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Chapter One

I drew up from my bed gasping for breath. It came out in shallow huffs. Tasting blood I let my hand touch my lips. I must have bitten it to muffle my nightmares.

There was so much blood. I knew that the body contained liters and liters of blood but to see them spilt. I wished it was nothing but a bad dream but I knew better. And no amount of wishing can ever take back the sight of mum and dad lying in their bed surrounded by a pool of blood.

The Hogwarts know-it-all always knew too many things that were better left unknown and this was one of them. The only funny thing was it wasn't even at the hands of death eaters, but just two guys who were high and had nothing better to do than try to break into a house. Two teenagers who were on such a bad trip they decided to kill the two sleeping people that they saw as monsters.

I felt my body tremble as it let loose a stream of unending tears. Drawing my knees closer to me I muffled my whimpers, letting go of all the things I've held secret to everyone. I heard the girl next to me shuffle in her sleep. Taking a deep breath I wiped my tears away.

Just breathe. In and out. In and out. Breathe.

"Hermione? Why are you awake?" Ginny grumbled from her bed, her long ginger hair spilling out of the covers.

"It's nothing," I lied. "Just go back to sleep."

"Alright then. 'Night." As quickly as that she went back to nothingness.

Lying was hard when I first started. I was horrible at it too. Soon enough it grew easier. Lying is better than telling the truth right now anyways. What's a little lie when telling the alternative would only cause more grief. With everything from the order to the resurrection of Voldemort just a few months ago, what's the point of bringing more bad news?

I laid there staring at the ceiling of the dirty manor. Tiny cobwebs littered one of the top corners while the wallpaper peeled off the wall to unearth a sickly green color. I didn't sleep another wink.

"What do you mean expelled!" A woman screamed.

Averting my eyes from the book to the open door of the library sighed. So much for getting some reading done.

"Surely they can't expel him for a bit of underage magic," the same woman said.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I set aside the thin tome before picking myself up and heading towards the door. The whole lot were running in and out of the kitchen talking furiously in hushed whispers before one of them grew to emotional and blurted things loud enough to be heard throughout the entire house.

"What are they going on about?" I asked while walking over to Fred and George.

"Harry managed to get himself expelled." Fred said.

"Underage magic. In front of a muggle to boot," his counterpart finished.

"What are you lot talking about? What's happened?" Ron and Ginny popped out of nowhere and leaned over the bannister to try and pick up anymore scrap of news.

"Harry's been expelled," I whispered to him.

"If you three want to stop talking, don't you want to hear something a bit more interesting?" George grinned as he held out a flesh colored object in the shape of an ear. I opened my mouth to reply but as soon as I did the door opened with a bang.

The noises from the kitchen stopped before the adults one by one trickled out of the room to see who had finally come by, while the rest of us leaned further over the bannister.

"Albus! Thank goodness you're here," the Weasley matriarch said. "We heard that Harry was expelled, surely the Minister cannot do that. He's just a boy."

"Harry will be given a trial for his actions, to which I can assure you he will not be expelled," The headmaster said lightly. I felt a surge of relief as he spoke with reassurance. Trust him to always set things back right. I looked at him as he talked to the members of the Order of the Phoenix about retrieving Harry when I saw the hard glint in his eyes. The light amused twinkle of his eyes was gone, replaced by a more calculating look. The kind that was looked over due to his natural look of a heart-felt wizard.

Shaking my head from the thoughts, I watched as several order members left the house mumbling tactical plans in case of emergencies. As Dumbledore left the remaining adults trickled back into the kitchen talking once more in hushed whispers.

"Now what do we do?" Ron muttered next to me.

"We wait." I grimaced back.

Not waiting for a reply I headed back into the library. Walking across the shelves I let my eyes wander briefly across the books before settling to a rather large tome of laws and regulations made by the ministry. The thin book that I was previously reading laid on a table forgotten, with the title The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts gleaming in a violent shade of green.