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"An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind" – Mahatma Ghandi

The coffin's lid fell to the ground with a dull, resounding thud that seemed deafening in the new silence the technique had caused. It was broken though as the masked man smirked, stepping back from the now open coffin as the blonde monk stared into its darkened interior, frozen with shock. His body slowly started to swirl away to the sound of displaced air but he couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his throat as he sent a final stabbing remark at his enemy.

"I'll leave it to you then Naruto, have fun with your new playmate. Try not to die, it would be very… inconveniencing for me." The blonde blinked his way out of the shock that had taken over him just as the man finished vanishing, managing to catch his lone Sharingan eye just before it completely disappeared. However that was quickly put out of his mind as his attention turned back to the person stepping out from inside the coffin, a very confused expression marring their face.

"Kirabi…" Naruto took an involuntary step back as the large Kumogakure Shinobi stumbled out of the slate grey box, seemingly having to get used to moving again "… that's impossible, you can't be dead." He took another step back, his muscles seizing up as he desperately tried to deny what he was seeing. It just wasn't possible; Kirabi was strong, very strong, he couldn't have been taken down. However deep down the monk knew he was just making excuses. It was the guilt at seeing his fellow Jinchuuriki standing before him, now nothing more than a controlled puppet, all because he had constantly delayed going to find him.

"Yo yo, what's goin' on Mister Nine?" Kirabi stumbled a bit on unsure legs, a hand going to his temple as a wince marred his usually carefree face. "Aww man, I ain't feeling all that fine." He righted himself, shaking his head as he adjusted to the strange feeling of… well, being alive again.

"Kirabi I…" The words stuck in Naruto's throat as his mouth worked uselessly, unable to say anything as his eyes widened and his hands clenched and unclenched. The much larger man just looked across at the monk, staring around at his surroundings with concealed confusion before looking down at his own body, following the few cracks that ran across his skin and clothing like he was some ancient statue that had been brought to life.

"Oh man, this is some pretty strange shit, ain't no getting' used to something like it, ya fool!" Despite the shades covering his eyes the surprise on the man's face was evident, even more so when he suddenly pulled out the multitude of swords strapped across his back, throwing them up in the air as if he was discarding them. "Woh woh what's going on for real? It's like my bodies on the go but I ain't behind the wheel!" Naruto had managed to stop himself for the moment, watching in shocked fascination as one by one Kirabi began catching the number of swords, seven in total, all across strange places in his body; although oddly enough he didn't use his hands.

"It's the Edo Tensei, you aren't in control." Kirabi's brow just furrowed as Naruto's oddly subdued voice floated across the room as the teen slowly settled back into an unfamiliar stance to the Hachibi Jinchuuriki. His shaggy blonde hair had fallen across his eyes to shadow them, preventing Kirabi from seeing the few tears that had begun to accumulate before being quickly blinked back. "I'm so sorry." Gently he placed his shakujou to one side, standing it up even though it had nothing to lean against.

"What do you-?" Suddenly and without warning Kirabi launched forward, his body moving with a will entirely against his own as his limbs and blades became indistinguishable in the whirling, hectic style of his Kenjutsu. Even Naruto had to widen his eyes as he struggled to keep up with the unpredictable and chaotic movements, having to dodge rather than block in most cases as he noticed the thin blue aura around each blade. He wasn't really willing to test just how durable his Asura path could be against lightning-enhanced edges wielded by a lightning release master.

"Yo Mister Nine, these movements ain't mine ya fool!" Naruto simply maintain his grim demeanour as he continued to keep the deadly humming blades just out of reach, maneuvering the spinning and bouncing Kumo-nin further and further away from Nagato's still unconscious form so that the man wasn't at immediate risk from being caught in the crossfire. However after a moment Bee's eyes widened in sudden realisation as a familiar feeling overcame him. "Watch out Naruto, I got more limbs than this ya know!" The warning came too late though as Naruto unconsciously tracked one of the blades that Kirabi had thrown up into the air, only for it to suddenly be snatched by a long pinkish-grey octopus tentacle.

The blade sheared right through the hasty but weak wall of sand that was put up in front of it, mostly due to the fact there was very little in the mostly metal room that could be broken down into the granular substance. However it did provide just enough time for a third arm to sprout from Naruto's shoulder, quickly catching the blade in its palm. Thanks to his Preta path he absorbed most of the lightning Chakra but the weapon itself was still sharp and dug into the mechanical limb's palm all the same, making the blonde wince at the dulled sensation.

