Helena smiled at her brother, determination in her eyes. "You aren't going to beat me this time brother, I swear you won't." She told him. She held her fists, ready for any attack her brother could throw at her.

Thor smiled at her, exhilarated. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to challenge Thor to a fight on his coronation day. He was already filled to the breaking point with adrenaline when Helena found him and now it was even worse. He could probably take on a herd of Bligesnipe right then and not be even the least bit phased. "We shall see little sister." Thor said tauntingly, holding his own fists up in preparation. With that, Thor lunged at his sister.

The great big blonde sailed straight through his sister, landing face first on the dirt behind her. Helena appeared above him, laughing wildly at him. Thor grinned up at her before grabbing her ankle and pulling her to the ground. Helena grunted as he back slammed into the ground but she quickly got over it, kicking Thor in the face with the foot he had ahold of. He released her instantly and Helena took her chance to leap onto her brother's chest and deliver several stunning blows to his bare chest. Thor growled in frustration and slammed his fist into Helena's side, sending her flying off of him. Helena skidded across the dirt ground of the training area, scraping up her side. She shot to her feet with a grunt, standing at the exact same time as Thor.

Helena was the first to move this time, teleporting from her current position to behind Thor. She hit him in the kidneys once, making him grunt loudly in pain, before he spun around and managed to land a stunning blow to her cheek. Helena felt her skin split open at the impact and the injury caused her adrenaline to skyrocket. She punched Thor in the nose, effectively breaking it. Thor punched back, busting her lip.

"What are you two doing?" A soft but attention grabbing voice said.

The siblings turned to see Loki standing not far away from them, a shocked and bewildered expression on his face. "Brother!" Helena and Thor cried out simultaneously, raising their arms into the air in a grand gesture.

Loki shook his head at them though a smile played on his lips. "Once again I ask, what are you two doing?" He said, looking at them. He eyed the injuries his siblings had given each other, noting how much worse Helena looked compared to Thor. Sure Thor had a broken nose and a split lip but Helena had a split cheek and a busted lip. On anyone else it would have seemed minor but on Loki's twin it seemed huge. He felt anger flare up in his chest and he wondered how in Odin's name Thor could hurt their sister so easily.

Helena saw the anger in Loki's expression and quickly passed a hand over her face, willing her magic to heal her injuries. Icy blue mist swept out of her hand and connected with the injuries, healing them in seconds. It was such a quick action that you couldn't even see the mist, Helena was just that good. She smiled at the slight decrease in anger on Loki's face when he saw her face fully healed. Helena ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck, giving him a hug.

"Loki, my twin, where have you been!?" Helena exclaimed, looking up at her brother's face. He smiled down at her but there was something in his eyes that Helena didn't like. Loki may have been the God of Lies but Helena was his twin and a master of lies in her own right. Loki could hide nothing from her, especially not the guilt lurking in the back of his eyes as he stared down at her.

"In the library, reading. Now answer my question." Loki told her. He hated lying to his sister but he had to. No matter how much Helena loved him she would not allow him to do anything like what he was planning.

Helena quickly released her brother, giving him the smallest of glares that Thor would never notice. Loki could read her expressions like a book and knew she was silently asking him what he had done. "I was just getting our brother excited for his coronation!" She said, punching the air with her fists when she said excited. A smile appeared on her face and like always it brightened up the whole area. No one could resist smiling when Helena did and Loki was no exception. He smiled down at his little sister with amusement.

"Do you not think that Thor is excited enough already?" Loki asked her jokingly, nodding towards Thor who was trying desperately to stop his nose from bleeding.

Helena shrugged, smiling. "I needed the practice." She admitted. Loki smiled at her, finding her determination to become as good as Sif and Thor somewhat amusing. "After all, you refuse to actually fight me while Thor is more than willing to help me train." She added. It was true of course. Loki refused to hit his sister with anything but magic which was just too easy for her to block. Thor knew the importance of Helena's training; he was friends with Sif after all, so he never denied her a chance to fight.

Loki took a half step forward and held his twin's face in his hands. Helena smiled up at him though she was still ticked that he wouldn't tell her what he was up to. "I could never hurt you Lena. You are my little sister, my twin. I can't even imagine hitting you as Thor does." He told her. Helena sensed double meaning behind the first part of his words though. It seemed almost like he was assuring her of that fact, telling her never to doubt it. Before she could say anything though Loki had released her face and walked over to Thor. "Brother, your face looks awful." Loki said, chuckling slightly.

Thor shot Loki a glare but his eyes twinkled with amusement. "It is our sister's fault. She has learned much." He said. Thor sent his young sister a proud smile that Helena eagerly returned. She was a fine warrior, almost as good as Sif. "Though we need to have a talk about you using your tricks during a fight. I swear, you're getting as bad as Loki with that nonsense." Thor quickly added, reproaching her sister for using skills he thought were cowardly.

Both Helena and Loki rolled their eyes. Thor simply did not understand that magic could be just as powerful as weapons. The insult hurt Loki more than Helena though. Loki knew how to fight but he rarely did so, using magic whenever he could, while Helena kept up a healthy balance between using the two. She had proven talented in both fields of fighting and was almost a master in both of them.

