Kanda was walking down the stone hallways of the Black Order, when he heard someone talking from behind a closed door. Curious, he walked over and pressed his ear to the side of the door. He heard the talking again; but this time he recognised it. It was Allen talking.

Pressing his ear harder against the cold door, he could just make out the words of what Allen was saying.

"I do not know how long I went without telling you this, but...ooh, I do not know how to put it into words..." Kanda heard Allen say; he also did not hear a reply from the person Allen was talking to. "Stop staring at me like that! It makes me want to lick you..." Allen growled at whoever he was talking to.

Kanda's eyes widened and he withdrew his ear from the door. 'The Moyashi wants to lick whoever is in there...? I guess I do not have much of a chance with him then. NO! I must continue to listen and find out who it is.' Kanda thought to himself. He pressed his ear against the door again.

"Okay, look. I will say it too you just this once. I love you! There I said it! Now can I lick you? Okay that is good." Allen said from behind the closed door. Kanda's eyes widened and looked just plain heart broken. He grimaced and took his head away from Allen's door. He lifted his leg and took an aimed kick at Allen's door; one strong enough to break it.


The door Kanda had just kicked in, went flying through the opposite wall, and into whoever owns the room next door. Allen looked up, he was clearly startled at the intusion on his private moment. As Kanda took in the scene before him, he was evidently surprised.

Allen had a plate of Miterashi Dango in front of him, he was licking the side of one of them. Kanda scowled in annoyance as he realised he had made a mistake. Allen stared at him, raising one eyebrow questioningly.

"Ba-Kanda, why are you in my room?" Allen asked. Kanda growled and moved forward. Allen's eyes widened in surprise as Kanda smashed his lips against Allen's. Allen gave in shortly after, and kissed back.

Once they broke apart, Allen looked into Kanda's eyes. "Oi, Moyashi, I do not want to ever hear you say you love someone other than me, ok?" Kanda muttered. Allen nodded, he was still in a slight daze after having been kissed by his long time crush. Kanda smirked and swooped down to kiss Allen again.

Kanda thought he tasted like Miterashi Dango.


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