Helena was floating. Or, at least, she felt like she was floating. There was something around her though, something spikey and uncomfortable, that was preventing her from enjoying the weightless feeling. It felt familiar but she wasn't sure what it was. Then suddenly she did. It was her uncontrolled magic, the magic that came out when she couldn't control her emotions. She felt herself frown. Why was that there? Where was she? Helena huffed in annoyance. What was she supposed to do in this blackness? That's what she was calling it cause when she opened her eyes (or at least she thought her eyes were open) everything was black. Like the void between the stars.

For a few minutes Helena allowed herself to float in the dark but then she got bored. And annoyed. And worried. What was happening? Was Loki okay? Was Thor? What about Frigga? Was Loki handling being king well? It didn't help that her magic was getting even more uncomfortable, pressing in on her more. She didn't know why either. It had just suddenly happened right when she started worrying. Helena glared at the magic and tried to push it away. It was pressing down on her though, choking her. She tried and tried but she couldn't get it to go away. It was making her panic. In a desperate attempt to get it away, she embraced it so she could throw it away. Something happened then. When Helena wrapped herself around the uncomfortable magic it pushed into her slightly and the spikey horrible uncomfortable feeling went away. Helena let it go in shock. Immediately, her magic started pressing down uncomfortably on her again. After a minute of shock Helena cautiously embraced the magic again. This time, when the magic became soft, she didn't retreat. She held it still, fascinated. Then she let it go. Then she pulled it close again. Then let it go. Then pulled it close. It took only a few repeats of this for her to realize that when she accepted the uncomfortable feeling, when she didn't try to push it away or get rid of it, it became bearable. Incredibly so. In fact, it made her feel stronger.

There was a deep banging sound like a gong and Helena felt the darkness around her ripple at the sound. Out of shock, she released her magic again. It immediately started pressing in on her again but she couldn't pay attention to it now. There was something wrong. Something that was rocking her dark void. She needed to know what it was but how was she supposed to find out? She tried to wake up, tried so hard, but nothing was working. Then she felt her magic give her a particularly violent stab and she realized what she had to do. Without hesitation, Helena embraced her dangerous unstable magic so tightly that it all sunk into her. For a moment she was completely peaceful. Then her body convulsed and it felt like she was being thrown down a very large tunnel.