When Helena's eyes flew open no one was there to see it. Everything came rushing at her all at once, light and color and shapes. She let out a pained sound and shut her eyes again, her eyes unable to stand the sudden change from absolute darkness to light. She felt something inside her, something deep down, being ripped apart and tossed around though and she forced herself to open her eyes. Something was wrong. Immediately, she searched for Loki's energy. Confusion appeared on her face when she felt him at the bridge, at the Bifrost. Shock appeared on her face when she realized that not only was the Bifrost open and destroying Jotunheim but Thor was there too. On the bridge. With Loki. Without even thinking, Helena teleported down to the bridge.

Big mistake.

The second Helena landed she felt like all the energy her body held had been stripped forcibly from her body. That wasn't the worst bit though. Above her, for a split second, was Loki. And he was trying to stab Thor, who was smashing the Rainbow Bridge with Mijolnir, with Gungnir. For a split second Helena was terrified and confused and hurt. Then the bridge exploded and Helena was thrown high into the air. For a second she felt as weightless as she did when she was unconscious but then she was falling, crashing down. She reached out, trying to find something to grab onto and not die. One of her hands wrapped around something cold and metal while her other hand gripped something warm that gripped back. Helena saw the Rainbow Bridge's now shattered edge for a split second before suddenly she jerked to a stop. She let out a pained scream as it felt like her arms were going to be ripped out of their sockets. One look up and she realized she'd grabbed Gungnir, the weapon being held onto by Thor who was hanging off the shattered Rainbow Bridge and only just having been caught by Odin. One look down and she realized the other thing she'd grabbed was Loki's hand. A whimper escaped her. He'd been about to stab Thor. What had happened? Why was Thor there? What had happened to her brothers? When did Odin wake up?

"I could have done it father! For you! For all of us!" Loki called up to Odin. Helena stared down at her brother in horror. He'd done it. He was responsible for everything that had happened since the coronation. Tears slid down her face, tears that were immediately sucked into the void beneath them. Loki searched Odin's face for approval, for any sign that he'd done something right. But he found nothing. And then his eyes turned on Helena. There was so much emotion in his eyes, on his face. There was pain and self loathing and an apology so profound it hurt to just look at it. In that moment, he realized all he had done to her. All that he was still doing to her. And he realized that his sister would be better off without him. "I'm sorry Lena." He whispered to her, knowing she'd hear. Helena looked at him in confusion, not even noticing how her grip on Gungnir was slipping as her arm just couldn't handle the strain. No, what she did notice slipping was Loki's hand from in hers.

"No, Loki, don't. Please. Brother, don't!" Helena begged her brother through tears. For a moment tears shined in his eyes. Then he let go.

Helena screamed and Thor did too. She let go of Gungnir but before she could fall down after Loki Thor had reached down and grabbed her. Helena watched her brother fall into the void, away from her. No doubt forever. Her brother. Her twin. The one person in the world who knew everything about her and knew exactly ho to handle her was gone. Gone. She could no longer see him by the time Odin hauled her and Thor back up onto the bridge but she couldn't rip her eyes away from the void. It was like she could still see him and feared that if she looked away he would never come back. She didn't even realize she was still screaming.