Once upon a time, there was a great pirate. His name was Gold Roger. He had conquered every single treasure that existed. His last words before his execution have inspired pirates around the world.

"Want my ultimate treasures? It's possible... I will give them to those who can find them. I have gathered everything in this world and already hidden them in that place."

The world has entered the pirate era.

The storm was raging around her.

Kimi was a 17 years old girl with sky blue eyes that turned stormy when she was angry and light blond hair that reached her mid back pulled into a ponytail with bangs hanging on both sides of her face and a small fringe. She was a tall girl, 176cm (5'8''), and wore a wine colored t-shit with long flowing sleeves that ended past her hands and had three holes up the arms with cloth strings tying the two halves of the sleeves, bell-bottom dark blue jeans, trekking boots, four leather bracelets on her right wrist, her new model red x-tranceiber on the left one, and a black and red backpack with one diagonal strap from shoulder to hip and an horizontal one around her middle. She had been lounging on the beach on Vermilion City after wining her seventh pokemon tournament when professor Elm called. He told her that a strange storm had appeared around the Whirl Islands and that ships couldn't get through it. He hoped that she, having been there before on her travels trying to complete the pokedex, goal she had already achieved for the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh,Unova, Kalos and Alola, would be able to pass and see what was causing it.

So here she was, holding with all her strength onto her red gyarados while he tried to get her to safety during the biggest thunderstorm she had ever seen, with twelve meter waves trying to bring them under. Usually this wouldn't be much of a problem for an aquatic pokemon, much less a gyarados, but if he went underwater for too long his trainer would drown, so he had to swim with his head above the water, and she could tell he was tiring.

They had been fighting the storm for at least two hours, and she had lost all sense of direction, when a massive wave, at least ten meters tall, pulled them under again. Gyarados resurfaced as soon as he could and they came to face a wall of big and sharp as hell rocks. Her gyarados mustered all his strength and managed to jump above them landing on the other side in the middle of a big as a mountain whirlpool and they were swallowed by it.

"Well" she tough "at least gyarados will be alright once he gets out of this and my other pokemon are safe inside their pokeballs". Then everything went black.