"They are not simply tricks brother." Helena said, immediately defending her and her twin's talents. "Magic is useful! It can be just as powerful as any weapon and it has millions of other uses. All your hammer can do is smash and burn." She said, snapping a little towards the end. Helena did not take insults well and everyone knew it. Though she seemed the sweet passive girl she had a temper shorter even than Thor's.

Thor held his hands up in the classic "please don't kill me" gesture. "I apologize Lena, I meant no offense." He said quickly, trying to amend the mistake he'd made.

Helena's eyes seemed to blaze with fury then and her brothers took a step backwards, knowing distance was the best thing when Helena was angry. They saw sparks of her magic appear in the air around her and in her eyes. "Oh you meant offense. Or else you would not have said it." She practically hissed.

Loki quickly realized he had to step in. "Lena, imagine how mother will react when she sees Thor's face all bloodied up just before his coronation." He said quickly, smiling at her.

It took Helena a second but eventually she was laughing, imagining the anger that would appear on their mother's face. Her anger quickly disappeared and the brothers approached her, knowing she wouldn't accidentally blast them now. "Thor you are going to be in so much trouble!" She said, a huge grin on her face.

"Only until I tell her whose fault it is." Thor pointed out, grinning at her.

Helena stopped laughing, thinking about how their mother would turn her anger on her the second Thor told her what had happened. "You are right, unfortunately. We better fix your precious face." She said. Before he could say anything she waved a hand in front of his face and healed his injuries. Loki snapped his fingers when he was done; cleaning up the blood so there was no evidence of his siblings' fight.

"We should be getting ready." Loki said, looking up at the sun. He looked back at Thor, a smile on his face. "You do not want to be late for your own coronation do you?" He asked jokingly.

Thor grinned wildly. "Of course not! Come, let us get ready! I could use some mead beforehand anyways." He said excitedly before hurrying inside the palace.

Helena instantly turned to her brother and gave him a pointed look. "You will tell me what you are up to." She told him stonily. Her tone told him there was no point arguing but of course this was Loki who she was dealing with. He would argue until he died.

"I am up to nothing sister." Loki lied. He started walking back inside but Helena grabbed his arm and pulled him to a rough stop. He growled a little, hating how strong his twin had gotten. She was stronger than him now and could very easily push him around if she got mad.

"You cannot lie to me Loki! Maybe to our brother and our parents and everyone else but not to me!" Helena snapped at him, zapping him a little by accident. She really needed to learn to get her temper in check. Loki didn't help her anger though, rolling his eyes in a way that he knew she despised. "Do not roll your eyes at me brother!" Helena shouted at him, this time zapping him on purpose and with much more intensity.

"Or what?!" Loki shouted, spinning around so that he was facing his twin. Helena took a frightened step back when she saw the anger on her brother's face. Loki immediately felt guilt claw at his insides, he hated being the reason for any negative feelings his twin got. Once he had made her cry and he had spent a week beating himself up about it, hating himself for hurting the one person on Asgard who understood him. Loki sighed and ducked his head, staring at the ground between his feet. "I apologize Lena. Today has been trying." He told her, his voice hushed in case someone heard.

Helena placed a comforting hand on her twin's cheek. He leaned into her touch, appreciating the contact. "I know brother. You know I do." Helena told him gently. Loki nodded; she was the only one who knew how he felt about the Allfather's choice. "But you cannot change father's mind." Helena said.

"I know but why would he choose Thor?" Loki asked, looking up at Helena as if she had the answers. She stared at him sadly, wishing she knew so she could put him out of his misery. "Thor does not understand that there's more to being king than just fighting. He would see the whole of Asgard at war simply so he could have a little fun! Does father not see that?! Does he not see what a brute Thor is?!" Loki practically shouted.

Helena shushed her brother gently, both hands on his face now. "I know. Thor is horrid at politics, treaties baffle him, and he has such a short temper. At this moment he would not be my first choice for king." She told Loki, speaking quickly. Helena hoped he didn't hear her "at this moment" comment but the pain filled light that entered his eyes told her he did. Helena felt a bit guilty but very. She didn't choose sides between her brothers and always talked about one of them becoming king as if the other had just as much opportunity as the other. "But we cannot change father's decision. All we can do is give Thor as much advice as possible and hope he actually listens." Helena told her brother, her eyebrows knitted together in worry. Worry for her twin, worry for her older brother, and worry for the future of Asgard.

Loki placed his hands over hers, smiling at her. She was so innocent, albeit she could be incredibly devious when she wanted to be. She saw Loki and Thor as equals, never raising one above the other in her mind. She was the only one though. Helena was the only person on Asgard who would not compare Loki to Thor.

"I was not in the library." Loki whispered to Helena, deciding that telling her at least part of his secret. Helena gave him a knowing look and he chuckled softly. "I was doing something that I should not have. Let us leave it at that." He told her.

Helena released her brother's face so that she could hug him. "Thank you for telling me. I won't press for more truth than that." She told him, her voice filled with trust. She released her twin and gave him one last smile before running inside. Loki watched her go, an emotionless mask on his face. His heart ached painfully, yelling at him for not telling his other half know the whole truth. For letting her trust him when he was about to hurt her horribly.

Loki let out a sigh, banishing any guilt filled thoughts from his head. He was doing what was right, what had to be done to ensure the safety of Asgard. He was sure that, in time, Helena would understand.