The monk raised a leg in time to block a vicious knee to the stomach but was left completely unprepared as the muscular Jinchuuriki suddenly struck him right in the chest with a crushing double-fisted strike. By the time he had managed to pry himself out of the indentation in the wall he had been thrown into Kirabi was nothing more than a vague spinning buzz-saw again. Naruto quickly understood why the man was considered a powerhouse even without his tenant as he jumped back, glancing over to see how far away Nagato was before internally nodding to himself.

"Come on Nine-o, you gotta stop me ya know?" Naruto's eyes simply narrowed for a moment behind his veil of hair before he raised a single palm, hoping the building could handle a bit of damage.

"Shinra Tensei." Kirabi had little time to do anything other than brace himself as he was roughly sent hurtling back by a wall of force. Far from simply embedding within the far metal wall his Chakra-toughened form was sent careening right through it, recklessly ripping through the metal all the way out of the building. Quick to use the opportunity to move the fight further away from Nagato, Naruto rushed after the man-turned-projectile. He absently noticed that it had begun to rain again as he jumped down to the street level, his haori billowing out around him. As he landed though he was quickly surrounded by an entire squad of Ame Jounin, all threateningly holding their kunai and giving him hard stares.

"You there, stop at once!" The voice came out raspy through the respirator the Jounin wore however he was quickly cut off as another Ame-Shinobi, this one wearing a bandanna, ran in and grabbed the arm holding the kunai.

"Stop it you idiot, this is the monk Tenshi-sama herself told us would be staying here, under the direct protection of Pein-sama!" Almost at once the attitude of the Shinobi changed as if a switch had been flicked, immediately lowering their weapons and bowing towards him.

"I apologise Monk-sama, I did not know." Naruto's mouth just twitched as he took a step back, very much unused to treatment of this kind.

"Ah it's…" His eyes widened as his water sense, dampened as it was by the perpetual rain bathed in Nagato's Chakra, warning him of an incoming threat "… watch out!" He suddenly ramped up the gravity as he clenched his fist, forcing all of the Jounin to collapse towards the ground, just in time as four tentacles, each bearing a lightning-infused blade, sliced through the air above them, leaving an audible hum in their air from the high-frequency vibrations. The collected Shinobi's eyes widened in surprise when they realised they had been saved from almost certain death. However when they looked back toward the young monk they only saw he was looking off down the street where the tentacles had come from.

"Dammit Nine-o that's just not enough, if you wanna put me down you gotta start playing rough." The Kumo-nin's voice was a little muffled by the sword held between his teeth and white, papery wisps were floating towards Bee's body, patching up vicious gashes across his arms and back that had been caused by the rent metal on his way out from the building. Naruto scowled as he unclenched his hand, allowing the gravity around him to return to normal, tolerable levels.

"It might help if you didn't look like you were enjoying this so much." Despite the situation Kirabi grinned a little bit as the tentacles retracted back into his form as if they had never been there at all.

"I may be dead and all that, but I've never been one to lay down flat, This has been a long time coming Nine-o, so I hope your skills are ready to show, ya fool!" Naruto growled lowly in the back of his throat; he really didn't have time for Bee's antics; it was like the man didn't understand the severity of the situation.

"Don't worry Monk-san, we'll take care of him, for Pein-sama!" The blonde's eyes widened when the Jounin around him suddenly rushed forward at impressive speeds, many of them moving to flank the Kumo shinobi.

"Wait!" It was too late though, the minute Kirabi saw that these men were in between him and what the Edo Tensei was telling him was his target his body went into action. His limbs became nothing more than a buzzing blur of motion, slicing through flesh and kunai alike and blowing past any feeble attempts to defend against him. However as he moved forward he found himself in the intersection between two streets where four of the Jounin had awaited him in a trap.

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" Twin calls of the same technique rang out amidst the rain as the shinobi all blew out from their hands as if playing some invisible bugle. Highly pressurized jets of water rushed at the spinning Jinchuuriki from both sides, leaving him nowhere to go. However the shade's wearing man didn't even seemed fazed as two tentacles shout out, catching blades that had been in motion before placing them in the way of the oncoming attacks. In a move that would have been impossible with human joints the blades began spinning so fast they became nothing more than a greyish disk in the air, dissipating the streams of water into a fine mist that quickly settled on the ground.

