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After driving around the city for some time, Magnus finally found a location everyone thought safe for the transformation. Magnus himself was pretty ecstatic about it, since it was a Middle East antique and clothing shop. Clary got out of the SUV first to check the store's schedule.

The schedule on the door indicated they had at least three hours until the store closed. Perfect. Clary ran back to the car to drag everyone to the store. It was a pretty rustic place, with Arabic decoration everywhere. Magnus and Isabelle were freaking out over every piece of clothing they saw. Ironically, Simon was actually curious about the different middle-eastern deities, since there were plenty of statues in the store.

"How can I help you?" A smiling woman who was probably no more than thirty asked them. "Looking for anything in particular?" Her eyes glistened with such pride, it made Clary wonder if she was the owner.

"Just looking around, thanks!" Clary smiled back. "Oh, by the way, can we try on clothes?" She tried to sound as casual as possible. Trying on clothes was just a fa├žade, like everything else.

"Everything except the belly-dance bras"

"Okay, thanks" Clary flashed her another smile as she headed towards the clothing section of the store. Differently from the antiques section, the clothing section was pretty organized. Everything had a hand-made label on. Every piece of clothing was in its right place.

Magnus was already there, inspecting different styles of turbans with gleeful interest. Clary and Magnus were pretty much the leaders of the group, since they were the ones responsible for everyone's glamours. Clary picked out a few items of clothing at random, making sure they were the right size for her and Isabelle. She thought it back and changed some pieces of clothing for a smaller size. She was going to be a stick-thin girl, just for fun. She wasn't fat to begin with, but she wasn't morbidly skinny, either. As long as she looked different from herself, she could experiment as much as she wanted to.

Magnus was somewhat slower in picking the boys' clothes. He took his time comparing styles, sizes and colors. He even asked Alec for his opinion once, to which he shrugged after studying said pieces of clothing for a few seconds. Isabelle was inspecting the store on her own, handing Clary some pieces of clothing she liked. She even grabbed a golden scorpion necklace from the antiques section.

Clary had never seen Jace and Simon get along really well, but they were really bonding in the store. They were having their good share of laughter as Jace picked out ridiculous pieces he liked and fake-modeled them for Simon. Simon tied a belly-dance jingly skirt around his hips and swung around, making the little metal pieces jingle. Even Alec cracked a smile.

Clary was trying to take a look at the rest of the store as Magnus continued picking out the boys' clothes, but so far nothing had really caught her eye. She adjusted their bag on her shoulder as she kept slowly pacing among the antiques section. There were statues of Muslim and Hindi deities everywhere. She saw a stone carved with something in Hebrew and the star of David that would probably interest Simon.

When she walked towards the next display, all she could do was gasp. There were at least a dozen paintings there. All of them were beautiful in their own, abstract way, but what caught her attention was a grayscale paining of the Hindi god Vishnu. It was abstract and yet more detailed that anything she had ever seen. It was simply beautiful. Next to the painting was a closed, wooden box, similar to the one in which the Mortal Cup was guarded. When Clary opened the box, her eyes watered with admiration.

Inside it were pencils that were not quite pencils. They were simple chunks of charcoal with a clay handle. Next to the pencils she found different crystal bottles, each of them almost full with a different color of powder. She had to buy it! She would make amazing drawings and paintings with it. If she were at Walmart, she would also buy a new sketchpad, purely out of joy. She glanced at the price tag. All that awesomeness for thirty dollars! She snatched it and carried it under her arm. Everyone was picking out clothes and accessories. This was her guilty pleasure.

"All right, time to try on clothes!" She heard Magnus say as she was walking back towards her friends. She scooped up the clothes she had picked for herself and Isabelle, also grabbing the bunch Isabelle had added afterwards.

The fitting room, it turned out, was a medium-sized cubicle with a wooden door and an antique-looking mirror. They would have to take turns in going in. Jace was the first one who grabbed his bunch of not-yet-purchased clothes and went into the room. Clary and Magnus followed. Routinely, he grabbed a random outfit and tried it on, just in case the store owner came by to check on them. He changed in front of them with no shame. During the course of their journey, they had grown accustomed to seeing each other's naked bodies. Privacy was not a need anymore. Not when they were running across the country for their lives.

