Two decades had passed.

Moratorium's plan for the new government had been near fool-proof. Due to the fact that he had systematically bought over half the world, and freely controlled the economics of it, he had set up a nearly invincible shield for Tom when he stepped in.

There were many more attempted coups, and rebellions, but each were dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. Tom was meticulous in eliminating any enemies of his government.

However, in comparison to the mass population, there were only a handful of people that truly resented the government. So many benefited from it—so many whose voices were once left unheard. To some, Moratorium was a heartless tycoon who only craved power. To others, he was a hero who righted society.

With Tom's help as Moratorium, Dumbledore was able to push for a law that allowed all magical creatures who wished to learn to attend Hogwarts. This opened up the opportunity for many more classes to be taught (as there were Muggle Studies, there also became Vampiric Studies, Werewolf Studies, Falk Studies, and so on), which gave other species a chance to teach at Hogwarts.

This alone allowed a more open mind to be molded at Hogwarts, as the students were forced to adapt to this change. Students of all races flocked to join Hogwarts, and while there were some families who pulled out their children when learning of this, most seemed to accept this and encouraged the change.

Hogwarts was making for a new generation in this practical government—one with far less prejudice.

Within two years of this new law, Tom pressured the other schools to accept other students, as well. Soon enough, all magical schools had to accept all magical students who wished to learn, so long as they were not a direct danger to the student body.

When Voldemort's death was announced, a great celebration was made and those of the Order of the Phoenix were officially recognized for their efforts, as was the many exequutors who fought in the battle at Hogwarts.

Parents were thrilled to find out their children had been so diligently protected, while students, upon returning after they were suddenly transported away, took the news easily. Those who had been around Harry long enough—and did not know first-hand the horrors Voldemort inflicted upon the world in his prime—effortlessly believed Harry had done him in. Indeed, they expected her to do so quite handily.

Feeling particularly ironic that day, Tom declared it to be National Holiday in honor of Harriet Lily Potter.

Harry nearly tackled into him to show her displeasure at being forced into the spotlight like that, but Marwyn restrained her. It made for an interesting cover photo, though, in the Daily Prophet. Tom smirked at her from behind his scarf—he never bothered with Polyjuice, anymore—while Harry vowed vengeance for embarrassing her like that, all the while Marwyn smiled, utterly amused, as he effortlessly held the girl back.

The rest of Harry's years at Hogwarts passed by without much incident. The only thing of real note was when Dumbledore pulled her aside one evening to tell her that the Dursleys mysteriously disappeared, and their house was left in flames.

He never asked her if she knew anything about it, but merely parted with, "Perhaps you should bring this news to Severus."

Severus gave her a Potions Set—complete with a cauldron—when he learned of this.

The twins' joke shop had continued to flourish—they were rapidly building up an empire and creating a monopoly on all fun toy shops and joke shops. The two were so busy running their business, and 'testing' their products, they never had much time to visit Harry.

Although each time they did manage to visit, it was like they were never gone, and the trio relished in creating chaos for those around them.

Sirius worked part time with the twins—he had a fairly high-ranking position in the business, and the twins often sought him out if they were ever low on ideas. However, as soon as Harry had graduated Hogwarts and moved out (and he was certain she could take care of herself), he joined Bronzemane's group as an exequutor.

Remus, not one to be outdone, joined Bones' investigation department as an auror. The duo were frequently partnered together, much to their glee. Surprisingly, (or at least to Harry) Remus married a fellow auror named Tonks—who was Sirius's cousin. They had a son named Teddy.

Thanks to Moratorium's new laws in regards to the other species, more and more magical villages were popping up around the world—places meant for wizards, vampires, Falk, gargoyles, shishi, and others to live together in theoretical harmony (naturally putting this to practice wasn't quite as smooth, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as Moratorium had originally feared it would be).

Dumbledore remained at Hogwarts for a few more years after Harry's graduation, all too delighted to see the wonders of this less-prejudiced school unfold. When he was satisfied he would no longer be needed, he retired from his post as Headmaster.

Last Harry knew, the old man still lived in a small cottage in one of the new villages. He stayed in contact with her, all too happy to indulge in listening to her latest adventures, and offering a few of his own. The two even traveled to some ancient ruins together and puzzled over some of the more difficult riddles the ruins presented them with.

