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Kal had a more restful sleep than he had in ages.
Perhaps it was because he had the most wonderful dream... something to do with the moon and the sun.

He woke to find Diana clinging to his hand, her head draped on the side of his bed in front of her.
He grinned thinking he was starting to get used to having her around, Diana being the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes.

The rays of the sun shined on her olive skin. He had long considered the sun to be an extension of himself. The source of his powers had become more than just a tool, it was more the cherished friend providing comfort and safety. But today he was envious of the sun able to touch her so freely. Her hair was tousled. Her tiara sloped. She was a sight. She was gorgeous.

"Mmm. Don't leave Kal," she murmured in her sleep. His heart lurched hearing the plea and his name on her lips.

She was her finest in unguarded moments. It was not the first time the thought occurred to him and he doubted it would be the last.

He recalled one sparring session in particular...He had decided to improve his fighting ability and he could not think of anyone more knowledgeable than Diana. She was a thorough instructor showing him many different fighting styles. And that day she was on teaching him Hellenistic wrestling grapples, the Greeks being the originators of the ancient sport. Somehow he had managed to get behind her, then he wrapped his arms around her waist. While lifting with his arms and pushing from his thighs he tossed her, and moved quickly to cover her in a pin. He had her securely straddled between his legs, his hands over hers. He teased proudly, "Got you." Looking down, her tresses splayed out like a halo against the mat, the smell of orchids and something uniquely Diana pervaded his senses. For the man who was "faster than a speeding bullet" time slowed for him as never before. His breath caught in his throat. He swore he saw a flash of something in her eyes. But as quickly as it came, it went. Diana smiled sweetly up at him causing him to be immediately suspicious then she replied, "I wanted you to know what it would be like. I'm only here because I let myself be." She then proceeded to flip them over and she was now on top of him. She looked like a lioness toying with her prey. He had and idea and smirked, "I don't think so princess." He then attacked her sides, tickling her mercilessly. She could not contain the laughter as it shook her body. She rolled over next to him and begged with difficulty in getting the words out, "Okay Kal...ha ... Stop... ha ha ...Pl..ease." He was hyperaware of her arm alongside his as he laid it down. He said mockingly, "This one is going down in my journal. Dear diary, today I finally beat Wonder Woman." She rolled her eyes and replied, "No Fair. You Cheated." She proceeded to fling her hand out, hitting him in shoulder, "I'm curious what this would do to Superman's wholesome reputation?" His pulse raced, "You know me best. Contrary to popular opinion. I am no boy scout." She questioned softly, "And what should I do with this information Kal?" He looked into her eyes and answered truthfully, "It is yours to do with as you wish, however you choose Diana."

The sound of the opening door brought him out of his reverie.

"I see it is true. Clark, you're looking well."

Kal smiled, "Did you miss me Bruce?"

"I wouldn't go that far Clark." Bruce Wayne smirked.

"Really? Diana said you had dropped by. She isn't known to lie."

"My reasons were more practical than sentimental."

Clark shook his head, his friend of many years was not known to be an emotional man.

"In any event I should thank you."

"What for Clark?"

"It had to be you, who had the money and access to enough kryptonite to be able to fashion medical equipment out of it."

The dark knight shrugged, "I had some on hand. Enough for a scalpel anyway."

"You and your contingency plans."

"Well they proved beneficial in this case Superman."

Clark smirked looking down at Diana, "Well lucky for us and the world she is not vulnerable to anything you or anyone else may imagine."

Bruce noting the two replied, "I'm glad she's actually sleeping, she hadn't for days. This has affected her more than any of us. I've never seen her like that Clark. Such rage and despair. We will have to keep a close eye on her."

"This is Diana we are talking about Bruce. She's fine."

"Clark you have always put Diana on a pedestal. Not that I blame you for being in awe ever since we met her."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't even recognize that there is a way, one thing that might actually bring Wonder Woman down. But I do."

Somehow Bruce having a contingency plan against him did not trouble him, but the thought of anybody using something against Diana infuriated him.

Superman's eyes flickered red, "Really Batman? Enlighten me. Why would she tell you and not me? What is it then?"

Bruce noted the biting tone of Clark's words but replied coolly, "It is just something I deduced by observation. But if I can others may be able to. It is not mine to share, it is not my place. You will know if you need to, if the time should come. It is only a last resort."

Clark replied, "No, that is not your place Batman. I will protect her. And I think you should go now."

Batman turned to leave, "Keep in mind what I said Clark."

Diana popped her head up slowly, "Was that Bruce just here?"

Kal greeted, "Hey sleepyhead. Yes it was."

"What were you all talking about?"

"Nothing of importance Diana."

She shrugged, "So how are you feeling Kal?"

"Much better today. In fact I think you can leave me to my own devices, perhaps get some more rest."

"I'm good Kal and I'd rather stay," She said rather drowsily.

"Only on one condition... Come here," Kal smiled warmly patting the spot beside him, "I'm not letting you sleep in that chair another second."

"I don't want to hurt you Kal."

"You are not going to hurt me, you wouldn't. You have two choices you can sleep somewhere else or you can come up in this bed and stay with me. But if you don't move from the chair I'm going to ban you from my room. You won't be able to return here."

Diana was silent and remained unmoved.

Kal started, "Computer founding member 001 Superman, denying founding member 002 Wonder Woman access to..."

Diana interrupting relented, "Alright, I give. You win."

Superman smirked, "Computer cancel that."

She flew slightly off the ground up to the bed and into his open, waiting arm. He held her close and covered them together under the blanket with his free hand. Diana nuzzled her head into Kal's shoulder. He kissed her cheek and fooled with her hair.

She said in his ear, "Meanie. You play so dirty, Kal."

He grinned, "Not a boy scout."

"I remember," Diana replied before drifting off.

Kal chuckled, "That was quick. Sweet dreams princess."

Yes, he could definitely get used to this.