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A groggy Superman began to stir.

He sensed a presence beside him as he opened his eyes the light surrounding his vigilant visitor made him question if she was real.

Though his head throbbed he focused harder and saw a beautifully ethereal figure with crimson lips, raven hair, and glacial eyes. He realized then he hadn't dreamt her up, it was his best friend Diana, the Wonder Woman.

"Di, what happened? Where am I?"

She began to smile and he watched as it spread almost to her ears...

He wondered exactly when that smile had become such a fixture in his life, or rather how he had managed without it, without her for so long.

"Kal, you're awake bless Athena! I'm so glad. If you hadn't been through such an ordeal I'd hit you myself for scaring me."'

Clark smirked and rubbed his hand behind his head the gesture endearing itself in her memory, "I'm sorry Diana, I don't remember much. Please tell me..."

Diana released a sigh she didn't realize she had held in and began the story, "The short version... It should have been easy Kal. The rest of the Justice League hadn't even been called in to stop those thugs. It was just you and me as we were the closest.
Bank robbers, simple enough or so we thought."

He gently encouraged her, "Go on..."

Diana shook her head as if willing the memory away, "We still don't know how they got their hands on the kryptonite they used for their bullets, I deflected their shots easily enough then I realized you weren't beside me."

"The kryptonite weakened me, I didn't see it coming." Clark surmised his shoulders slumping.

Diana gingerly placed a hand against the side of his broad, sculpted chest, "You were shot, close to the heart. It was touch and go for a while... but they were finally able to retrieve the fragment utilizing even more of that dreadful rock to penetrate your skin." She swore to herself to find every trace some day and obliterate it.

That would explain the bandages around his chest. Superman was horrified by one thing in particular, "I left you alone..."

Wanting to assure him she answered, "Kal I dispatched them without difficulty, though I'm not proud to say most ended up with more than just bruised ribs and will be in recovery much longer than you. I'm an Amazon, you know how I can get. Without you to help keep my anger in check I'm afraid I betray your faith in me Kal-El. I saw nothing but red until I was able to get you out of there and carry you to the safety of the Watchtower for medical evaluation."

Diana held her head down.

Clark stared amazed at the woman before him almost chuckling, "You carried me huh?"

Diana replied simply still not meeting his gaze, "You would have done the same."

"Look at me Diana..." she obeyed ice blue eyes searching his sky blue orbs.

"How could you ever disappoint me? It's not possible. I on the other hand am pathetic. Some 'Superman' indeed. I'm more the farm boy from Kansas than a 'Man of Steel.'
A little kryptonite and luck then I'm out like a light. For all my so called 'strength,' I'm the weakest of us all. J'onn has his telepathy. Bruce may not possess any 'super powers' but he is clever and resourceful where it counts. And you ..."

He had her attention now curious what he might think of her, "What about me Kal?"

He took her hand in his and continued, "You are the strongest person I know."

She fought poorly against the spreading warmth his words and touch seemed to stir in her.

Kal continued smiling, "You are invincible with no 'weaknesses' to speak of, I'd know by now. You are as strong as I am and a more skilled fighter. You are beautiful of course but this pales in comparison to your wisdom. Your name suits you because you glow like the moon with the compassion you embody. The world needs Wonder Woman, I need you. You are the person I trust most. I didn't believe there was a single soul in this universe that could understand me, somehow you just do. You've fit so naturally into my life, now that you are here I've forgotten how alone I've been. I'm not sure I've thanked you for that. Thank you Diana for everything, for being all that you are."

She had to choose her next words carefully, "And you Kal, are pure of heart and conviction. That is where your true strength lies. You inspire people, they look up to you as they would the sun. They want to follow your example. You give the world hope. There is nothing 'pathetic' about that. So all that self depreciating talk is not becoming of one such as yourself. You make people better, you make me want to be better. I could have lost you, then what would have become of me? If you didn't come back to me."

"You can't get rid of me that easily. I'm right here. I'll always come back to you."

He reassuringly thumbed circles on her hand causing her heart to thud wildly in her chest.

"I'm not perfect Kal. Far from it. Imperfection humanizes us. See this hand you hold, I'm flesh and blood as you are."

A comfortable silence filled the air until it was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Wonder Woman you are needed at the command center, we have a situation,"

The Martian Manhunter continued softly, "Diana, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't necessary."

"J'onn I know. And it's alright, he is up!" Wonder Woman beamed.

J'onn replied enthusiastically, "This is good news indeed! I'll inform the other members presently."

She told Clark, "I will be back soon. You know he came to check on you. Everyone did. Barry, Hal, Vic, Arthur, the new recruits, and even Bruce was here."

Kal smiled knowingly, "And you saw this because you never left. You've been right here all this time. Diana, if you aren't perfect then you come pretty darn close."

Diana gave Kal's hand a squeeze before letting go and standing to leave.

The infirmary door whizzed but Diana hadn't stepped through before stopping to say, "Maybe you don't know me as well as you think you do.
Everyone has a weakness Kal, even me."