Before the Jounin could even show their surprise at their trap failing two more blades were out, quickly being stabbed into the ground. Naruto winced at the cries of pain that echoed in the streets as he watery ground was suddenly electrocuted, along with the Shinobi that hadn't been fast enough to jump away. It was a suicide move considering Kirabi was also standing in the water however with his Edo Tensei body it caused nothing more than a light tingling sensation. Naruto's eyes narrowed at that; Kirabi had become that much more dangerous if he had realised, and was taking advantage of, his body's indestructibility.

"Banshou Ten'in." Before it could go on much longer the Jounin still trying to surround Kirabi were yanked back through the air, landing in a skidding stop behind Naruto before the blonde lowered his hands. "He's too dangerous, I will deal with him." The bandanna'd Shinobi that had first recognised him immediately protested.

"But-" However Naruto just turned, leveling a cold glare that all the Jounin recognised from the few times they had witness their God Pein. The chilling sight of the Rinnegan, blazing with Chakra, was enough to make them immediately reconsider their opinions.

"Your Tenshi is injured and requires help and protection, she's over by the lake." If they weren't convinced before they were now; despite scepticism that their 'Tenshi-sama' was actually hurt, they immediately rushed off to assist, leaving Naruto alone, facing down the resurrected Kumo Shinobi.

"Man Nine-o that was real cold, is this what happened when you got old, fool ya fool?" Naruto didn't deign to answer the dark-skinned man, preferring to end this quickly before more people could get involved and potentially get hurt. Edo Tensei were lethal to those unprepared for them, especially one of Kirabi's calibre; however Naruto was prepared and knew how to beat them; he just had to get close enough. That was easier said than done though as an unsettling feeling washed over the area; a crisp, acrid cloak of burning orange Chakra began to slowly cover the Hachibi Jinchuuriki's form.

"Sorry Naruto, the one pulling the strings is cranking it up a notch; at least now I got something for you to watch, whee!" One by one as Naruto's eyes widened further and further, tails sprung from the cloak, none of them causing it to lose its defined edge like when Fuu had raised her own number. When the blonde had seen the Jinchuuriki use the partial-transformation in the form of the octopi tentacles he had thought it was some remnant ability like with Gaara's sand. However if he was actually using the Bijuu shroud, that meant…

"Kirabi, is the Hachibi still sealed inside of you?!" The older Jinchuuriki grinned as he slowly began to sheath his blades, using the action to trick the Edo Tensei's control over him for the moment.

"Hah, you should know that a little something like dying, ain't gonna go prying, a killer combo like me and ol' Gyuki, ya fool!" With that he rushed forward, the advanced speed offered by the Chakra cloak making him appear like a vague orange blur. His footsteps caused little craters in the ground as he thundered down the street. "Sumi Bunshin!" The man brought a hand to his mouth before spewing out long streams of a viscous black liquid that immediately congealed on the ground and grew into perfect, if not slightly darker, replicas of him. However before they could get any closer an equal number of Naruto clones shimmered into existence, dropping their invisibility as they jumped in the way of the ink clones.

"Katsu." Before Kirabi could even blink at the new turn of events the copies of the blonde violently exploded, turning the other Jinchuuriki's clones into nothing more than black sludge on the ground. However after a moment the Bijuu-cloaked Shinobi just grinned, once again bringing his hand up to his mouth.

"I almost forgot you could make clones too, that's my little snafu; but if I remember right and there ain't no tricks, you can only make five or six, wheeee!" This time when the man spewed out the ink clones there were not just a few, but over thirty of them, all of them rushing towards the now lone blonde like some kind of mob. When the blonde raised his hands up into a familiar cross hand seal the clones all scattered and only six were intercepted. Fifteen more were caught and crushed by a combination of Naruto's sand and chains however a few managed to get close enough to begin causing the monk serious worry.

While Naruto was fast and even he would admit that, a trained Shinobi of Kirabi's ability was just faster; it was partially why he was so reliant on sage mode when facing against Akatsuki members, to make up for the difference in speed that his less-trained body was capable of. So even with chains randomly bursting out of his body and a Chakra rod in hand to stave off their lightning-enhanced blades, Naruto still managed to find himself pinned for just a moment when one of the clones got his arm in a lock. He immediately began absorbing the Chakra that the clone was held together by but it was just a little too late.

