Gwen kissed Rhys goodbye, taking the time to gaze adoringly at him before heading out for work. She could taste the coffee on his breath. Everything felt familiar and warm with Rhys. She wondered if he noticed how needy she'd been over the past few days. Her experience with the Cyberwoman had driven home how quickly she could lose everything that was precious in life. She wished she could talk to Rhys about it.

It had been four days since the Cyberwoman incident, and everything felt cold at Torchwood, especially when Ianto walked into a room. Ianto had been doing his job, going through the motions. He didn't toss out any witty barbs, and he only spoke when spoken to. His betrayal left a foul stench in the air, and his apology, though unspoken, was sincere. A part of Gwen wanted to hold and comfort the man, but his split loyalty had nearly gotten her killed.

Ianto wasn't in the reception area when Gwen came in. There was no coffee made. Heading into the main hub, she saw Tosh already at her desk working. Jack was in the morgue, completing paperwork a dead body Ianto had left in the basement. Gwen scanned for Ianto, heading upstairs to get a better view. Maybe he was picking up something fresh to eat. He did that sometimes.

Things were calm and low key, so Gwen went to her desk and started sifting through the Torchwood database, learning about alien threats, so she'd be able to recognize things like a cyber conversion table. She wanted to understand why Jack kept that hand in a jar in plain view, and why he found it so precious, but none of her research ever made mention of it.

Owen arrived an hour later, making some crass remark about what he'd been up to last night. The memory of their kiss was fresh on Gwen's lips and she shifted uncomfortably. Irritated, Gwen made a snappy reply and went to find coffee. Still none made. She scanned the hub for Ianto again.

"Did Ianto not come in today?" she asked the room at large.

Owen shrugged disinterestedly.

"Haven't seen him," Tosh replied.

"Has anyone phoned him to make sure he's okay?"

"You really think he'll be okay?" Owen said patronizingly. "He's cracked. I'm surprised he still comes in."

Pulling out her mobile, Gwen made the call, but after one ring, it went straight to Ianto's voicemail. She tried two more times, but never got through.

"Do you know where he lives? I'll go check on him," she said, pocketing her phone, and crossing over to Tosh.

"Check on who?" Jack asked, trotting up from the morgue.

"Ianto. Have you noticed he's not here?" Gwen said, an accusing tone in her voice. Jack's callousness toward Ianto made everything more difficult. Even thinking about forgiving Ianto was difficult with Jack still mad. "The coffee not made? The lunch not ordered? Where does he live? I'm going to check on him."

Jack shook his head. "It's not your job to-"

"If I don't, who will?" Gwen interrupted, crossing her arms, glaring sternly. "We are his friends. We're the only ones who know his girlfriend was turned into a cyber-whats-it. He can't exactly tell a shrink."

"Maybe he did," Owen quipped. "Maybe he's in a mental ward."

"That's enough," Jack snapped, glaring at Owen. Hands in his pockets, he adopted his fearless leader aura. "Tosh, get Gwen the address."

"I don't have it," Tosh said.

"Look it up," Gwen retorted.

Grumbling, Owen grabbed a phone book.

"I mean Torchwood doesn't have it," Tosh clarified. She called up a record on the computer. "He doesn't seem to have-"

"Where does his mail go?" Gwen asked, her detective instincts kicking in.

"Post office box," Tosh shrugged.

"Can you track his mobile?" Gwen persisted. Tosh was normally such an innovative information gatherer. Gwen didn't understand why she wasn't tearing up and turning over every stone. Except that Ianto had betrayed them.

Tosh looked to Jack and Jack gave her a nod. Turning to her computer, Tosh quickly accessed all the geolocation systems that she should never have had access to. It only took a few keystrokes.

"That's odd," Tosh said. "He's here."

"Where?" Jack asked, pushing closer to Tosh, suddenly alert and urgent.

"Not that specific. Switching to life signs detector," Tosh said, calling up a different system.

Owen crowded around, too, tensing when the red dots appeared on the screen, showing everyone's heat signatures.

"It's that room again," Owen growled, fear rising in his voice. "What is he doing in that room again?!"

"Nothing good," Jack said, breaking away from the group and running for the stairs. "Stay here!"

"No, Jack!" Gwen cried, chasing after him.

"I gave you an order," Jack said, turning around, imposingly invading her personal space.

Gwen squared her shoulders and jutted her chin. "I'm going with you."

"I'll handle this," Jack insisted. "He's not your responsibility; he's mine."

They stared off silently for a moment. Gwen could see the hurt in Jack's face, but also legitimate concern. They were all struggling with the same thing: they wanted to help their friend, but they couldn't see past his betrayal.

"Fine," Gwen said, backing down. She extended her hand. "Give me your gun."


"You will not point a gun at him. He's been through enough!" Gwen insisted, stamping her foot and motioning with her outstretched hand.

They stared off again, sharing in the anger, hurt, and confusion of the situation. He could be running into anything down there, and she was taking away his first line of defense. For Ianto. Jack's jaw tightened and moved in a funny way, but he relinquished the sidearm. Gwen raised her eyebrow at him, and he reluctantly handed her the pistol strapped to his ankle as well. Gwen held the weapons, shaking, hoping she wasn't sending him to his death. Again.