Odin entered the temple, his hand clasped over the hole in his head where his right eye had once been. He looked around for the Casket and spotted it sitting up on a pedestal, waiting for someone to pick it up. Odin took a step forward, prepared to grab the Casket and leave as quickly as he could, when he heard the loud wailings that only babies could make. Odin followed the cries to a crib tucked away in the corner of the temple where no one would possibly notice it. He looked inside and stopped when he saw the Frost Giant babies crying inside.

They were so small, the size of a normal Asgardian baby. To the Frost Giants they were probably runts, children unfit to live. Odin very carefully picked up the crying babies. One was a girl, the other a boy. They wailed loudly as he held them and Odin couldn't help smiling, remembering how loudly Thor had cried when he was born. These poor things, they were completely innocent. They had done no evil to anyone and they had been left to die by the Frost Giants. The beasts had no love for runts and they usually killed them quickly, ashamed that something so puny could be called a Frost Giant.

Slowly the babies stopped crying and they stared up at him, serene expressions on their little faces. Odin watched in amazement as their skin started turning from blue to tan and their eyes from red to blueish green. An idea slowly began to grow in the Allfather's mind as he stared at the babies in his arms. They were Laufey's children, there was no doubt in Odin's mind about that. But now they looked nothing like Frost Giants. They looked like Asgardians.

Odin carefully set them back inside the crib before pulling off his cape. He ripped it into two pieces then wrapped each baby up so that they'd be warm. He lifted the crib up easily in one arm and carried it over to the Casket, careful not to jostle the babies inside. With one hand the Allfather grabbed the Casket and held it beneath his arm. He then carried the crib and the Casket just outside the temple where he could easily look up and see the sky. "Heimdall!" He bellowed into the sky. Moments later the Bifrost descended and the Allfather was brought back to Asgard, bringing the Casket and the two Frost Giant babies with him.