"Rariatto!" When he looked up, Kirabi was rushing towards him much, much faster than before. Not only that but his Chakra cloak had thickened, entering the second stage as his body was encompassed by an almost second skin of blood-like energy making the Shinobi appear more bestial. What looked to be the skull of an ox wrapped around his arm, held upright perfectly level with Naruto's neck. It was so fast Naruto didn't even have time to blast them all back; one minute he was being held in place, the next a crippling pain shot through his body as it felt like his head was attempting to be separated from the rest of him.

At the same time though his body, feeling the immense damage, began instinctively drawing on the massive source of Chakra available to it, namely, Kirabi. The Kumo Shinobi slowed down as the dense coating of Chakra was leeched off his body, naturally drawn into the Monk's via his Preta path. Before he had even completed his run he was violently blasted away by a sudden gravitational wave exploding out of Naruto's body, reducing the surrounding street to a rough, splintered crater. The blonde knelt there for a moment, holding his neck with wide eyes but feeling none of the pain he should have.

"Aww man, I was sure that would work; now that it didn't I feel like some kinda jerk." Naruto looked up to see Kirabi prying himself out of a nearby stone wall, his resurrected form once again healing the minor scratched over his body like they were paper cuts. The blonde just stared incredulously at the rapping Shinobi as the brutish man cracked his neck loudly.

"Are you trying to kill me Kirabi?" Kirabi quickly shook his head, throwing up his hands in those strange gestures of his as his head bobbed to some inaudible beat, the Edo Tensei seemingly sated for the moment.

"Of course not ya fool, to suggest as much ain't cool; I thought you'd have figured out my plan, you're taking way too long Nine-o my man!" Naruto growled as he picked himself up, wincing slightly as he noticed the damage he had done to the street around them, even unintentionally.

"Maybe if you just told me straight for once." Kirabi smirked as Chakra once again began to bubble around his form, the tails waving menacingly behind him.

"Ya fool, I'm dead so that ain't no fun, now come on Naruto, gimme one last run." The blonde huffed as he focused his Chakra, a long, sharp black Chakra rod sliding out of his sleeve to be deftly caught in his hand. "Now as I see you still don't get it here's a clue, this'll make it real easy for you!" Slowly Naruto's eyes widened in shock as Bee's form was overtaken by a noxious, overwhelming presence that grew upwards as an amorphous mass of writhing red Chakra. When it reached its zenith though it was as though a bubble had burst and there, standing proud in the middle of Amegakure, was the Hachibi itself.

Konan smiled sadly as she stared up at the clouds above her; the brief gap in their coverage had passed and rain was once again softly falling over her skin. She didn't mind though, for the longest time this rain had been a reminder of Nagato's protection over their home and before that it had invoked deep memories of the times when it was just the three of them along with Jiraiya-sensei. The pain from the wounds had long since ebbed away as the young girl who accompanied the man who swayed Nagato's heart away from his self-destructive path worked her over with that pleasant green light.

"You really care deeply for Naruto-san don't you?" The soft green light around the caramel-skinned girl's hands flickered for a moment as she blinked in surprise before resetting her features into a stoic mask Konan knew all too well. Despite her silence Konan's soft smile grew a little, glancing absently to see that the Shinobi that had come to guard them a few minutes ago were standing just out of earshot. "I could see it in the way you looked at him and in the way you reacted to his presence." Fuu finally pulled her hands away, the glow of healing Chakra dying away for the moment.

"Why talk about this now?" Konan chuckled softly, feeling too weak from blood-loss and general exhaustion to do much else.

"I don't know myself, but I know I owe your Naruto-san a great deal for how he returned the Nagato I knew and remembered back to me." Fuu hesitated a moment before returning to work on Konan's wounds, a faint hint of pink just touching her cheeks. "If you really love him, then remind him of that every day." A slightly wistful expression unfolded on the paper-user's normally emotionless features. "You have no idea of how long it can last, when they might be torn away from you." It was small, almost unnoticeable, but Konan managed to glimpse the slight nod Fuu gave; it seemed mostly to herself more than to Konan though. All the same the blue-haired woman smiled softly as she lay back on the thin beach.

However she was startled when the surrounding buildings seemed to tremble slightly as an almighty roar shook Amegakure. With wide eyes she witnessed the might of a Bijuu unleash itself upon the small hidden village, making her wonder just what the man calling himself Madara had done.

Nagato awoke with a start, the oppressive feeling of the Hachibi's Chakra jolting him out of his induced sleep. However when he opened his eyes only to see nothing but darkness he panicked, falling off his bed in the process. A rough but silent gasp of pain escaped his mouth as agonising fire shot up and down his back, the feeling of warm liquid that was spreading slowly across his back telling him he had likely re-opened a wound from the surgery. He lay there a momnet, his breath coming out in shallow gasps as he tried to figure out what was going on.

