This is the AoKaga swimming AU! parody you've all been waiting for! It's really short. Hope you'll enjoy it~

"Looking for this?" Aomine smirked and handed out a basketball at Kagami's direction with one hand, his other hand resting on his hip.

Kagami blushed at the tanned male who had drops of water dripping down from his short bangs before Aomine used his fingers to comb them backwards, the water droplets beginning to be an annoying presence. His sun-kissed skin was practically exposed to the public except for the part hidden by his tight bluish-black swimming trunks.

"Y-Yeah, thanks," Kagami stuttered cutely as he took the ball with stiff hands, his cheeks blushing a bright crimson red when his fingertips brushed against Aomine's calloused ones.

Kagami expected Aomine to turn and leave right after returning the ball but no, he remained there observing Kagami from head to toe before his smirk widened amusingly.

Kagami twitched slightly.

"Be careful next time," The bluenette warned in a teasing manner and turned his body slightly, ready to leave as he continued. "See you." He cocked his head slightly to the side and winked. He fucking winked. And he left.

"So cool…" Kagami mumbled in astonishment to himself, still stunned with Aomine's wink. He's fucking in love right now.

"That would be the perfect start for a love-story," Kuroko declared flatly before shaking his head with a disappointed sigh. "However, Aomine-kun had to ruin it."

"He's just too much of a cutie to not tease." Aomine shrugged nonchalantly with a chuckle.

"So, are you satisfied?" Kuroko asked, a smile tugging slyly at his lips.

"Oh yeah, you bet." Aomine smirked and punched the smaller male's arm lightly. "Thanks, Tetsu. You're amazing."

"The pleasure is all mine." Kuroko nodded.

"Hey! What's the point of this?!" Kagami, who appeared to have always been right beside them, roared in an offended tune. Both of the bluenette turned to look at him.

"Aww, Kagami babe," Aomine tilted his head in a teasing way before clinging his arm around Kagami's shoulders. "I wasn't toying with you. I promise, I will love you for eternity." Aomine grinned and pecked Kagami's embarrassed cheek thanks to Aomine's bold confession.

"You better." Kagami mumbled incoherently due to the shyness but coherent enough to let Aomine hear who chuckled at Kagami's cuteness.

Kuroko just sighed in exasperation at the two lovebirds, feeling happy for them.