Chapter One: Prologue

There was a long silence that dreaded the dark corridor. The lights were dimly lit but that didn't bother the only living occupant within the dark facility. There wasn't any sound aside from the quiet footsteps that echoes, and even that echoes could barely be heard. The solitary figure, dress in a dark, thick cloak, walk towards the brown, oak double door in front of the hallway. She pushes the door open with one hand and strode into the room.

The room is shelter in complete darkness. Not one light was present. The figure enters and immediately the sensors within the room lit up the light like fireflies on a beautiful summer night.

There wasn't much to the room. On one side of the room, there was a wooden desk; equipped with the latest technology, and papers that was pin to the side of the desk. There were different colors sticky-note, with writing on them, stuck to the computer desktop and keyboard like a wave of exquisite colors. The revolving chair; with nice cushion; had a big pile of paper on the seat. There was a trash bin beside the desk that also had a huge pile of papers inside. To the other side of the room, was a huge machine with multiple keyboards and a gigantic screen. The screen is displaying a mini version of the creation that was place right in between the room.

Within the room, between the desk and the machine, a huge cylinder-like tank was place up-right between the ceiling and the floor. There were wires that connect to the base and the top of the tank. Green, clear water filled the tank up all the way to the very top. A quiet beeping begins resonating around the room from the screen. The figure reaches into her hood and presses the ear piece near her ear. Static resound and someone answer on the other line. "Yes?" The figure mutters something through the link to the other person. "Got it, I'm coming your way."

Another beep resonates and silence looms over the room once again. The figure remains standing near the door and waits for her partner to arrive at the scene. But not a second later, a dark cloud of black mist materialize around the room. The mist begins swirling into a ball in the center of the room, almost like it was dancing. The ball rotates and pulls in the strings of mist. The figure remains motionless by the door, waiting for something to appear amidst the darkness.

Suddenly, the ball burst and the mist scatter around the room again. This time, however, a small, baby figure appears. The figure was also dressed in a dark cloak, except he has a baby pacifier around his neck and covered from head to toe in white rolls of bandages. The taller figure walks over to the new comer. "So this is what you were looking for," the baby states, now staring at the cylinder-like tank. The taller one nods her head and slowly reaches up to pull back her hood.

Long silk-like, brown hair flutters down to the figure's shoulders. Creamy white skin display itself to the weak lighting of the room. Deep, rich brown eyes blinks away the darkness cast by the room. Red pouty lips forms into a small smile. Dimples make their way onto the soft cheeks. "Yes," a song-like voice fills the air.

The baby flows closer to the tank and touch the smooth surface of the glass. "Are you sure this thing can store that much amount of power," he questions cautiously.

"I'm sure," the song-like voice assures the other occupant, "It is made for him after all." The baby moves over to the screen. "Angelo sure is one crazy bastard," he comments.

"He may be crazy, but he knew what he was doing," the song-like voice responds back, "He knew this place wouldn't be easy to find; which is probably why he put it here in the first place."

"I know that," the baby snorts at the other; and even though she couldn't see his face, she knew his every expressions, "But are you sure you want to do this? I mean there is no turning back once you enter that tank."

"There is already no way I can turn back," the song-like voice says to him, "I am, as of yesterday, an enemy to them. It is now your turn to move the chess pieces."

"This isn't a game that anyone can just play," the baby said, "No one but you can move the chess pieces that you had placed on the board."

The taller figure smiles at him, "If it is Bermuda-san, then there is no doubt that you can do it."

Bermuda frowns deeply at the other, "You shouldn't have placed your trust in me. I could have double-crossed you anytime."

"But you didn't, right," the taller figure continues to smile.

He snorts and turns away. He walks over to the machine and places both his hand on the keyboards. In seconds, he begins typing down on the keyboards rapidly. Files after files appear on the screen until Bermuda finally stop on a certain file printed in black bold letters. He clicks on it and a blue print of the building pops up. The figure walks over to him and watches as he study the layout of the building and how to control its computer system. "I think I got it," Bermuda says to the figure, "If I can find the restart button; I can restart the whole system and override the old one." He begins typing even more rapidly than before.

"Got it," Bermuda says with a look of triumph on his face. A red alert appears on the screen and a mechanical voice echoes through the room. "System will now restart. All system must not be breach within the time limit of 30 minutes. If the system is breach, all data will be terminated immediately," explains the mechanical voice.

Bermuda turns to the taller figure; "There is no one else here besides us right?"

The figure shook her head, "It's just us. I can't feel any other living people within the building."

"Good," Bermuda says and turns back to the screen. A time box appears at the top right corner of the screen. The seconds are counting backward at a much faster rate than normal time.

Bermuda flows away from the screen to the desk on the other side of the room. He settles on top of the pile of papers on the chair. The figure remains by the machine. "You know," Bermuda speaks up while watching the other from across the room, "I don't get you." The figure didn't say anything to the comment. "I mean you love him, and yet you betrayed him like he was nothing to you," he continues, "What made you so strong?"

The figure remains silent. "Are you really that in love with him? Is he really worth all this sacrifice? Is Tsunayoshi Sawada really worth all this," Bermuda questions.

Finally, the figure turns around to look at him. A bright, genuine smile is plant on her face. Slowly, her voice echoes through the room. "He is worth so much more than I can give."

Bermuda snorts loudly at her answer, "The brat isn't worth any of these sacrifices. If you ask me, I would rather he be the sacrifice."