He couldn't see and when he brought his hands up to his face he realised his eyes were gone; at the same time he hadn't impaled himself when he fell on his back so the surgery was a success. For a brief moment he worried that Naruto had possibly betrayed him, ripping his eyes out and running away. However when he calmed himself for a moment and felt for that familiar sensation in the back of his mind that let him know everything that was going on beneath his rain he felt the blonde's signature clearly, facing off against whatever was causing that horrendous feeling that flooded the small village.

So there he was, without his eyes, trapped in a frail, weakened body with wasted legs and almost useless arms. He willed his arms to transform into something that would at least allow him to sit up but nothing happened. Immediately he panicked again, this time mentally instead of physically so he wouldn't further aggravate his wounds. If he couldn't use his abilities then he was completely useless, nothing more than a husk of a blind man; certainly no God. His hand clenched slowly into a fist as he vehemently denied that though, his Chakra surging angrily.

"Just because…" His voice was weak and raspy but carried a strong undertone of frustration and determination "…my eyes are gone…" His body remembered the way the Chakra moved, he remembered the way the Chakra was moulded "…doesn't mean…" Slowly, as if being assembled by a meticulous craftsman his arms began to shift and disassemble "…I don't have the Rinnegan!" He panted lowly as his arms finished reconstructing themselves, resembling some kind of complicated piston system that allowed him to sit up without placing strain on his back.

His visibly concentrated again as the area around his forehead began to shift, this time a little faster, and soon a set of orange-tinted goggles, almost like a visor separated from its helmet, rested over his eyes. And just like that Nagato could see again, although 'seeing' wasn't quite correct. It was more like changing his body's instinctual sensing of the immediate area, combined with his rain technique, into a visual format. Everything was a little blurry and unfocused, not to mention in black and white, but it was a start.

Gently he lifted himself up before turning to look out of the hole in the wall he could feel a chilly draft coming from. What he saw caused him to growl lowly, almost making him break out in coughs. A Bijuu was rampaging through his village and he could do nothing about it; he could feel Naruto battling against it but in the state he was in there was no helpful aid he could offer. With a frustrated sigh the man lay back down after dragging himself over to his bed, hoping that Naruto could deal with this.

If he couldn't then Amegakure would end up little more than a smoking, watery crater.

Naruto stared up at the towering form of the Hachibi as the Oxtopus stared back down at him, its teeth bared. Last time Naruto had taken on a Bijuu he had managed to restrain the Rokubi with his chains, however it had been uncontrolled and wild. The Hachibi however was under the guidance of Kirabi, meaning all that destructive force was focused and concentrated. The blonde struggled to comprehend why the Kumo-nin seemed almost eager for this to happen and tried to come up with some feasible reason why he would quite happily enter this state when the collateral damage would be tremendous.

At the same time something was nagging at the back of the monk's mind; just why did Kirabi still contain the Hachibi? Surely it was Akatsuki's goal to collect the Bijuu and absorb them into the Gedou Mazo, at least from what he gathered from Nagato's memories. If Tobi had managed to defeat and kill Kirabi then why hadn't he taken the Bijuu into the statue? It seemed too much like a trap for Naruto not to be cautious; did Tobi know about him taking in the other Bijuu? If he did then what was his plan by practically offering him up the Hachi…

Naruto's eyes widened suddenly in realisation when he realised just what Kirabi had been aiming for by so willingly using his own tenants Chakra, knowing full well about Naruto's Preta path and his past absorption of the Bijuu. A small smile briefly crossed his face when he understood this last act of kindness Kirabi was performing for the eight-tails. With that in mind Naruto set his features, apparently at the same time Kirabi seemed to get bored of waiting, or the Edo Tensei did at least.

Silvery chains erupted from the ground at the same time a great leathery fist came careening down at the young monk. They criss-crossed a few meters above him, forming a make-shift dome that caught the fist, acting like some kind of strange sponge to soften the blow until the great fist stopped a few inches above the blonde's head, the Hachibi straining against the barrier in futility. A moment later and the chains suddenly unfurled, after giving Naruto a second to flicker out of the way. The fist crashed into the earth, churning up the surrounding street from the sheer force. However Naruto was safely out of the way and with a wave of his hand the chains sprung to life again, this time darting up and around the Hachibi's arm, looping over and over as they spiralled all the way up to its shoulder.

