I meet Angela downstairs in the store. She was talking to the boys. They were laughing and having a good time. I came up and asked,

"What's going on?"

"I was telling the boys here that besides restocking the store I want them to do interviews, so I can get some help around the shop. I already spread the news and your first person will be coming in ten minutes." Angela said.

They nodded and headed to get things ready. We headed out and started to walk down different stores. I looked around and knew that I needed to get a few more people out of the way. I wanted to get Fred and George something special for the both of them, but I did not know what. They have done so much for me and I just wanted to give back in return. I sighed as we looked around. I already found George's present and he was going to love it. Angela even agreed that it was the perfect gift for him.

"What's wrong Hermione?" Angela asked.

"I have no idea what to give Fred for Christmas." I told her.

"Well I have an idea." Angela said with an evil grin.

I was concerned on what her idea was. I could be anything. Sometimes Angela's ideas were not the greatest, but I still love her for her imagination. That is why she is perfect for George. Those two were made for each other.

"What's this idea you have?" I asked a little bit scared.

"You can give Fred the biggest snog ever. He would love it. That is what he wants for Christmas." Angela said.

"So, you are saying he wants someone to snog him for Christmas?" I stated.

Angela just shook her head and said,

"No, he wants a snog from you. He would love to be with you for Christmas Hermione."

I just shook my head and moved on. I would have to think of another idea for him. I sighed, and Angela just shook her head at me. I looked at the time and siad,

"We should go check on the guys and put these things away while we are at it."

Angela agreed, and we headed back home. As we walked up to the store I saw Fred and George talking to some girl. They were laughing and having a good old time. I looked over to Angela and she just shrugged. We walked in and then Fred turned to me and said,

"There is our two special girls."

I just shook my head and asked,

"Who is this?"

"I'm Carsen." She said.

I gave Fred and George a look and George spoke up and said,

"Carsen here is going to be working here with us. She is going to be a perfect fit."

"Yeah, and the best part is that she agreed to start tomorrow." Fred finished.

I gave them both exciting looks, but I saw the way she was looking at Fred and George. Angela did too. Angela then spoke up and said,

"I am so happy for you babe."

Then she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Carsen looked at them shocked. George then spoke up and said,

"Oh yeah, this is Angela my girlfriend and Hermione. She is our other partner."

"Oh, so you two are together too?" Carsen asked.

I looked over to Fred to see what he was going to say. Fred looked at me then Carsen and said,

"Well, what George means is she is a partner of the business. We are just really close."

That was my cue to leave. I did not like what I just heard. If he wanted to show me how he felt, he should have not just said I saw a good friend. I walked up the stairs past Fred. He gave me a look and I heard Angela say,

"Good job you idiot."

I placed my bags on my bed and went to the kitchen. I sat down and took a breath. Angela came over and gave me a hug and said,

"He is an idiot. I wish he had the brains of George and you put together. Then maybe he would be at least a little bit smarter."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. I walked into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner. Angela smiled and started to help. We just talked about random things when we cook. Angela then spoke up and said,

"Can I tell you something?"

I nodded. Angela's and mine relationship has grown over the summer and I think of her like a sister now. There is nothing she did not know about me. Angela took a deep breath and said,

"I don't have a good feeling about that girl Carsen. Something doesn't feel right. I don't know. Maybe it's me just having to get used to new people joining our family. I am not good at that."

"Everything will end up alright. I promise you." I told her.

I looked at the meal we created and said,

"Let's go and get those silly boys and tell them supper is ready."

She nodded, and we headed down to the shop. But they boys were not there. I looked over to Angela and she had the same worried face as I did. We did not know where they went. I went to the door and looked up and down the street. The streets were still crowded for the holiday season. But I did not see Fred and George. We went back upstairs.

"Where do you think they went?" Angela asked worried.

"I have no idea. Maybe they had to do a last-minute errand and forgot to tell us." I suggested. "They should be home soon. They are never late for dinner." I told her.

Angela nodded in agreement. We went over to the table and got everything ready. We sat down and waited. I looked at the clock hanging in the living room and saw it was already getting late. I looked over to Angela and we both had the same idea. We grabbed our coats and headed out. We walked down the street and hit all the usual spots that Fred and George would hit. But they were not there. The last place to look was the Leaky Cauldron. We got to the door and headed in. It was much warmer in the pub then outside.

I looked around the crowded pub and saw two gingers headed peeking out from by the bar. I pointed to Angela and we headed over to them. There was Fred and George laughing with Carsen.

"GEORGE FABIAN WEASLEY!" Angela said angerly.

"FRED GIDEON WEASLEY!" I said angerly.

They both turned and looked at us. Carsen was right between them. She turned and said,

"Oh, Hermione Angela, good for you two to finally come."

I gave Angela a look and she knew what I was thinking. Angela then spoke up and siad,

"Well, we would have come soon if we knew you were going out. But we were too busy finishing up dinner that got wasted for over an hour."

"Angela, we are so sorry. We were only supposed to be out for a few minutes but lost track of time. We were welcoming Carsen to the team." George said.

"Really? How is it a team celebration when most of the team isn't even here to celebrate?" I asked.

They were speechless. I then said,

"Well, I can see how you two are busy. We will see you at home. Hope you enjoy your nights mostly you George. I hope you enjoy sleeping on the coach."

I took Angela's hand and walked out. We walked back in silence and headed past the dining room and to our beds. I looked to Angela and asked,

"Are you going to be alright?"

She nodded and said,

"He is going to be locked out of this room tonight. I don't even want to see him. I am so mad."

I nodded and said,

"Tomorrow will be a better day."

She nodded and then went to bed. I laid in bed and heard the door open Fred and George was home. I did not move. I just rolled over and sighed. This was going to be awkward in the morning.