She giggles and shook her head, "Bermuda-san is always too kind to me."

He glares at her and crosses his arms over his chest with a faint blush on his cheeks. "Whatever," he snorts.

"I wonder," she looks at the tank, "If she was alive, would she have agree to this."

He thought about what she said, going through all the things that she had been through to get to this point; and he shook his head, "She probably wouldn't have agree… but after everything that you had done to get to this point, she will forgive you, eventually of course."

"True… after all, she is still the wife of the strongest Vongola Guardians," she adds quietly, and almost sadly with a smile.

"Is that why you killed her," Bermuda asks after contemplating her question, "because she would have stand in your way?"

Silence looms over the two and she turns away from him. Instantly, he knew that he wouldn't be getting an answer from her. She never liked to answer his questions anyway. "System has now reached the final stage of reprogramming," the mechanical voice announces to the two before fading into the background again.

Bermuda gets up from the chair and moves across the room to the machine. Together, they waited for the mechanical voice to announce the end of the reprogramming. Fifty seconds left… forty Seconds… thirty seconds…

"You ask me why I killed her," she speaks suddenly, making him turn to look at her. Her expression is void of any emotions. "The reason why I killed her," she continues, "isn't because she would had stood in my way…"

Twenty seconds.

"…it's because…"

Ten Seconds.

"…she was… and is my best friend."

Five… four… three… two… one; the mechanical voice comes on once again; "System is now ready for reprogramming."

Bermuda remains staring at her, his expression shows that he was confused and in disbelief. "Is that really your answer," he asks slowly.

She just smiles at him instead of answering, Bermuda-san should begin the reprogramming."

He frowns at her but he chooses not to continue the conversation. She would have just ignored him anyway. He turns back to the machine and begins rewriting the program, enabling him to control every little thing within the facility.

The figure closes her eyes and listens to Bermuda working his magic on the keyboards. She tries her best to focus on her life mission, but she couldn't help but contemplates his question. It is true that she is her best friend, but that wasn't all. If she hadn't killed her, a lot more people would have die. She did what she thought was best for everyone; she did what she had promised her from the very moment all of this started.

"Reprogramming complete," the mechanical voice announces. Bermuda then turns to her, "It's time." Those two words instantly left a very bitter taste in his mouth. It made him feel like he was sentencing her to her death; and the thought of it does not appeal to him one bit.

But she doesn't see it that way; so instead, she opens her eyes and smiles at him, "Then let's proceed as planned."

Bermuda tears his eyes away from her. He couldn't face her knowing that he will soon send her to an eternity of loneliness. All he has left to do was placed a hand on the red circular button on the middle keyboard, and the tank will immediately suck her in, but for the first time in many millennia, he couldn't help but hesitate.

Knowing this all too well, she places one hand on his petit shoulder along with her everlasting smile, "For the sake of our love ones, we can't afford to hesitate."

"I know," he scoffs at her, though his voice doesn't sound as annoyed as it did a while ago. He closes his eyes and takes a small audible breath. He holds it in for a second before letting it out, "Get ready."

She nods at him and then moves away from him towards the tank. She stands in front of it and closes her eyes once again, trying to enhance her determination. Once Bermuda presses that button, her fate is seal and she will spend the rest of her life in this room, holds within the tank. But she will be just fine… because no matter how far apart they are, she knows that she will always hold a part in his heart; forever. No matter whom he comes to love from this moment onwards, she will always be the one he can never forget; the one he will keep within his heart for the rest of his life.

She doesn't know whether it is this train of thoughts of hers or something else that triggers it, but the moments of her life with him flashes across her mind like a bitter sweet cliché movie.

Memories of them sitting together under the old willow tree behind the Vongola Mansion; in Namimori; plays in her mind first. They were both smiling like there's no tomorrow and laughing until they couldn't laugh anymore. It was where they kissed for the first time, and where he confessed to her.

Next, the memories of their wedding flashes cross her mind. She was sitting in her room when he sneaks into the room through the window. He surprised her with a soft kissed on the cheek and on her soft lips. She was soon scolding him for seeing her before the wedding, but when he held her in his arms with that passionate laugh of his, she couldn't help but smiled. He was so handsome in his white tuxedo and she was so beautiful in her wedding gown. They stood in each other's arms until Bianchi came into the room and threw poison cooking at him for breaking the traditions of a romantic wedding.

The following memories were when she walked down the aisle to him. He was reaching his hand out to her, like a true fairy tale prince. She took his hand and they recited their wedding vows with so much love and passion that she couldn't help but cried in joy. Next was the dance they shared under the willow tree where no one could see them. She had her head on his shoulder while his chin was on top of her head. They were moving slowly to the quiet song of Mother Nature and it was one of the most precious memories of hers; the memories of their wedding nights and the morning after soon follows closely behind.

Memories after memories flashes through her mind and then they stops altogether. A single tears falls from her eyes as one sentence flows through with her memories.

Slowly she opens her eyes and Bermuda presses the button. The tank begins to split apart and instead of flowing out and flooding the room, the water rushes to her and surrounds her with its embrace. The cloak she wore slips from her frame and saturates to the floor; dry.

In her white high-low dress, the water pulls her into the tank and holds her there as the tank comes back together. As her eyes gradually close, she happily embraces the result of her decision and slips finally into slumber, remembering only his last words to her.

"I will always love you, my one and only Haru."