Kirabi seemed surprised by the move and grinned at the clever trap, finding himself unable to wrench his arm out of the chains' grip. Instead though the Oxtopus opened its mouth surprisingly wide as great globules of red and blue Chakra began to collect in the air just in front of him. Naruto immediately knew what this was, having seen it before when facing off against Yagura. However this time he wasn't fuelled by rage nor unconsciously empowered by his tenants, he wasn't even in sage mode; he had no idea if he could absorb a Bijuudama.

Instead his arm rapidly shifted until it had reassembled itself into a now familiar cannon-like appendage that glowed a brilliant white with the immense Chakra being channelled through it. At the same time the enormous and dense mass of Chakra seemed to reach its zenith, pressing down on the surrounding area with its sheer weight and suppressed power, Naruto's arm let out a brilliant white beam of pure energy, splitting the sky like a shooting star. It passed right through the Imari, leaving a streak of white in the vision of anybody watching.

After a moment of brief panic where it looked like the attack had no effect, great cracks suddenly began to spread around the violet ball of Chakra and before the Hachibi even got a chance to fire it off it just splintered apart, revealing an almost earthen core before that too just dissipated into a sparkling dust. Too caught up in his surprise Kirabi noticed the encroaching chains too late before they had wrapped around the Hachibi's entire form, forcefully restraining it and pulling it so that its head crashed against the ground, right at Naruto's feet.

"I'm sorry about this Kirabi, Gyuki; I wish there was another way." He was a little surprised to see the enormous form of the Hachibi simply grin at him, giving as much of a nod as it could while its head was restrained in such a way.

"You do what you gotta do Nine-o, for me, I think it's time I go, ya know?" One last time Naruto allowed himself to smirk at Kirabi's bad rapping before closing his eyes and concentrating on taking in all of the Hachibi's Chakra into himself.

Naruto sighed as he leant against a partially destroyed wall, an arm resting against the leg he had drawn up against his chest. Across the small alley from him sat Bee, secured to the wall and the floor by Chakra rods driving through his legs and arms. Where the thin black spears touched him, his body seemed to turn gray and flaky, the technique mildly disrupted by Naruto's potent Chakra. Kirabi had reverted from his Bijuu mode some way into the extraction and seemed to be paralysed by having to go through it conscious, unable to fall asleep due to the Edo Tensei; even so Naruto had decided to be sure the darker-skinned man couldn't do anything.

"You did good Naruto." The blonde raised an eyebrow at the man that seemed just as exhausted as he was, even in his resurrected state. The Chakra rods seemed to at least disrupt his ability to take in limitless Chakra.

"No rapping?" Kirabi chuckled half-heartedly and would have leant back against the wall to look up at the sky if his body wasn't immobilised.

"Nah, I think this Killer Bee is all buzzed out." Naruto smiled softly at that before grunting as he forced himself to his feet; taking in the Hachibi had been no small task and his body still ached from it but it wasn't over yet.

"I'm going to release you now; I'm pretty sure I can do this without taking your memories if that's what you want." Kirabi looked contemplative for a moment before shaking his head.

"I never got to make my goodbyes, if I-" Naruto raised his hand, smiling softly as he placed it on top of the Shinobi's head.

"Say no more, keep them at the forefront of your mind and I'll see they're delivered." Kirabi grinned tiredly, managing to shakily raise his wrist and curl his fingers into that strange symbol of his, resembling horns.

"Mighty kind Nine-o, you're a real hero." He chuckled as Naruto smirked, the two of them sharing a look. "I guess I had one left; good luck Naruto." The blonde nodded once before concentrating, remembering how Nagato had done this with such precision before pulling quickly, drawing out Kirabi's soul with a sharp ripping noise. He watched it float up into the sky for a moment before looking down at the husk that had been his body. Grey dust and wispy flakes fell away from his large frame revealing pale flesh and glassy yellow eyes underneath. Naruto grimaced at Orochimaru's lifeless form, finally understanding what Tobi had meant when he had said persuasion.

At least the snake got what he deserved in the end, Naruto took solace in that as he turned and walked away, intent on finding Nagato and making sure the man was okay.

Tenshi - Angel
Suiton: Mizurappa – Water release: Water Trumpet
Sumi Bunshin – Ink clones
Rariatto – Lariat
Gedou Mazo – Demonic Statue of the outer path