As bars went it wasn't a bad one, they had both been in worse and would be again in the future no doubt. At least if their luck held. But for the moment this one met the need, it was dark enough without requiring one to risk shin and hipbone on unseen furnishings, noisy enough to mask their careful words but not too much in the way of other people's comms calls or teenage petulance masquerading as music. It was anonymous enough too, but not enough to have to worry about finding lost bodies under the table. Most drinkers were regulars with no homes to go to, or maybe none they wanted to spend more time in than they had to.

The two blondes in the booth near the door were obviously not regulars but either of them would be welcome in enough homes to give them a choice should they want it. At the moment they only seemed interested in each other, to the obvious chagrin of quite a lot of the home avoiders.

"So was he always that blind?" Blonde number one drawled as she set her glass down.
Number two shook her head.
"Not always." She took a swallow of something honey dark with obvious relish, then shrugged, "though perhaps more often than I wanted to believe at the time."
"You chose your leader and place your trust." One seemed to be quoting.
Two grimaced and took another swig from her glass.
"And when did he become reckless?" she asked with a sideswipe of a look at one.
"Was he ever anything else?" One said dismissively.
Two raised her brows at that and sat back, smiling slowly at the other woman.
"Ah, I see, when he met you." Her tone implied that she should have known.
One ignored it and met the other women's look without expression.
"Maybe. Are you complaining?"
"No." Two smiled again and dropped her yes to her glass, "it made things … easier."
"A lot." One's tone was dry.

They drank in silence for a while both scanning the room beyond their booth with practised eyes.
"Did he learn forgiveness from you too?" Two asked blandly, amusment spiking the oh so gentle words.
One gave her a long, cold, 'what do you think' look but didn't reply.
Two's smile widened.
"I thought not." she said, "in which case we had better make sure this all goes to plan." She downed the remnants of her drink in one go and pushed the glass away from her.
One quirked an eyebrow but said nothing.
Two smiled again and got gracefully to her feet.
"They will be awake soon, we had better make our move."

One nodded.
"How will he take it?" she asked rising laziliy after she too had drained her glass.
"Better than others I can think of."
Two smiled meaningfully at her companion who nodded.
"I shall make very sure that he sees the gun before he sees me." The observation didn't appear to cause her any disquiet.
"Very wise." Two agreed, "Blake never understood that he had a wolf by the throat. I'm glad that you know better."
"Or that he had a tiger by the tail?" One asked with a slight smile.
"No, not that either." Two agreed.

"Fortunate really. It would never have gone this smoothly if he had." One observed as she turned towards the door, unconsciously checking the position of her very visible gun as she did so.
Two nodded and turned to follow her.
"True," she said.
A discrete buzz drew her attention to her comm. link; she read the message and looked back at blonde one with a predatory smile.
"The mantis is here. Time for phase two."

As they stood outside in the darkness two looked at one.
"Do you think we should have asked them first?"
"Too late now," One replied, then smiled a cold and brilliant and very predatory smile, "anyway I don't know about you but I had a few scores to settle."
Blonde two grinned in response.
"More than a few."

They exchanged a look of understanding and parted to the next stage of the game.