Hi guys and Gals,

First off, apologies that this isn't the much awaited epilogue I know many (many, many and many) of you were waiting for (more on that later) but I thought this the best story to upload on because it's by and far my most popular.

I thought it was about time to give you guys a bit of an update on what's going on with yours truly because, surprise surprise, I'm not actually dead.

Basically... I've been busy. Uni, work and writing my own original Novel will kind of do that (I know! Really excited .) and between it being my last year of the course, and the aforementioned time-killing project (again, excitement abounds) It hasn't left me a lot of time to think about fanfics.

But thought about them I have.

I know, I know, you might be thinking "But Digi, you said you'd never go back to the Naruto fandom, you said that Kishimoto had poisoned the idea from your mind for ever and ever, that his horrendous working of the final phases of the manga were so ludicrously self-destructive that you could never even begin to face... yada yada." Well, I might have been exaggerating a tad... I'm a writer, hyperbole is sort of our thing.

So yes, those three unfinished stories ticking away in the back of my head like the neurosis of a demented watchmaker. Look, the short of it is that I really do want to finish them, I actually hate leaving works unfinished like that and, if I'm perfectly honest, the warm and encouraging feedback from you guys, through reviews and private messages... it's warmed the cockles of my black, apathetic heart.

So I was thinking, I'm going to self-publish my novel anyway (when it gets to that) so deadlines won't be an issue. So after I finish drafting Crowfall (working title) I want to go back and finish at least one of the old fics (at least one, for now). Which is where the good news comes in; I'm now on Twitter! (Oh god, that pained my insides to say) Yes, a friend in the writing industry encouraged me to have a larger social media presence as... I don't know... publishing companies tend to like that sort of thing... I guess. But yeah, I'm going to be setting up a poll to see which story you guys would want to see finished the most (or, if I really have my way, first)... also as soon as I figure out how to set up a poll on Twitter.

So follow me Digitize27... if you want.

That's those three. Now then... about Sage.

I know many of you are still (somehow) waiting for an epilogue and... it's not going to happen. The story was never intended to have that kind of definitive closure, for a number of reasons. And trust me, I tried. I penned out (or keyed out, I guess) what must have been four different epilogue ideas and none of them worked. It's just not the way I wanted the story to end. I always thought that was for you guys to decide. Sage is the story of Naruto's development from naive kid, to his own person. Where he went from there, how he used his powers to affect the world, the fate of the Shinju and Bijuu... even his relationship with Fuu; that was for your imaginations to fill in. That way every single person who read this could contribute their own little piece to the story. (Sounds like a cop out, yes... but I like audience contribution while simultaneously disliking authors who rely on reader feedback to decide plot elements or love interests... it's a weird conflict of interests).

And that's all I felt I needed to address, for now.

TL;DR: Not dead, been busy, on Twitter, poll for finishing one of the three unfinished fics, no epilogue.

That was probably a little overdue huh?

Thanks, as always, for all the support and encouragement.