Once Jace was changed, Magnus began working in removing Jace's current glamour, a tall, bald guy who wore ray ban glasses and plucked his eyebrows. Clary saw him exactly as Jace, but she knew the glamour was over when he removed the glasses and tucked them into his pocket.

"Clary, some help with the new Jace?" Magnus said.

"Hmmm, maybe he could be back to being blond just this once." She said, examining and trying to imagine more traits.

"Okay. You'll have long, hair, though." He added looking at Jace.

"Ladies, prepare for the new supermodel look." Answered Jace smirking and flirtatiously winking at Clary. Magnus laughed, but Clary did her best effort to flash a small smile. She felt like her stomach had dropped ten feet. No, no, stop it! She thought in Jace's direction. It's never gonna work, don't try please.

When Magnus was finished, she tried to unfocus her mind a little to get a glimpse at the glamour. As always, Magnus did an impressive job. Jace looked nothing like his old self. Clary took out the small notepad and a pen she kept in her pocket and closed her eyes, the thoughts of a stronger glamour never leaving her mind. Without noticing, she began scribbling. When she opened her eyes again, she had drawn a single rune on the paper. She flipped to the previous sheet, just to make sure it was the same one she had drawn last time.

She saw two identical runes, so she proceeded to draw it with her stele next. Jace, already accustomed to the transformations, bared his left shoulder and closed his eyes as Clary drew the rune. She could tell he was in pain, but he made no sound of protest. When Clary was done, she observed the rune as its glow faded. When the mark turned to black, Jace stopped tugging at the collar of his shirt and started undressing, putting back the outfit in which he had come in. Magnus then put a weak glamour on him so he would look like he had when he entered the store, so the owner wouldn't notice his changed appearance. He thanked them and got out.

Clary sighed. She was glad that he was gone. She had been avoiding Jace practically since the start of their runaway trip. The thought of breaking his heart was too painful, and he was a constant reminder to Clary that she had what she didn't want and she wanted what she didn't have. Avoiding Jace had seemed like the best at first, but it was incredibly awkward when she found herself alone -or almost alone, in this case- with him. He kept on trying to win her over, she kept looking another way. If Jace knew what she thought, he would be completely broken. If he knew that the rare times they talked face to face, when Clary was looking into his eyes, everything she saw in her mind were blue eyes, the eyes she had dreamed about for so long, he would probably want to kill himself.

Once, before he was a vampire, Simon had confessed his love to Clary, and Clary had kissed him. When Jace found out, he went hysterical, even though it had been just a kiss, a simple kiss to make up for the fact that she didn't love him back. If Jace found out that she had been in love with his brother, his parabatai, for so long she couldn't remember when it started, Jace would be a complete disaster.

They slowly did the same for everyone else, starting with Isabelle and ending with Alec. Those moments were the most painful ones for Clary. She tried to look another way when Magnus touched Alec, but she had to draw the rune. When Alec kissed Magnus goodbye and left the room, she swallowed the huge lump in her throat and stood silently as Magnus worked on her. When he was done, she looked at herself in the mirror.

She was tall, almost as tall as Isabelle. Her hair was chestnut brown and was cut fancily at her jaw. Her eyes were a pretty teal blue, but not anywhere near as pretty as Alec's. She looked way prettier than she had ever looked herself. She thanked Magnus and silently drew her own rune. Magnus put the second glamour on quickly. She got out as he started working on himself.

While Magnus was busy, she started looking for cash on their big bag. After buying the clothes, they just needed to make one more stop until their transformation was complete. A shopping mall, so they could change clothes and get something to eat. The effort had made her inexplicably hungry.

"What do you think, darlings?" Magnus asked everyone as he got out. He truly looked impressive, he looked nothing like his real self.

After paying for their new, mid-eastern clothes, everyone got into the car again, ready to get over with the transformation once and for all.

One stop. One more thing to do and we can all rest. Clary thought, tired.

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