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Even if their transformation locations varied, they always had something in common: They were a public, unisex fitting room. They didn't like to go to lonely places, like a small boutique on a small town, but neither to full places, like a mall in New York City.

Simon drove on for hours and hours until they arrived at Detroit, Michigan. Clary had chosen the location, since she hoped all the layers of clothing that they needed to wear because of the cold weather would help them to blend in better. Clary bit her lip, resisting the urge to cry when Magnus sweetly woke up Alec with a kiss on the cheek. Everyone was longing to finally get out of the car and stretch their limbs.

Even if transformation day was the day that Clary and Magnus most dreaded, Isabelle was always frantic about it because transforming meant shopping. Even if they still kept (and sometimes still used) their own clothes, they mostly got new ones with every new identity. With this one, though, they were going to need the new clothes more because of the cold than because of disguising. They carried around enough mundane money to go through at least twenty other transformations.

Simon parked outside of a half-full McDonald's, the first fast-food place they found. He hadn't even killed the engine when everyone started opening their doors and getting out. Clary and him were the last ones. Clary stretched her legs and her back and then hugged her best friend. She felt like crying, and Simon knew it. He silently held her until everyone was already in the line to order. They went inside silently and stood behind Jace, who was talking nonstop about how much he needed a triple cheeseburger.

Since they had been on the run, Simon hadn't properly drunk blood. After many evenings of puking and an unsettled stomach, he finally grew accustomed to eating just meat, as raw as possible. They weren't many options at a McDonald's for him, but he wasn't that hungry. He could wait and go to a steak house after the transformation.

All the guys, except Simon, ordered at least two cheeseburgers. Alec ordered even more than he could eat just to go with his fat disguise. Isabelle started ordering a salad, but changed her mind when Magnus reminded her that this were no times to try to stay slender, it was probably going to be the only time they ate until the next day. She nodded and ordered two chicken burgers. When Clary ordered her food and a single Jr. Burger for Simon to eat, she paid the exorbitant seventy-dollar bill. The cashier didn't find it strange, though.

They all proceeded to the drink machine and filled their cups, waiting for their order to be ready. They sat down at the largest table they could find, which was exactly for six people. When the employee called for their order number, Jace and Alec -who were the ones closest to the counter- stood up and came back carrying three full trays. Even if her friends frantically started looking for their food and started hungrily devouring it, Clary just played with hers. She was hungry, but she wasn't in the mood to eat. The sight of her friends made her depressed. They were laughing and talking, they looked like normal teenagers having fun. Even Alec was happier than usual. She hid her hands under the table and linked her right pinkie finger with her left one, a gesture that she had started making to reassure herself.

As she ate her French fries, the memories than she had tried for so long to push back surfaced.

Clary ran towards the Institute, she had just received a fire message from her mother to meet her there. As soon as she saw the messy and hurried handwriting, she knew something was wrong. She ran as fast as she could in New York streets and traffic. When she finally arrived, she instantly knew that something was terribly wrong. The doors were thrown open, the entrance covered in blood and ichor. She glanced down and saw a half-dead demon lying on the floor. She instinctively took out her favorite seraph blade and struck the demon as she shouted "Ithuriel!" The demon instantly turned into a gross pool of ichor and ashes. Clary didn't hesitate and ran inside, looking for signs of battle. There were none, though. She took the elevator, cursing it for being so slow. Hours seemed to pass until it stopped and the door opened. Her mother, Luke, Simon, Alec and Magnus were waiting for her. At that moment, she didn't even think about how Simon, a vampire could be inside the institute. She ran to hug her mother and her almost-father Luke and asked them what happened.

"Clary, baby, listen to me" Her mother, Jocelyn, looked at her sternly. "Isabelle and Jace are on their way. Magnus is going to make a portal, you have to run and hide somewhere safe, you understand? Hide until you have all possible strength." She then handed Clary a wooden chest, small enough to be a simple box. "Take this, you'll know how to open it. Clarissa, listen to me" She took Clary's hand and with the other one raised Clary's face to her own. "When you defeat the three of them, go to the glass towers of Alicante. The six of you have to pour your blood on them. If we're alive, Luke and I will be waiting for you there, you need a werewolf to succeed. Clary, there is no time to explain now, but there is a prophecy. When this prophecy is complete, the Nephilim and the Angel will rise and restore the order, end with dark shadowhunters."