Professor Snape, who also stayed in touch with Harry over the years, still remained at Hogwarts—still as the nasty old bat in the dungeon (although Harry remained as one of the few who knew better, but the man seemed to enjoy his rather fearsome reputation).

Neville, surprisingly, took up Dumbledore's post as Headmaster, and he did so with a wide smile on his face.

The man had come far from his tentative, nervous, self-conscious first year self. He had grown into a sarcastic, yet warm-hearted man who was inexplicably in love with one Luna Lovegood.

Luna graciously took up the position as the new Transfiguration professor (as McGonagall decided to retire with Dumbledore, and she lived with her sister in one of the new villages, as well).

The two currently had an eleven year old son who would be starting his first year at Hogwarts. Their son was named Daxtras, and he was a kind boy with his mother's penchant of staring off into space. He had his father's face and hair, but his mother's eyes.

The two weren't the only ones of Harry's friends to have happily married.

(un)Surprisingly, Hermione and Draco fell together. After Draco had originally been port-keyed away from his family (setting off an alarm in Tom's office that Narcissa had defected, and that it was time to trigger the students' port-key and warn Dumbledore), he had almost immediately been port-keyed again, like the rest of the students. When he realized he was with the rest of the students in Hogwarts (all of them stumbling around, so very confused), he had sought Hermione out.

He told her everything, and she listened with a worried face. When it was all over, and he anticipated for her to turn away in disgust, he had been immensely relieved to find that she merely held him close and told him he was brave for telling her this, and she couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for him.

Since that day, the two had only ever grown closer. Draco proposed to her a year after the duo had graduated (much to his father's dismay. Lucius had threatened to disinherit him, but Draco called him out on it. Harry wasn't entirely sure what happened next—only that it resulted in a six month long argument between the two men that lead to a three-month long time of silence. Only after Narcissa and Hermione had literally locked them in a room together until the two sorted it out, did they finally come to an agreement and hesitantly reunited).

They had three children. The eldest being a girl named Violana, who had her mother's temper and personality, but was a mirror image of her father (and who was also Harry's goddaughter). The youngests (twins!) were Brook and Lynn, who looked exactly like their mother, but reminded Harry an awful lot of their father during his last year at Hogwarts (sly, stubborn, and a bit egotistical).

Draco joined the government nearly right out of Hogwarts, eventually becoming the Head of the Relations Department and right hand to Dagonet (who was the Council member of Relations). Hermione chose to join the government, as well, although she entered one of the new Departments Tom had set up for Harry. Department of Discovery and Recovery of Losts and Ancients. Hermione was the head of the department, and Harry's right hand woman (as Harry was coerced to join the Council).

Lockhart continued to be a best-selling author, and although he never officially joined the government, Harry called on him frequently to cover press conferences for her (much to Tom's annoyance, and Lockhart's delight).

Harry had graduated top of her class, with a job in the government waiting for her, and Tom.

The formal announcement of their relationship had been met with many mixed reviews—the age difference wasn't an issue, as in the magical community girls could get married at sixteen, but it was a rarity to see the age difference. It was eventually passed off as nothing more than a fling, at first.

Although, as the years progressed, it became rather blatantly apparent that was not the case at all.

Harry bought a fairly large mansion with an even bigger forest for her pets after she graduated. Tom moved in a week later, bringing along an apartment-sized hydra who was all too happy to live with Harry again.

Harry didn't stay in contact as much with the rest of her acquaintances and friends from school. She was always kept a bit on the busy side with her job. It was up to her to find and recover lost artifacts and cities.

It had taken nearly a decade for Harry's team to finally free Atlantis from the monsters that plagued it, and another decade for it to be brought up and running (but Tom was determined to make Atlantis their new Headquarters for the government, and home). It was a grueling, exhilarating, and thrilling experience, which made success all the more satisfying.

The monsters had been unlike any ever seen—mutations over the years, Basileus often insisted. They were neither reptilian nor amphibious, but somewhere in between. They were highly intelligent when they chose to be, but utterly ruthless and possessive of what they viewed as theirs.

But, Harry was a clever girl and eventually took back Atlantis for the magical community.

