. He bends down towards me and kneels on the table... On one knee...

In the tiny crimson velvet box, there is a dainty ring. A pure glistening gold thin band, then a tiny diamond on the top. It isn't a diamond when I look closely, it is in the diamond shape, but half of this rock is a black jewel, and the other half is a blacky-grey jewel... A grey jewel.

Black. Grey. Dauntless. Abnegation.

"It's gorgeous..." I whisper almost speechlessly, choked with my tears.

He's got tiny tears in his eyes now. "Beatrice Prior. Will you marry me?"

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