At that moment the elevator door opened again. Jace and Isabelle, both dirty and covered in blood stepped out hurriedly. Isabelle was carrying a big bag on her shoulder. She took out a small box from it and gave it to Jocelyn, who in turn gave it hurriedly to Clary.

"Clary, take this, it's my stele. You're going to need it, you're going to need your power with the runes." She opened her mouth to say something else but at that moment the floor started to shake. "Magnus, NOW" She shouted. She hugged Clary tight and kissed her forehead. "I love you, Clary. No matter what happens I'll always love you. And I'll always be very proud of you." Magnus was opening a portal, everyone else was ready to leave.

"B-but mom, what will happen to you?" Clary asked, a silent tear running down her cheek.

"I'll be ok, honey, just leave" She implored. At that moment, Luke lit up a match, ready to drop it to the floor.

"Come with us" Clary begged as flames silently spread themselves from Luke's feet towards the rest of the room.

"I can't, honey. He comes for me, I'm his mother. You're our last hope." And with that she pushed Clary through the portal, the familiar sense of darkness taking over her.

I'm his mother, Jocelyn had said. What did she mean? Did Clary have a brother? What was in that box? Why did everything suddenly start to go wrong, to go so dark? With a loud noise, Clary landed on hot sand. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. Simon, Isabelle, Jace, Alec and Magnus were all there, lying on the sand with confused looks on their faces.

"Where are we?" Jace asked with a confused voice.

"Santa Monica" Magnus answered halfheartedly. "Now get up, we have to get going before they track us through the portal. Isabelle, don't let go off the bag." He hastily got up, brushed sand from his clothes and started running, glancing behind to make sure everyone was following.

They ran for what seemed like hours until they arrived at a Toyota dealership. It was sunset, so it was already closed. With a snap of his fingers, Magnus opened the door and pushed them all inside. They walked hurriedly towards the back, where cars were decorated with giant ribbons and balloons, waiting to be picked up by their new owners. With another snap, the doors of a Sienna van flew open. Magnus took away the sign that read Carl Anderson, who was probably the guy who bought it. The keys for the van instantly appeared on his hand. They all got inside the car without time for asking questions. Magnus speedily drove away, probably over the speed limit, as the garage doors opened instantly by his powers.

Clary buckled her seat belt and cried against the fabric of the seat. Her mother and Luke were probably dead. They had set fire to the fucking Institute. They were DEAD.

"Clary?" Alec silently sat next to her while everyone else was still joking around. "Are you ok?" Clary was about to say she was when she noticed she was crying. She didn't answer, a silent understanding passing between Alec and herself. She was still too immersed in her memory to notice Alec was holding her hand. His blue eyes were as beautiful as ever, his expression unreadable. "We're gonna make it" He said reassuringly as he unwrapped her cheeseburger for her.

"Thank you" Clary said, hoping her voice didn't break. She silently finished her meal, Alec never leaving her side for the second time that day. She gradually stopped crying, the lump on her throat washed down by each bite. By the time she was finished, everyone, except for Alec and herself, was playing two truths and a lie out of boredom.

"Ok, one: I was unfairly banned from Peru, two: I slept with Jocelyn's friend Catarina, three: My eyes weren't always like a cat's." Magnus said, keeping a straight face.

"Oh, come on, Magnus, that's too easy." Exclaimed Jace, throwing his hands up with a laugh. "Everyone knows it's the cat eyes." To Jace's astonishment, Magnus laughed.

"Wrong. They changed when I was about six months old." He said with a proud smile on his lips. Jace frowned.

"If that's true, what's the lie?" he asked.

"You'll never know." He answered mysteriously.

"Oh, come on!" He said pouting. He looked so funny that even Clary laughed.

"Guys, you can play in the car, let's get going." She said, trying to sound as happy and cheery as possible.

"I won't fail you, mom. Even if I die."She said silently to the sky as they got out, wondering not for the first time if Jocelyn was still alive.

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