Her friends weren't the only ones to be married. Tom ended up proposing to Harry the day she secured Atlantis. It was a spur of the moment, really, and he hadn't realized he had asked until she had smirked at him and said yes.

When she told him the news of her victory, Tom was so overcome with triumph, and joy, he couldn't quite keep himself in check, and the words slipped out before he knew it.

Their wedding was small, and very private. A scarce few knew his true identity at the time—Hermione, Draco, Neville, Luna, Marwyn, Efface, and L (and consequently all the other vampires who got within ten feet of him and recognized his scent as something very similar to Voldemort's).

The two still lived together, although once they got Atlantis working, they moved into it. One of the very few who were allowed to live in the city.

In short, for one Harriet Lily Potter, these past couple of decades had been absolutely, and entirely blissful.

When she was young, she always believed the good never won—that only the bad, bad villains could ever truly win in reality. And she supposed that may have been true. She was neither good, nor bad.

She wasn't a good girl, like she was supposed to be.

But, she couldn't be a bad girl, like she wanted to be.

She was somewhere in the middle—somewhere very gray, and that was fine with her.

She was the anti-hero of her story, and she had more than earned her happy ending.

"And you found this where exactly?" Tom asked again. He slowly peeled off his suit coat—as he was home for the remainder of the day—and continued to stare at the oddly shaped mirror. It was shaped in the form of a silvery eyeball with many ripples in it, but it was larger than their bed.

Harry stood beside him, tilting her head as she eyed the strange artifact she and Hermione had found in a far off temple in Japan.

"We found it in a hidden temple in Japan," Hermione answered. The three of them were standing in Harry's and Tom's bedroom, staring at the eyeball.

"And why did you bring it to me? To here?"

"Because," Harry said, smiling slyly, "we think it's a portal to a whole other universe."

"A what?"

"A portal to a new universe," Hermione answered excitedly. "Fascinating, isn't it? Harry insisted on bringing it here for you to see. She wants permission to make contact."

"What kind of universe?"

"Well," Harry began hesitantly, "that's it—there are more than one it shows."


"Yeah! There's this one with a—a—Lich King, or something, and another where this guy is flying in—get this—blue and red tights, and another where this guy is covered in some kind of red and yellow armor and is also flying, and he's shooting laser beams out of his hands, and another one had this girl with pink hair riding a giant salamander, and…!"

"Oh my."

Harry nodded her head eagerly. "But that's the tip of the iceberg. This is the world I want to us to take over. I mean enter."

Harry placed her hand against the cool glass-like sphere. It rippled and shone before presenting an image to Tom.

He stared at it.

"Is that is that your father as a child, Harry?"

"No," Harry said, a smile stretching on her face. "He's got our Mum's eyes."

"Our?" Tom repeated incredulously.

"His name," Harry began with a flourish, "is Harry James Potter, and he's turning fourteen."

Tom smiled darkly. "Now that is very interesting…"



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His hair is short, black, and bit on the curly side. His eyes are normally a dark obsidian, but as he began to take over Harry as a horcrux, a red light started to glow in them.

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Personalities are not something that develop overnight. You don't suddenly wake up with a new personality. They take time. They fester. They're a bit like open gashes, left untreated. They are, in most cases, drawn from the emotions of a horrible event. The original personality goes through something traumatic often enough that they begin to detach themselves from reality. These emotions—these feelings they get during these times begin to grow more strongly.

Moratorium started out as nothing but a thought. But, after Harry began to fester and feed that thought, after she started to think of Moratorium as a separate entity from herself, he became such. He was those feelings of detachment she felt under the abuse, and over time he developed as a separate personality.

The horcrux in canon!Harry was never described as another conscious soul inside of Harry. It never fought against him, at least. It was implied, actually, that it helped him on multiple occasions. I can only assume that this is because of Lily—because her magic, her 'sacrifice' re-wrote the very nature of the horcrux: which was to survive.

It seemed to make the most sense to me that should Harry ever develop MPD, that those personalities would be drawn from the second soul that lived inside of him/her.

The 'soul' of Moratorium was Tom Riddle's.

His 'will' was of Lily Potter's.

But it was this Harry that defined him as a separate person—that gave him 'life'.


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