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Diana awakened in Kal's arms. At first she thought she was dreaming because it would not have been the first time she had that fantasy.
But now she sensed the warmth from his embrace. And that smile he wore could only be genuine; it was the one he used with her alone.

"Have you been watching me Kal?"

"Waiting for you Diana, and now that you are up… what do you say to a jailbreak?"

She replied sensibly, "I do not believe you are in any condition to wander off."

He gave a smirk, "I've been cooped up too long. Besides you'll be with me, what trouble could I possibly get into?"

Diana rolled her eyes, "And what exactly did you have in mind Kal?"

"Fly with me? It has been a while since we last flew together, just for the fun of it."

She asked, "Where to?"

"How about the sun? That way I won't worry you. Getting closer to the sun could only be good for me."

Begrudgingly Diana agreed, "Fine. Let's go then." She would much rather stay in bed exactly how she is.

Kal chuckled excitedly kissing her quickly on the forehead before releasing her so they could both get up and get ready.

Outside the Watchtower Superman and Wonder Woman hovered.

"I'll race you," Superman called before speeding off in the direction of the sun.

"You are such a child," Wonder Woman answered before chasing after him.

When they reached that brightest star at the same time they fell silent.

"Beautiful," Diana murmured absently.

"Lonely," Kal replied.

Diana's heart gave an unexpected thud, "The sun 'lonely,' how so?"

"All the universe depends on him but who is the sun truly close to?"

Diana replied, "I had not considered that. But you've obviously given this some thought."

"I have. I've never told anyone this because it may seem silly but it's almost like he talks to me, so I understand him."

Diana's eyes flickered briefly to moon, "No, that is not silly at all Kal."

Kal noted the slight shift of her eyes and commented, "I'm sure the sun would call the moon the beautiful one."

"You think so?"

"Yes, I know so. Maybe she's the exception, the one he can be close to. She is special. He sees her. He does have the best view after all."

Wonder Woman's communicator beeped, "There's been another incident Diana."

She replied, "I understand J'onn. You can brief me when I get there."

"So I guess our field trip is being cut short," Superman surmised.

"Unfortunately it is. But maybe we can do this again soon and take our time," Diana answered.

"I look forward to it," Kal replied grinning.

"Witch, what is the purpose of me wasting millions to continue providing kryptonite to these imbeciles? Superman was weak already, we should have struck then." Lex Luthor stated looking out at the men before him.

"Kryptonite is only harmful to Superman but more creative instruments are required for Wonder Woman. Being blessed by the gods the princess is not easily susceptible to my magic. But she will safeguard this Superman of hers at any cost.I will wear her down little by little. She will exhaust herself with the constant threat and then her mind will be mine," Circe the ancient enchantress explained.

"How does this benefit me?" Lex enquired.

"We will doubly weaken both of our enemies. By the time Superman discovers the plan it will be too late. This will strike at his heart."

"How can you be so sure he feels for her?"

"Aphrodite's favor is with her. You can count on it. When the moment is right, we will destroy them together," Circe smirked.

Lex replied, "Two for the price of one. Now that my dear makes perfect business sense."